Ji Shu also wants to catch the first wave of stock market madness and spend 10 thousand yuan to fry the demolition house.

Aunt Zhao was shocked. Her eyebrows flew and her mouth could not be closed.
She knew that Ji Shu was rich, otherwise she wouldn’t have invested so much and dressed so fashionably, but she was so rich!
She used to work in a foreign company for a little money;
Now that her family is too thick, she secretly said to herself that she must never look down on these foreigners.
No, the housing opening is one set! In this godforsaken position!
Ji Shu went on to say, "One set of procedures is clear, and people who live in it can also be rented to them for a long time at a low price. I don’t want to produce anything, big or small, and then I don’t want this unfilial room."
Aunt Zhao didn’t dare to go out of the atmosphere.
After a while, she said, "Do you want to do it? Then it will take me some days to run. Some people don’t want to sell it to me for two months, and Aunt Zhao will do it for you."
Jishu nodded "but I gave 5 yuan a good commission, didn’t I? Aunt Zhao, don’t make a false offer. "
Aunt Zhao has the ability, but she also has the mind’s eye, but she has to knock
"Okay, okay, no problem," Aunt Zhao said quickly. "I will never quote you a false price!"
Aunt Zhao has an ancient smile on her face. She shrugged. "Do you know any noble people, boss Xiaoji?" Know that this place is going to be demolished? Buy one set. Oh, there’s no news. Who will do it? "
"No, I predicted it myself."
Jishu shook his head.
Aunt Zhao obviously doesn’t believe her wryly, "It’s okay. Anyway, I’ll do it for you."
Jishu smiled and squatted down to pick up the cat that had been lying on the floor basking in the sun and put it in a big bag of cakes.
The coal ball cat didn’t struggle, just lying in the bag with her face upturned and watching Jishu squinting slightly.
"I took Aunt Zhao with me. I know you want to buy this 15-yuan room yourself, right?"
Aunt Zhao suddenly felt sweaty and hot in cold weather and didn’t speak.
She thought to herself that Ji Shu’s eyes were too sharp to see that she had moved to pick up cheap ideas!
Before coming, she couldn’t see the broken shed in Pudong, but she was tempted to see Ji Shu buy ten sets at a time.
Without the news, someone will buy one shed at a time?
She was also keen to know that Jishu didn’t want the unfilial brothers to take the money and not buy it themselves.
Aunt Zhao didn’t hide the showdown. "It’s my aunt who saw you buy it. I want to buy 15 yuan. Don’t worry, aunt, I can’t let unfilial get better if I keep the price down. Besides, you think it’s really not cheap to demolish these two little red guys after Xiaoji’s boss doesn’t buy it?"
Ji Shu thought it was also Aunt Zhao’s idea to be active and have many ways to do things.
"Ok, Aunt Zhao, you are being too hard to bargain. You can say that the haunted house will guarantee 1 yuan."
"That you trust me to do things tut tut" Aunt Zhao smile happily left words not much JiShu also understand.
Ji Shu took the little black cat and separated from Aunt Zhao. She walked to the ferry and then took the ferry back to Puxi.
The kitten didn’t struggle either. Ji Shu tied the bag tightly for fear that it would run away.
"Small coal ball, follow me after you meet me when I invest in Pudong, so I’ll give you the name Pudong!"
The little black cat’s big green eyes are like a beautiful glass ball. They stare at Ji Shu and then blink.
Ji Shu saw a cat blink on the Internet before, which means kissing you.
A few days later, Liu Caijuan remitted money to Jishu, went to the post office to get 200,000 yuan, and then remitted it to the bank.
One-time investment of 200,000 yuan is not a small sum. This branch is close to Jishu and Tian Qiu’s home, and Jishu often comes to get acquainted with the lobby manager.
The bank teller was so kind to her that she couldn’t wait for the lobby manager to come over and ask, "Do you want to buy some government bonds?" Ms. Ji? "
Ji Shu didn’t want to buy government bonds, but she remembered that this big state-owned bank was the underwriter of original shares of many joint-stock companies and asked, "By the way, how is the stock market in your securities department recently?"
"Ouch! When we enter March, the performance of our securities business department will feel better. There are more people asking and buying stocks! I feel that the stock market frenzy in Shenzhen has burned over! "
The lobby manager is a middle-aged man with a white shirt and a black suit.
It’s coming soon. Ji Shu remembers that it will be hard to find a share in May. She is afraid that the original shares of her employees have appreciated a lot.
Uncle Luo wondered if he would regret selling it to her.
However, the stock market is so bullish and bearish.
The contract spirit of A-share investors is very strong. Online investors laugh at themselves and lose their lives. At most, they jump off their own buildings!
"Manager, I’m also a big guest in your branch. Can you help me ask if you can buy me some stocks? I want a real stock. "
Ji Shuji took bonus hunter from the profiteer. That’s quick money.
Now, apart from about 100,000 yuan to buy Pudong shed, she has 120,000 yuan left for a band investment.
She remembers reading a report that in May 1999, the real share price was probably in 9 yuan, but now it is probably in 85 yuan.
By the end of September 1999, the real share price will be 5 yuan.
5 times more elastic and fragrant!
The manager doesn’t understand stocks a bit. Although he is a bank, he is on two lines with the securities business department.
They do commercial banking and don’t know anything about the securities business department.
He held hands and said with a good attitude, "Really? I will help Ms. Ji to ask what this company does specifically. What does Ms. Ji particularly like? Is the dividend high? "
Ji Shu said with a smile, "If God produces this company’s stock issuance rules, the maximum dividend is not higher than 15%, and the minimum is not lower than the bank interest, I will not lose anything. I want to buy it after listening to my friends."
Zhen later changed his name to Guang, and later changed his name to Yunsai Zhilian. Ji Shu still remembers that in one year, the stock price was about 6 yuan, and it had long since lost its former glory.
In 1999, 5 yuan stock only went to 6 yuan in one year!
Ji Shuxin sighed but couldn’t tell the manager in detail, so the point of "preserving value without losing money" was put off.
The manager kept nodding. "No problem, no problem! How nice it is that Ms. Ji really has an eye for preserving value, and there are dividends. I will contact Ms. Ji after I ask. Do you have a message in our bank? "
At this time, it costs 4 yuan to install a landline. Ji Shu originally thought of installing nai’s residence as rent, so forget about leaving it as a shop.
Liu Caijuan has always been in a restless mood since that day when she prevaricated that Ji Shu said that it was "urgent" to remit money to her.
The man who made trouble didn’t come back later. Su Ping also advised Liu Caijuan not to think too much. "That person should scare us. People who eat overlord meals are like this."
Su Ping worked in the "mom’s shop" for half a year before, and she didn’t meet all kinds of people with little experience in such things.