I don’t know why I was so angry that I fell in love with the dangerous moon swallow at that time. I violated the dogma and dared to sneak back to the Heavenly Palace to steal the Dan medicine and want to help the dangerous moon swallow become a human being.

This is a good idea, but at that time, I was bullied. Dangerous Moon Yan Gen didn’t want to be a person. She wanted to be a demon and be a powerful demon, and then she trampled on those who once looked down on her and bullied her.
After a big fight, they parted ways. Wei Yueyan returned to the initial state of being bullied by others without support, but she was bent on practicing magic and seeking pure demon body and refused to look back for support.
However, different ghosts are obsessed with it and feel that even if they violate the rules of heaven, they will not die. At this moment, it is still a god who wants to deceive the dangerous moon swallow to make her a mortal, and then plead guilty and be punished to the jade emperor after accompanying her to the old dead.
With this in mind, I went back to Wei Yueyan with the stolen elixir. First, I apologized and then I repented that I shouldn’t have ignored Wei Yueyan’s wishes. During her absence, many demon Dan practiced a Dan medicine, and Wei Yueyan was bound to have a complete demon body.
Wei Yueyan listened to his words earnestly and earnestly, and she was eager to get a complete demon body mind, which also made her unwilling to doubt her lover and swallowed the elixir without hesitation.
God knows how painful it is for demon bones to be melted and regenerate new bones.
In the first half of the night, she wailed painfully, and in the second half of the night, she found that her demon bones were getting less and less. She had never doubted that her new lover would tell her that she would forget the humiliation and hatred of the past and be a kind person. He would accompany her to the old and the dead after she endured the pain of this cone for a long time.
At that time, Wei Yueyan was shocked, angry, angry and epileptic.
It’s also a beautiful day. Before Yan stumbled away from the hiding hut, it began to rain cats and dogs, but it couldn’t stop her. She wanted to be a demon and would rather die than be a human being. She wanted to find a village where human beings lived before her demon bones were melted by the elixir. The elixir was still tainted by human blood or dog blood.
Is it true that at that time, before the last few demon bones of Dangerous Moon Yan were melted, she found a totem dog village in the village?
Dangerous Moon Swallow stared at her eyes with a pair of bright eyes, spread her tongue and licked her claws on the ground, and the black dog smiled.
Trembling, I pulled out the self-defense dagger and went to the black dog step by step. Maybe she was too weak. The black dog didn’t put the man with the murder weapon in front of her in the eye. She moved closer.
Wei Yueyan wants to hurt the so-called; Pain so-called; The so-called death; But if she is allowed to be a human being, she would rather go to ten hell.
This persistence made the miserable half-demon jump at the neck of the black dog and jump at it.
I don’t know if it’s luck or heaven. I can’t hold the knife stably. This knife actually stabbed me just right.
The black dog didn’t even bark, and the blood splashed all over her. The pain gradually subsided, but it could best dispel the evil spirits. The black dog’s blood burned her flesh and blood, causing her flesh to fall into another extreme pain.
She didn’t care about so many knives. Black dog blood splashed all over her face.
Wei Yueyan thought that death and pain would be more terrible than being a human being? Nothing in the world is more terrible than being a human being. She should remember all the pains she suffered tonight.
She hid everywhere, and the new human bones were burned out by the blood of black dogs, and the pain day after day made her hate it more and more.
She gouged out the rotten meat around the wound, which was difficult to heal because of the blood of the black dog, and once again hid in the mountains. All day long, wolves, insects, tigers and leopards drank blood and starved for raw meat when they were thirsty.
As the body recovered for a long time in the mountains and returned to the wild, Wei Yueyan told the other small demons in the mountains that her foreign guest was not a semi-demon, but was hurt by the god’s rhetoric. The harmful god would cheat her to eat Dan medicine and make her half a demon ossify her bones. She was desperate to save herself with the blood of the black dog, and this left half a demon bone, which became an ugly semi-demon.
There are lies, especially when she has healed her skin injury and showed her good looks. The new suspected goblins naturally believed her words.
Most of the human figures created by demons are extremely beautiful and healthy, while most of the semi-demons are ugly and weak, and they will not live long.
