Ji Shu got up and bent down to pick up oranges while criticizing Tian Qiu.

It’s really a shame that an orange just fell near the woman’s seat, and Ji Shu’s shout woke the woman up.
The thief quickly stopped and put it in the back of the car to find someone to go.
Everything happened very quickly.
Jishu picked up the orange and patted the woman on the shoulder to tell the thief.
"Don’t sleep. They may stare at you for a while and may come back later."
This woman is busy thanking Ji Shu for giving him a bag of imported toffee, and thanking Ji Shu for refusing, but it’s easy to get it.
The woman looks simple in her thirties, but that bag of toffee is really expensive imported.
Ji Shu didn’t expect that it was this woman who met by chance that saved her dream of "Ji Million"
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If you are interested, you can search the story of "Yang Baiwan"!
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Chapter 7 Chapter 7
Soon, the train stopped and everyone rushed out to squeeze.
At this time, the train conditions are limited. Although there are meals on the train, the price is not cheap and not many people buy them.
Everyone wants to get home by train, stay in a hotel and find something to eat.
Tian Qiu and Ji Shu are no exception.
Two people also follow the crowd crowded JiShu always pay attention to her small canvas bag also wake Tian Qiu carefully.
The woman who was almost robbed pushed over and handed Ji Shu a small card.
Jishu barely held out his hand from the crowd, and then
"Little girl, I am so grateful for something! See that you are not from Anshi either! "
When the woman finished, Che Jishu thanked her quickly.
Ji Shu looked at the small card carefully, but it was a milky white hard-shell paper, which was a business card with elegant design in this era, and it was written with the manager of the finance department of Ping Li Anshi Runfu Foreign Trade Co., Ltd.
Ji Shu put his business card in his pocket, and Tian Qiu crowded like heavy penguins.
Out of the train, it’s dark in the middle of winter, and a bunch of people are shouting "staying in the hotel?" "by car?"
There are also some idle people who look around. Tian Qiu shrinks behind Ji Shu. "Sister Ji, it’s not fun for me to travel for the first time. It’s so scary."
"Stay close to me and try not to follow strangers, no matter what they say."
Ji Shu remembers reading a post in the forum that the landlord followed these guests to stay in the hotel in the 1980s when he was young, and the result was directly taken to the alley for robbery.
So Ji Shu took Tian Qiu directly to find a security guard on the train. "Where is the nearest guest house near Uncle?"
The security guard said, "It’s the train guest house in that building recently, but it’s very expensive. If you want to be cheap, you have to go out."
Ji Shu took Tian Qiu and went to the opposite building. There was a bright red signboard that was easy to recognize.
"Sister Ji won’t go to some distant places to look for it?"
"Going out would rather be expensive, but it must be convenient to bring about complications. This is called the road to poverty."
Tian Qiu tightly pulling JiShu arm deeply felt a sense of security.
"Sister Ji, you are one year older than me, but I feel that you know everything … if it weren’t for you, I would be miserable this time and I might never go home again. I’ll pay for the hotel!"
Ji Shuxin wants to talk to the young man about her folding buff! This 18-year-old content is not as simple as Tian Qiu imagined.
"No, I will spend this money if you don’t follow me, and I want to thank you for going out together."
It’s true that those people who pull guests in groups to specifically contain solo travelers are less noticed when they have company.
It is already late at night when the accommodation is handled, and both of them are sleepy. Of course, Ji Shu will not let Tian Qiu pay.
The two bought two bowls of noodles in the catering department on the first floor of the hostel.
The hostel is not cheap, but it is very humble.
The green paint on the stairs outside the house is mottled, and the lights in the corridor are dim and flashing.
The room is tidy, but the walls are wet and peeling, and the bedding smells musty.
This train hostel is not worried about no one living and maintenance, and that’s it.
Ji Shu lamented that the progress of the times is still good. I miss the good times when my little sister Yoshida took her abroad for vacation and stayed in a five-star hotel.
Two people simply wash and clothes to sleep.
Early the next morning, Ji Shu sent Tian Qiu to the car first. Unexpectedly, Tian Qiu didn’t want to drive when he arrived at the car.
"My sister didn’t know I was coming, and I quarreled with my family. I’m afraid my sister will say that my sister Ji wants me to go to business with you?"
Ji Shu smiled "Tian Qiu, why are you so unguarded? Aren’t you afraid that I’m cheating? You can’t do this! "
Tian Qiuyuan embellish face is full of surprise "ah, I didn’t know that! But sister Ji, I think you are particularly powerful, so I want to follow you. I will do odd jobs for you without paying me! "
"Do you know what business I want to do?"
"I don’t know, but I would like you to work for you in any business!"
Ji Shu can refuse, but on second thought, this business needs Wu Shi ‘an to run from the bank trust department of Anshi to buy treasury bills at a low price and then return to Wu Shi to sell them to the bank trust department.
As soon as she came and went, the day passed. She only had one day off a week. If she had to rest on Sunday, the bank would not open.
If we can have a helper, things will be much smoother.
Tian Qiu doesn’t have much experience, but some relatives live here and have a look after her. After her mind is more correct, let her try not to take the night train during the day.
"Well, let’s talk about it after you run with me for a day today."
See JiShuSong Tian Qiu happily like to fly.
"Sister Ji, I think you will be a big boss in the future!"
"People are beautiful, kind and brave!"
This wave of rainbow fart Jishu also laughed.
After a lifetime of marriage, she has no aura, and no one praises her
Even relatives and friends said that poor Ji Shu came to the first place in the senior high school entrance examination, but he became more and more lifeless.