Day off indifferent nodded coldly, "is there anything else? If not, I’ll go first. "Say that finish and quietly look at Xiaoyao Wang.

Free and unfettered king to day off also have no way to good waved and said, "you want to go, just go first! Don’t forget what I said today. "
Tianjue slowly walked out of the Xiaoyao Palace, and the other six people were surprised that Tianjue left first as if he had become accustomed to it.
Tian Tu was busy at this time, saying, "The palace master’s proud master and those hairy old men of Taixu Sect are also paying close attention to us. Should we clean them up first?"
Xiaoyao Wang laughed. "Aoshimen and Taixu Sect have always been at odds with me at Xiaoyao Palace. Now it’s common to note that we are also cleaning them up. If you can kill the two old roads of Aoshimen Fan Xie Taixu Sect, I will agree to take people to destroy them."
Day tu Wen stayed for a bunch of laughs. "Thank you, Lord Gong. Please forgive me for your nonsense."
The master of Aoshi Door is like a cloud, especially Xie Yuntian, the owner of Aoshi Door, and Fan Xie, shine on you, who is absent from his father, is said to have reached the late stage of Du Jie and is one step away from becoming immortal.
The strength of the Taixu Sect is even stronger, not to mention the numerous younger brothers. There are hundreds of Taixu Sect, the master of the fit period alone, not to mention the two elders with the highest skill, the breeze and the moon.
Although the breeze and the moon Du Jie failed, they can cultivate scattered immortals, but because of their long cultivation, they have now reached the realm of scattered immortals. If they can successfully survive the last six or nine days, the breeze and the moon will fly over the immortals and directly rise to pick Jin Xian!
Xiaoyao Palace is a new rising power in the past 2,000 years. Compared with the Taoists who have stood tall for millions of years, Xiaoyao Palace still has some shortcomings. It is supported by such a strong backing as sealing the house, and Xiaoyao Palace also has many powerful experts. Taixu Sect will turn a blind eye to Xiaoyao Palace’s bullying.
Otherwise, Xiaoyao Palace would never stay under the eyes of the Taixu Sect for so long, which was a little friction without causing sectarian strife.
"What’s wrong with the three of you to monitor the Taixu Sect and the Aoshimen? Let me know immediately that the three of you are going to lobby the extreme city forces with the dark ones. I think the news that the magic temple has been born should make these people stir? Remember, if you don’t want to go to the magic temple with us, the treasure hunters will ignore them if they don’t disturb our plans, "said Xiaoyao Wang Shen."
"yes! Palace master! " Everyone has retreated.
Free and unfettered king corners of the mouth flush a sneer at "Kemp Kemp, you wouldn’t have thought that the palace Lord would be so kind to you? Let the whole polar star kill your magic temple and the crazy scene is strong enough. Hum! I won’t let you die so quietly! "
The news that the magic temple has been born has attracted the practitioners in the whole city, saying that the fairy wares and magic artifacts are enough to attract the attention of many practitioners.
Xiaoyao Palace has easily achieved better results than expected. The influential practitioners have joined the ranks of Xiaoyao Palace’s treasure hunters, and some forces don’t really believe in Xiaoyao Palace’s theory, as is the case with the four big families.
The Lins didn’t refuse the invitation of Xiaoyao Palace, but Lin Tianhao, the housemaster, sent a new generation of elite brothers Lin Feng and dozens of strength brothers during the soul refining period to ensure that his disciple An Linye finally let Lin Tianhao loose his mouth after striving.
Free and unfettered palace plan Lin Ye can guess a thing or two, which is a good opportunity to exercise windson. Compared with the fairy war, tens of thousands of practitioners go to the magic temple to explore treasures, and it can make people feel excited.
Plus, the strength of forest air has been greatly improved after getting the mixed force of Tan Qing, and going to the magic temple to find treasure can also fully show that a forest air is repaired.
After repeated discussions, the four big families finally decided that they would send a new generation of elite brothers and middle-strength brothers to the magic temple to explore treasures. For safety reasons, they would be accompanied by a family master, which not only exercised the new generation of elite brothers but also did not affect the best way to explore treasures.
When Lin Feng learned that Mu Jia would send Mu Rexue, Lin Fengxin couldn’t help but beat violently. He couldn’t control his excitement at the thought of going to the magic temple to explore Bao Linfeng with Mu Rexue. What does it mean for Lin Feng to feel white? Maybe he likes Mu Rexue.
It turns out that love sometimes comes so suddenly that you are not ready to meet it. Maybe love doesn’t need extra preparation!
Windson’s only worry now is whether Mure Snow also has similar feelings with himself. If not, Windson doesn’t know what will happen to him. This is also a true portrayal of Windson’s mood at the moment.
Chapter 23 Feather evil spirit
Feather Mount Mang was also the place where the devil Kemp was killed by the mysterious man.
Now there are tens of thousands of practitioners from different places and all walks of life in Yumangshan. The reason is, of course, that Xiaoyao Palace led these people here.
