Xiaoqi was awake when he opened the door and saw that he had finished different styles of decoration.

Once everything was gone for a long time, just like this room used to be a corner where Xiao Qi could hide when he was sad, but now it is an inconspicuous sundry with everything in it but nothing belonging to Xiao Qi Qi.
What are you doing here?
An unexpected cold sound brought Xiaoqi back to reality.
"Sorry, young master, the villa is too big and I’m lost." In the face of a cold face, Xiao Qi laughed at himself.
At this time, Lan Chen, dressed in a soft pure white robe and holding a glass of water, looked at the person who had strayed into his sight.
He drank too much wine at the party, and all kinds of people needed to communicate with each other in the future. Although he was not more relaxed than the backstage waiter at a party, he just couldn’t sleep. He drank too much wine and had a bad dry mouth. He didn’t want to ask someone to get water by line. He went to the kitchen and poured a glass of water himself. When he passed the second floor, he glanced at the farthest room and saw the man staring blankly with the door open. He originally planned to put the room farthest from his master bedroom, Xiaoqi University Room, but he never did.
It suddenly occurred to me that I saw that scene in the wine cellar today, and Lan Chen felt annoyed. Looking at the man’s hand across his face, Lan Chen felt sick.
Xiaoqi is a gay. He knew it a long time ago, and at that time, he began to alienate Xiaoqi. Looking at Xiaoqi struggling in the emotional gap, he didn’t have revenge pleasure, but felt deeper and deeper humiliation.
How dare he hold such a disgusting mind to himself and deserve it by his status? I feel sick when I think about Lan Chen.
But he doesn’t know why Xiao Qi was so upset when he pulled the man’s butterfly on his body. Maybe, maybe it was because the butterfly with the same hemp rope didn’t match the dovetail, otherwise he really couldn’t find a more decent reason. Later, seeing Xiao Qi kicking people off felt more comfortable.
What did Xiaoqi learn to fight? Look at that posture in one go. It’s never slow and perfect. Even Luohan, a bodyguard from the special forces around him, gently calls a good call.
However, it’s unforgivable that he should call him an asshole. It’s wrong to treat people no matter how big or small. This wind cannot last long.
"Master, do you have something to tell me?" Xiao Qi is simply excited to wake up when she sweeps away her sleepiness.
Blue morning light leng thoughts were pulled back "what?"
Xiaoqi is sad. Is this how you forget things? How could he forget such an important thing? Xiaoqi had been waiting for the blue morning call since the banquet was over, but nothing happened until even the dishes were washed.
This is unscientific because he clearly remembers that as soon as the guests left the banquet, Lan Chen couldn’t wait to drive him out of the villa.
"I offended the guest today …" Xiaoqi woke up with a kind heart and was calm, but his eyes could not conceal the excitement of being driven away.
"Oh, there is such a thing." Lanchen replied airily.
Xiaoqi even became short of breath, and his eyes glowed secretly.
"It’s okay, you don’t worry." Lanchen said and went to his room.
No … This, this is over?
Xiaoqi is messy, which is seriously inconsistent with the original play.
Xiao Qiyi exclaimed and almost scared off the cup in Lanchen’s hand.
"Why? Do you want to scare me to death? " Lan Chen was startled and turned back angrily.
Xiao Qi’s heart suddenly jumped. Yes, that’s the momentum. Come on, let the storm come more violently!
"Young master, I know that your guest is to blame for offending you today. I voluntarily resign and hope that the young master will approve." Xiaoqi’s tone is sincere.
Blue morning eye belt examines him. I really want to split this human brain and have a good look. Why does he come out when he doesn’t pursue it? Do you really want to be driven away?
Drive away? Leave the villa?
Lan Chen was frightened by this abrupt idea and turned back to Xiao Qi’s body as sharp as a knife.
Nothing happened for half a day. Xiaoqi was also very uneasy and asked, "Resignation letter … should not be written? If it’s okay, I can go now. "
Blue morning eyes flashed.
Xiao Qi thought of what a grind "this month’s salary doesn’t count" and looked at Lan Chen’s face and added, "If you want to deduct my salary, you can deduct it." If you want to get out of here, you are willing to deduct his salary. Of course, it is best not to deduct it.
"You …" Lan Chen opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say.
Xiao Qi-fen can’t fool people by looking forward to something.
"If you have nothing to do, go to rest and don’t glare here!" Lan Chen throws a word and walks away with water. What tricks do you want to play? I’m not that easy to be old.
Xiao qi is really dumbfounded. This … is not what he wants.
