Damn it, is this a symposium? It’s good that you two are chatting with each other. We’re here. We’re not deaf. We can hear you and despise you, okay? Okay?

Oh, no, they just brought four stone statues here. Why can they talk so comfortably and fart and despise others? Everyone’s eyes looked at the stone statues. This time, four stone statues were brought, but they were armed with war spear demons. They have been licked by the master of the gods. I just bumped into a straight line, just like a schoolboy queuing in the toilet.
"You try the second one who wants to leave the team, pay attention to the angle and strength, and you should return to the original position immediately after hitting it back. Once you want to leave the team, you can just retract it. It’s very simple."
"I just need to deal with a stone attack to do this, right?" Maijiji tried hard to play the role of a well-behaved student with three virtues.
"If you fuck fast enough, none of them can attack you. Have you ever seen a marionette take the initiative to spit at its owner? They are death to you. "
Maijiji looked amazed and said with a little regret, "It’s a pity that I am too bad to avoid their attack."
"The most important thing is that the rhythm is not only your own rhythm, but also their attack rhythm. You have to move before they can make an attack, so that they can’t attack you. Fuck evasion is different from attribute evasion. Many ordinary attacks are maneuverable evasion, unlike attribute evasion, which depends on trigger probability."
"Well, I’ll try." McGee looked like he was listening to instruction.
God-class master knelt down and licked me and said, "If you are really a good student, then you can take two of them to have a try."
"Don’t!" The smell of the news was unbearable any longer, and a soldier quickly blocked McGee’s forward route.
"You two are enough. It’s already four. Do you want to bring two more?" A priest gnashed his teeth and said
"Hey, why don’t you attack? They are all lined up waiting for you to fight! " God-class master knelt down and licked me, which seemed to be the reaction. It was strange to look at others who had been listening to the play for a long time.
Everyone blushed when they heard the news. Can they say that they were too busy listening to you two despise us and forget to attack? Of course, there can be no wit and humanity. "You are the main tank. How dare we shoot at random without your order?"
"That’s it!" Many people immediately echoed.
The master knelt down and licked me, pointed to my head and asked, "What is this?"
"Of course it’s the head!" A simple-minded person doesn’t have a good spirit.
"Since it is the head, don’t you think for yourself? Can’t you see that the monster is as clever as a kannika nimtragol in the bridal chamber? I cann’t believe you haven’t called! When you are hungry, you all know that you want to shit when you eat. Do you still have to teach you by hand when you know that you are going to the toilet? "
Holy shit, I was despised by this brainless guy! The people were furious, and the output people began to attack. It seems that they want to snatch the hatred from the master of God. The priest has nothing to do for the time being, because up to now, the master of God kneels and licks me and McGee have not lost blood.
"Take one to one side to play with yourself," Cheyenne said to Meggie.
Maijiji was very clever when he heard this. He took over a spear stone statue and took it aside to try to raise him. The marionette fucked the other three statues and followed Cheyenne.
Those melee exporters saw that it was very peaceful for the master to kneel on my side, so they flocked to McGee’s side. Of course, there were also a few honest people who really couldn’t stand the master to kneel on me. I fought alone, three stone statues, three melee battles and a remote change of target to support him.
Those who rushed to Meggie’s melee rushed halfway, and suddenly a figure fell from the sky and stood in front of them. It was a spear stone statue!
Don’t tell me that this spear statue is Cheyenne.
In the previous wave, I sent a stone statue to those melee professionals who couldn’t squeeze in. At that time, they were very excited when they saw the stone statue, but now they all glared at the stone statue and licked me.
"Don’t thank me, I’m Lei Feng." The master knelt down and licked my pride, revealing two small white teeth.
How the fuck did this cargo manage to control four stone statues at the same time without damaging blood at all! God, my eyes are wide open. We want to see this product being hunted! The priest who came to kneel and lick me and brush my blood for the master is already idle and painful.
Everyone can’t find words to form with their mouths open. What’s going on? What else do you need to call like this? Didn’t he just take it out on his own?
They are surprised. Suddenly, poof, the master of the God level kneels and licks me. I was swept by Shi Mao in the hands of the stone statue. When I saw this blow, I felt a sigh of relief. If I really dodged all the way and didn’t let the stone statue hit them, I really felt uneasy.
This kind of feeling is very strange, just like a man always wants to break him (her) when he sees that others are wrong.
The master knelt down and licked me to brush my blood. The priest quickly started to work. Although it was a blow, the master knelt down and licked me. I was really ill-equipped. It was also painful to be swept away by this stone statue, but the priest replenished the blood as soon as he made a move.
Cheyenne didn’t continue to be attacked to get a stone blow, and he flashed away. There was no moment when everyone was safe. This is to understand that the master of God kneels and licks my play. It’s not a normal knight’s column to resist blame. He took it as a pk effort to evade and make the other party’s attack effective.
It is self-evident that this kind of play will relieve the pressure on the priest. It is also very depressing to follow the master of the gods and lick my output here. Because the master of the gods kneels and licks me and keeps walking, of course, the stone statue has not stayed in the same place, so the close-range output has to keep moving with it, but the remote output has to judge the moving position of a stone statue
I knew I wouldn’t help the goods! Following Cheyenne’s output with resentment thought that this product was too fast, and it was really tiring to follow his rhythm! to be continued
Chapter 191 Do you think we are tender models?
Cheyenne naturally doesn’t know the thoughts of the exporters, and it’s not easy for him to control the four stone statues. At this time, he sent out two and finally he can observe the fighting situation in other directions very comfortably.
Maijiji’s situation there is also very stable. After all, he was the most elite main tank in Chenmeng. Although it is a little difficult to deal with a stone statue, it can be controlled with the help of a remote and a backup tank.
The situation in melee is a little bit chaotic. There is a backup tank controlling the stone statue. Although other melee fighters can also resist, their defense development is far from professional, such as shield fighters and guardian knights, and it is easy for the soldiers to fall into a passive situation. It is possible that the stone statue will directly kill the soldiers who have entered the chaos before moving the target. They dare not expose themselves to the stone statue, and the blood-thin guy like a thief can play hide-and-seek on one side.
Generally speaking, both sides are going well.
Summer peace of mind to think it seems just now or take less should take two more.
If those guys who are struggling know what Cheyenne is thinking at the moment, it is estimated that they will directly give up the stone statue to kill Cheyenne. If they can destroy this goods, they will even sacrifice it!