If people add their own qq, wouldn’t it be easy to trace their real address through ip?

Tianyu is worried now.
It is unreasonable for the Ministry staff to sell games to change business opportunities, especially for game merchants to make huge profits.
Now Tianyu has earned more than one million dollars in housing and game currency, so-called "Ministry personnel" have more or less.
If you really pursue it, you may have to share criminal responsibility.
Yu Fa Tianyu doesn’t understand it very well, but it will definitely not have a good result if the Ministry personnel seek’ private’ and they benefit from the’ Ministry personnel’ to seek benefits and be traced back.
"What do you want with me?" Tianyu still didn’t respond positively to each other’s questions, but went straight to the topic of typing in his heart and asked.
"Can you add qq first and then chat? It’s awkward to chat in the window, "replied the other typing.
"Let’s talk in private," Tianyu replied immediately.
"…" The other party sent a string of ellipsis and felt a little naive.
"I said, why are you so careful?" Very naughty and typed and asked 1 again
"Then tell me what you want to do with me first, and how do you know it’s my halo equipment?"
"It’s said that typing here is so troublesome." It’s very naughty. After typing this sentence, I continued typing and said, "Can’t I add qq before chatting if there is a word limit and a time limit?"
Tianyu saw each other’s wish to add his own qq, which strengthened his mind.
Very naughty is really lost to Tianyu, and then I typed and explained, "I want to find you just to confirm who you know from the Ministry and how you know that it is your halo equipment that is the result of our analysis."
Very naughty to divide this passage into several sentences and send it to Tianyu.
Tianyu looked at each other’s rhetoric and immediately typed and asked, "What do you want with our staff?"
"I want to say hello to him" is a naughty answer, concise but without any force.
What about this reply to deceive children?
Tianyu felt ridiculous and immediately typed, "I asked if you wanted to find me?"
Very naughty, I looked at Tianyu and froze for a long time before I reacted and typed back, "You were afraid of this. You think it’s complicated."
"Then what do you mean?"
"You almost guessed right just now. I really did the same thing as your staff in the fake replacement department, so you think I would be stupid enough to report him?" Very naughty and divided into several sentences.
"how credible is your story?" Tianyu carefully typing replied
"Then I’ll tell you that the name of the businessman who contacted me is Xiaowen, that is, he analyzed that the price increase of halo equipment was caused by you."
Tianyu looked very naughty and sent these words, and the doubt in his heart was confirmed. "It really is a ghost prodigy!"
"Ok, would you like to add my qq this time?"
"Sorry, I’m not very interested."
"… you are really enough! If I want to check you, your game login ip can also be found. "
Wake up the dreamer in one word! Tianyu realized that the other party was serious.
"Are you really a member of Xiaowen’s department?" Tianyu typing sure way
"If it’s real!"
"Well, this is my qq." After this sentence, Tianyu sent her qq.
However, this qq is not Tianyu large qq, but he bought a single digit qq from Taobao.
Compared with their own nine qq, this qq is more like a real account.
In a moment, the other party added Tianyu qq.
"Ah, this guy is really hard for you." The other party took the lead in sending a message to Tianyu so typed.
Tianyu looked at each other’s nicknames and immediately typed back, "Difficult? What should I call you? "
"Just call me’ Juice’ like a nickname. Anyway, it’s another identity code of mine."
"Okay, did you find out what happened?"
If if juice just said is really to make a call Tianyu is killed or not.
"In fact, there’s nothing wrong with you. The staff in that department are so fierce that you have mastered the planning group without being involved in bugs. This makes me difficult. Xiaowen, they are not as’ water’ as the staff in your department. That’s why I want to know which guy in the planning group has such magical powers. Since you can still hide from several groups."
Tianyu looked at the juice to explain some dumbfounded.