But it’s all worth it. Now that we’re here, things can be solved.

Listen to Jing Er said that people have already started to go to the mountain to sit in a soft sedan chair, so they gave orders to Jing Er in a low voice.
It’s four or five miles from the foot of the mountain to the temple. Although it’s sunny today, it’s not cold. Tao Zhuo was wrapped like a ball. She knew that she had short legs and didn’t like climbing mountains, so she took the initiative to call a soft sedan chair.
Tao Boyuan was also worried that she would walk by herself. At the moment, she was relieved to sit in a soft sedan chair.
Although he is a good hand at lifting soft cars, he and Tao Han are still walking on both sides with a left and a right guard and talking to his sister
"Big Brother" Tao Zhuo saw Tao Yiqing, who was waiting in front of the mountain gate, reaching out and waving at him cheerfully.
The charming and round little girl’s porcelain white face was lined with white rabbit hair, and the jade snow became more and more lovely. When she saw her sister for an instant, what happened to Jin Wang Qiye was forgotten by Tao Yiqing, and she reached out and caught the soft sedan chair and ran towards him, the little girl.
"Big brother, I miss you."
Looking back at my little sister Tao Yiqing, the corners of her mouth are soft and incredible. "I also want to burn."
Chapter 43 Chapter 43
"burning ~"
Don’t want to, the king of Jin read the name of Tao Zhuo gently in his mouth, which made the three brothers almost unable to hold their faces.
In fact, Tao Han, who is younger, has shown strange feelings, but he reacts very quickly, and he seems to speak rashly because of his younger age. "Temple, this is the name of my sister’s boudoir, so it is not appropriate to call it Temple."
Tao Boyuan also looked at the king of Jin with disapproval.
Tao Yiqing followed, pretending to scold his younger brother, "Han Yuan"
Then, TaoHan far as two leng terrier neck with his blue corners of the mouth, more counterparts.
"Please call my sister, Miss Tao Liu, in the temple." Although my sister Xiao Ke Jin Wang is a foreigner, I have to pay attention to it, not to mention Jin Wang is still such a sensitive person.
Tao Yiqing followed suit and shouted at him, "He is far away."
Tao Han is far away, but two leng is generally stuck in the neck. "Please call my sister Tao Liu in the temple." Although my sister Xiao Ke Jin Wang is a foreign man, I have to pay attention to it, not to mention that Jin Wang is still such a sensitive person.
Qiye looked at Tao Yiqing’s brothers acting as if they were coming and looking strange.
Is Tao burning saw three elder brother, familiar with him if you can’t see he deliberately so contradiction, this is to take good care of her family, even Ye elder brother is also very important, but in the end, people have passed away.
They are strangers in this life again. Since Jin Wang is not Ye Ge, she decided to let go early and should have done it.
Slightly bowed, she made a blessing according to the etiquette.
At the age of ten, the short and round girl bowed to her knees. Qi Ye almost couldn’t help but stretch out her hand and hold her fingers for several times before she could endure "Six girls are welcome"
He didn’t seem to be frivolous anymore, and the Taoists were relieved.
Even though the Jin king has had a good talk these days, his identity is different. The emperor’s status in the Jin king is too precious. If he is a confidant, he must wait until he has enough confidence.
It’s a pity that he doesn’t know that things are going beyond his imagination.
Because the king of Jin came to Tao Yiqing and deliberately separated them, he bowed his head slightly and asked his sister, "Are you tired of burning?" Do you want to go to my room to rest first? "
Tao Zhuo was not tired, but he quietly looked at his eyes and walked in front of the right. The king of Jin still couldn’t calm down. When he just wanted to say "good", his eyes were straight and his eyes were wide.
This … that …
What did she see?
The king of Jin put his hand on his side and actually made a more careful move!
Beware that there should be no gestures at this time, but she found that Jin Wang was familiar with it naturally.
Be careful about your heart. At that time, she taught Big Brother and Ye Ge to take pictures with them. Be careful about your heart. Ye Ge’s fingers are flexible. She also said that he had better look at the big brother and get a sour meal.
But now …
Her heart is beating fast.
"What’s wrong with burning?" Looking at him, Tao Yiqing naturally found her strange.
"ah? Oh, it’s okay. "Tao burning wait for a while looked up and saw the eldest brother’s eyes, but he couldn’t help drifting to see the king’s hand.
She is short, and then she bows her head and looks down. Unless Tao Yiqing is lower than her line of sight, she can’t see where she is looking, but she also guesses that she was influenced by the King of Jin, but it’s hard to say.
Tao Zhuo looked at the past, and the hands of the King of Jin were naturally vertical, as if she had just seen an illusion, but then the slender fingers moved again and made a rabbit shadow move.
This move …
Tao Zhuo remembered that one year when they went camping, they projected the campfire onto the car body. She played with the hand shadow and pulled the eldest brother. They found the net hand shadow transformation technique. At that time, Brother Ye, the little rabbit, also made this move to attack her hand shadow and said, "Peck the burning treasure."
At that time, the noise seemed to coincide with hands and shadows.
Before she lost control of her emotions, the finger of the King of Jin fell down again.
After a while, the heart-shaped movement was repeated three times, and then there was no movement.
Tao burning eyelid tremor
Is it possible that the nearby pilgrims are walking around laughing and making her breathe slowly and tell herself that there is no hurry?
What if King Jin is really Brother Ye?
She bit her lip slightly, and she was distracted.
Tao Yiqing’s guest house soon arrived, and a group of people stopped. Tao Burning was absent-minded and didn’t pay attention. If it weren’t for Cai He’s load, she would even hit Tao Bo far away.
"Is it okay to burn?" Tao Boyuan busy turn head to ask
Tao burning fingers over the cuffs looked up "nothing second brother"
Her eyes glided over the king of Jin and she finally made up her mind, "Big brother, second brother and third brother, I want to say a few words with the king of Jin."
If she doesn’t even ask, she feels that she can’t pass the heart.
Not only did the Taos three brothers froze Qi Ye, but they also quickly said, "It happened that Wang also had a few words to ask for advice from Six Girls."
The present page is a few people’s confidants. He did not show any difference.
Tao Yiqing frowned at the horse.
Tao Zhuo looked at him imploringly. "Big brother?"
"Good, but let’s come in and say," Who will people meet when people come and go in the temple?
Tao Yiqing wanted to talk it over and let his sister be dead, so he specially asked them to say that the rest of the people were waiting in the yard to prevent outsiders from coming in and seeing something wrong.
Although the door is wide open, the two voices will not be heard in the college, and Qiye also gestured to let the shadow guard leave the distance.
Before entering the house, Qi Ye hastily called "burning treasure" before Tao Zhuo could brew words.
The word "burning treasure" smashed into Tao’s burning ears like thunder. She suddenly looked up to see Qiye’s eyes full of surprises. "Brother Ye? Is it really you? "
Even if this aristocratic family confessed later, she didn’t tell them about her past life. First, she was used to it, and second, she corrected it. There is no need to love her family.