Xi Chang bi Rao looked at her with her eyes open and said nonsense. Although she felt funny, she didn’t ask too much!

She grew up in May, and the child showed amazing wisdom and emotional intelligence when he was a child. I don’t know how many times the young lady has upset her!
Children who are too clever are sometimes a burden!
May words made Jin Yan’s face tense, and he carefully climbed Bi Rao’s arm. He looked at Bi Rao with a slightly emboldened expression and begged, "Rao … Aunt Rao’s May sister is so hot, shall we go out?"
Jinyan’s soft voice is more itchy and numb than the spring breeze.
Brigitte Rao is still talking about refusing words because Jin Yan begged him to live and die.
Seeing Bi Rao in the dark, I couldn’t help whispering in her ear, "Why don’t you just walk around the Taidian? It’s not always allowed for outsiders not to come in!"
Although Bi Rao is aligned with the black senses, it has completely turned black!
But his words at that time to also let hesitated Brigitte Rao found the reason, she smelled and looked back at Jihei and then red lips micro some nai nodded "let’s go Rao aunt show you around! But you two can’t run around. Do you know that this is not a forbidden area in Wangfu Palace? It would be bad if you hit Shengyan! "
"I know, aunt Rao!"
It’s hard to get Bi Rao’s consent. In May, I went to the soft bed with Jin Yan and skipped out hand in hand!
The East Palace Taidian is located at the head of the East Palace!
And looking forward along the courtyard is the front hall and the deliberation hall of the East Palace!
Walking out of the back of the Tai Temple, May and Jinyan ran along the cloister of the Temple!
Two little guys running in the sun seemed to disperse the dignified atmosphere of the whole temple!
Even Bi Rao and Qi Hei couldn’t help smiling at them!
But children are lax and lively by nature!
Although Bi Rao and Qi Hei rushed behind May and Jin Yan, it was often in the blink of an eye that things would always "rock the boat"!
Just like May and Jin Yan, two young adults, feel novel about the things around the East Palace, they are also very happy to walk and jump all the way!
Nai’s two little people ran hand in hand all the way, and the fruit was cut in his black eyes. When he opened his mouth to stop it, May and Jinyan’s little figure had already blinked and ran out of the side door of Taidian.
It’s not like Bi Rao’s explanation that the sudden situation of Qi Hei can quickly rush to the front door of the palace!
Brigitte Rao first one leng back to god but already can’t see his black figure.
But he is so eager that Bi Rao knows that something may have happened!
Hurriedly trotted after the past!
May and Jin Yan didn’t know that the other side of the palace gate was the Toffee Hall!
And after two people ran in from the side palace gate, the scenery in front of them was very different from that of Taidian!
The rockery around Taidian is full of old trees, and there are no flowers except grass!
However, just behind this palace gate, May and Jinyan can’t help but marvel!
The scenery here is beautiful!
There are bright orange flowers everywhere on both sides of the cobblestone paved path on the ground, and there are many flowers that they can’t name.
Not far away, the cloisters outside the temple are hung with embroidered tassels in Jiangnan, etc. With the fragrance, the breeze blows over the tassels and ripples in the sun like a sea wave.
"Wow, Sister May is so beautiful here!"
Jin Yan and May gradually slowed down, and they walked along the cobblestone path as if they were walking in a sea of flowers.
I heard Jin Yan sigh in May and asked, "How beautiful is it? That in your eyes is beautiful here or your south summer … "
"Who are you?"
Suddenly in May, I was about to ask Jinyan if I hadn’t said anything, but I cried a charming drink right in front of them!
In May, I suddenly twisted my eyebrows and saw a strange maid dressed up in front of me holding a tray and glaring at the two of them!
In May, I began to look around carefully after drinking this person!
She saw the difference at a glance!
The layout around this temple is not too feminine!
It’s very different from the Taidian just now!
I couldn’t help looking around in May. If I see Bi Rao and Qi Hei haven’t followed me yet, I don’t intend to count on them!
Turned to look at the front with tray menservants cleared their throats and said, "We …"
"Where did you come from? So you can just break into the bedroom of the wild child?"
She didn’t want to cause conflict in May, but she was about to reply when she heard such a sentence from the other side!
Are you kidding me?
Is she a wild child? ! You’re the wild child! Your family is wild children!
Perhaps the maid’s voice was too sharp and attracted the attention of the temple people. Soon there came a question, "What happened to the dark willow?"
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"What happened to Dark Willow?"
When the sound came out, a smiling face suddenly twitched in May!
What do you mean, the way to go is narrow? That’s it!
Although this woman’s voice has been heard once before, she still remembers it vividly!
Two days ago, she ran to Weifu in Wangfu with a piece of imperial edict!
However, looking at the surrounding situation carefully, I suddenly found that something seemed to be wrong in May!
There is only a palace gate between the two temples, but how to present the scenery is quite different? !
Maybe …
"See TaiFei see side princess!"
Dark willow words fell in May and she followed her line of sight to the side of the bedroom!
Sunlight poured on the flowing water curtain tassels and slowly walked out of the temple. One of the two beautifully dressed palace girls just asked Youxi!
And the other one I haven’t seen in May, but I want to be called a side princess. It must be an uncle and a woman!
Metamorphoses, May is a little awkward!
Uncle, why are there so many women? !
Can’t you learn from her own father?
Single-minded, handsome, arrogant and overbearing, there is almost no one!
In May, this little mind began to find all kinds of advantages for her father, and when a reddish palace costume was used to support the sunrise and the side princess slowly walked on the front steps of the temple, Yu Guang also happened to look at May and Jinyan!
What surprised her a little was that she had met him in May, but the little boy met him when he went to Wangfu for the first time!
At this time, I happened to see May’s eyes on the sunrise and unexpectedly looked at her side Jin Yan!
Who knows that her eyes also touched Jinyan’s face and suddenly turned and ran in May.