Three people came to Xiaoyao Palace this time. Three people led a large number of disciples in Xiaoyao Palace, and the dark Lord Feather personally led many practitioners to assist Xiaoyao Palace.
Windson finally met the long-awaited Murrexue. When two people look at each other, it seems that there is each other in heaven and earth and everyone else is angry.
Windson has held Mure snow in her arms. The impulse is that Windson resisted the excitement and looked at Mure snow with burning eyes.
Mure snow taste is not since I met Lin Feng. Mure snow is also thinking about meeting Lin Feng once in my heart. This time, I came to explore treasure with Xiaoyao Palace on the orders of my master, but I accidentally met Lin Feng. This can’t be said to be not a coincidence. It’s a fate.
For now, it’s just an adventure for Lin Feng and Mu Rexue to explore the treasure in the magic temple. At present, the most important thing is to be with the person you like. Lin Feng can feel Mu Rexue’s mind and Mu Rexue sees sincerity in Lin Feng’s eyes.
"Wind, what are you looking at?" Lin ye suddenly asked
Windson suddenly woke up from the thick atmosphere and said, "Master, nothing. I saw a friend."
Lin Ye looked at the place where Lin Feng had just seen it. When he saw Mure Snow, Lin Ye was also amazing. Lin Ye had some white forest air just now.
So Lin Ye said with deep meaning, "Are you looking at that beautiful girl who longed for her family? Is she really your friend? "
Lin Fengjun’s face turned red and he said, "Master, you are asking that mu family girl named Mu Rexue came to the polar star from the North Pole with her disciples."
"It turns out that I have known my friend for a long time. Feng Shifu just saw you staring at people’s girls without blinking, to see if you like them when you are young?" See Lin Ye windson shy not asked with interest.
"Master, don’t ask again. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but it’s not necessarily." Windson said urgently.
Lin Ye noncommittally after seeing Lin Fengzhen’s nasty cool smile.
Mu Rexue also saw Lin Ye beside Lin Feng. Although there are still dozens of meters away from Lin Feng, Lin Ye’s dialogue with Lin Feng was clearly heard by Mu Rexue because of the special sensitivity of fixing people’s eyes and ears
Always calm MuReXue hear is flushed and shy. MuReXue never thought that Lin Ye would ask Lin Feng if he liked himself so directly, while Lin Feng’s words made him a little nervous. MuReXue was pleasantly surprised.
Finally know that windson still has great affection for himself. Mure Snow is very heart-warming.
"What’s wrong with Ruoxue? Why is your face so red?" Then Mure snow beside a purple middle-aged woman asked.
Speaking in purple, the girl in purple is solemn, plain and dignified, which makes people feel that the girl in purple is definitely not as mediocre as she looks.
"Uncle Jun Jie, I’m fine. Maybe it’s a little hot." Murenxue hurriedly explained.
Mu Zanjie nodded slightly. "We’re going to the Feather Mountain. According to Xiaoyao Imperial Secretary, we’re going to the magic temple."
Mu Rexue should go with Mu Jun Jie. When he turned to look at Lin Feng, he just saw Lin Feng looking at himself. He saw that Lin Feng was still that silly look. Mu Rexue smiled and made her way forward.
"Stop, everyone. Now we have arrived at the Temple of the Feather Mountain, which is in the Feather Mountain. Everyone should listen to the command of my Xiaoyao Palace, or if anything happens, I will be at Xiaoyao Palace!" Day TuYang said to the crowd
At this time, everyone began to whisper to each other. The feather mans eyes, of course, came from the magic temple and other people. Of course, they didn’t think too much about being able to catch one or two fairy wares or magic wares. Even if they earned them, no one would shrink back for fear of accidents. This is the reason why people die of wealth and birds eat food.
When Xiaoyao Imperial Secretary took the road to a desolate place in Yumangshan, everyone flew down from it.
The sight is full of scars. This is the place where the fairy and the devil fought in those days.
Although more than 20,000 years have passed, there are still people who are shocked by everything in front of them. In the eyes of those who have experienced the fairy war, the scene of the fierce battle between the practitioners is still vivid.
Just as everyone sighed, the sky was heavy and said, "The magic temple is here. Everyone has returned some. I have to break the seal first to let the magic temple be born!"
Everyone rushed to retreat, but they didn’t retreat very far. They wanted to see the Xiaoyao Palace as a broken seal.
At this time, five people came out from the front of Xiaoyao Palace and the disciples of the Dark Devil Sect, namely, Tianjiao of Xiaoyao Palace, Tianruo and Tiantu Dark Devil Zongyu followed Fu Zhong.
In addition to these five people, there are dozens of experts in the fit period, and several of them have even completed the Du Jie period.
The strength of these five people sent by Xiaoyao Palace is in the combination period. Among the many practitioners on the scene, they can also be called the best. Xiaoyao Palace Tiantu and others and dozens of experts set their positions according to the array law, and then each of them took their own weapons and carried them to their feet to listen to "Boom!" There was a loud noise and smoke was everywhere.