Chapter 15 Makeup party!
When Xiaoqi came back, dormitory 419 was simple and crazy. Xiaoqi had already received a tip that she would bring cakes back to several dormitories. Han didn’t even want to eat breakfast, and she stretched her neck at the school gate to meet him.
When the figure of Xiaoqi appeared in the school gate, everyone turned hungry and pounced on Xiaoqi. Their eyes were shining with that green light, and they almost didn’t swallow Xiaoqi in one bite.
Back to the dormitory, I watched a dozen Han people once again surround the dormitory to the brim. This one ate too fast and choked, clamouring for water to drink that cake. The population fell into his mouth and scolded him to spit it out. This mouth was already stuffed with three or four cakes in one hand, and the other hand was impolitely grabbing food with others. Typical eating mouth stared at the pot and then grabbed others.
Laughing, fighting, eating too fast, coughing in this small dormitory, Xiao Qi looked at it and smiled with it.
He has never experienced this kind of warm experience in college life. The inferiority of Blue Morning servant made him never dare to raise his head, because Blue Morning did not hide the meaning of hating his classmates. For him, it was purgatory, ceasing humiliation, ceasing abuse and bullying.
When I spent three and a half years in those years, it was just mental, physical and mental torture. I was not crazy. Xiaoqi felt that her ability to fight was beyond the limits of human beings, and all this was acquiesced by Lanchen. Now it’s really a waste to think about Lanchen.
If the room is full of excitement now and they hear that they are a servant or a homosexual, will they never hear such a hearty laugh and get an equal look again? Will they treat themselves like their former classmates?
Xiaoqi doesn’t know that although he has to work hard once, the human heart is really unpredictable, but all generations can bear it. It makes no sense to die once, but people can’t bear it.
"Well, by the way, are you going to attend the seventh anniversary?"
Ma Dafu’s mouth was full of cream and Xiao Qi almost didn’t hear what he was talking about. Fortunately, his loud voice seems to be a big advantage.
"Go on, why not!" Xiao qiyi, deputy, of course
"What about the party? Xiaoqi, are you ready to install? " Chen Huawen
Xiaoqi is confused about "what is it?"
"Hey hey … you don’t know?" Suddenly interjected is Sun Jin, the dormitory next door. "Every year, the students will come up with different ideas. The theme of the party after the anniversary this year is a costume party."
The school attaches great importance to the celebration of the seventh grade, although it has not participated in it, but it also knows something about it, and the girls in the class are also shortlisted for the teacher’s class members to participate in the celebration programming, which is quite important.
At this time, Sun Jin spoke again. "The costume party started at seven o’clock in the evening, and the student union said that you can bring your own clothes or rent a set of clothes from the student union for five nights."
Xiaoqi is not interested in the costume party. In his opinion, it is a group of boys and girls who secrete too much hormones to play house, but Xiaoqi is still interested in the grand celebration. At that time, the school will invite people from all walks of life in the education field to visit the park, and there will be a personal exhibition of Enron on campus. At that time, Enron will show the winning paintings to its own proud painting department, which is also the highlight of the celebration.
Enron’s personal name painting exhibition school pays special attention to adding this time. Enron represented the school in the academic exchange meeting in Britain and Italy. Enron’s talent and learning not only won honor for the country but also won great honor for B.
The next day, when Xiaoqi came to the school to arrange the exhibition hall, if the big exhibition hall was crowded with people, Xiaoqi was horrified to see the room crowded at the door.
He knows Enron well, and the man will definitely run away.
Xiaoqi looked everywhere in a quiet place in the school, but there was still no sign of Enron. It was also the anniversary. Where can there be a quiet place?
In the afternoon, the sun shone brightly, and Xiaoqi looked up and suddenly a familiar figure stood on the roof.
I found you safely
"Do you think the school will give me a reward if I climb the mountain and shout that the art is here safely?" Xiaoqiwei approached with a smile.
Enron didn’t seem to expect anyone to come here. Although Xiaoqi didn’t have a big voice, he was startled.
"I’m sorry I scared you?"
Shaking his head safely disturbed his peace.
Xiaoqi looked at Enron’s calm face and couldn’t see the waves. It seemed that she had met a stranger.
Indifference, alienation and Enron made Xiaoqi feel dull and painful.
It is also now that Enron is not the first time. Enron is meaningless to him.
"If you go now, it is estimated that there will be a lot of people vying to be bounty hunters." Xiaoqi said that because he has seen Enron preparing to leave here, he is not going to continue to be a stranger.