She can’t get rid of Lingcao Xianzhi. In this lie, there are always goblins who take it away and give it to her. After the beauty has receded in various medicine departments, the mountain monsters will be more active towards her.
Dangerous Moon Yan began to cheat the little demon kings by pretending to be snakes. Dan dug up their demon bones and killed a mountain, so she took the trouble to travel thousands of miles to change another mountain.
Killing a demon and eating a demon and refining a demon are exactly what they want. With a complete demon body, their mana has improved a hundred times.
Wei Yueyan felt that it was time for revenge. Qian Shan traveled all over the country and finally found her near Kunshan, where she had been searching for a long time.
A combative dangerous moon swallow has been trained for many years, and the three-inch fairy bone was broken. I don’t know who was in the hand. Even if he lost part of the fairy bone, the dangerous moon swallow couldn’t kill him himself, but he fell into Kunshan and sank into weak water.
At last, he recorded that his appearance changed greatly, and he became insane, and then he disappeared.
The dangerous moon swallow planted the secret method of the fairy bone in the position closest to the heart. In that year, the demons who bullied her were killed by her, and those humans were either old and disabled, which made her lose her interest in torture and fun.
Day after day, year after year, she felt that the day was getting more and more boring, but she seriously thought about it, and she was asked to talk to goodness.
She changed her name and surname and tried to repair bridges and roads to help the world. When others thanked her, she thought it was not bad to be a good person.
Killing a demon, eating a demon and refining a demon is abhorrent to demons, but for God, whatever the purpose or means, it is the merits that endanger Yueyan’s life. Soon, after ten years or so, she won’t be good to heaven, and then she appeared to take her back to heaven.
These two people are really a mess.
Hetong saw me thoughtfully and carefully asked, "What are you thinking, Grandpa?"
"Nothing. You go to Yunlou Palace now and ask the keeper to bring you all the information about the file cabinet. You take it to the Xuanwu Seven Nights in the north to find the dangerous crescent moon, and let her leave a rotten stall and clean it up. She knows what to do. In addition, tell her that if I hear the name" Yelu "again, let her go to the penalty desk and ask the penalty to serve!"
The crane boy should fold his wings and leave.
We closed our eyes and dozed off for half a quarter of an hour, and then we opened our eyes and turned to Cloud House Palace in the ninth heaven.
I met two figures, one red and one blue, and looked up at them. It was Wenqu Xingjun and Wu Quxing Jun who were talking while walking. I stopped and just listened to one ear.
Wen Quxing said that Fu Su was a born king, but it was a pity that he died early. Wu Quxing disagreed that Fu Su’s cowardice and timidity were just a piece of paper, and Meng Tian helped him to ask the king of Qin a clear question. He didn’t even ask for courage. He drew his sword on the spot and committed suicide. It seems that the Qin Dynasty must have died in the second year. You said that you were optimistic about that guy named Chen, but Xing Jun was more optimistic about Xiang Jia’s ability to lift the tripod child and really overthrow the Qin Dynasty.
I smiled and said, "What are you two talking about? It’s so lively."
Wu Quxing in red raised his hand and drew a curtain in half. A commoner in cloth appeared with his back to the loess and was working hard.
Wenqu Xingjun pointed to the curtain and asked, "You must have heard about the death of Santai Qin Dynasty."
I nodded and admitted that Wu Quxing looked at the curtain and said, "This man is named Chen Sheng Wenquxing. I think this guy can overthrow the rule of the Qin Dynasty."
The curtain of speech has changed, and two more people have come, one of whom is practicing sword and martial arts in the courtyard, and the other is quite a local ruffian in the street.
I asked, "What is this again?"
Wu Quxing Jun said, "These two men also have princes’ orders. The practicing sword is a noble of Chu, while the street one is a noble who has fallen down in the world."
Wenqu Xingjun said angrily, "Don’t look at Chen Sheng’s humble background, but his wisdom and courage are’ the sparrow knows the ambition of the swan’ and’ the princes will have seed’. Does he know how to grasp the people’s hearts if he is not more hopeful than those two nobles?"
Wu Quxing Jun said, "This down-and-out nobleman is too old compared with the two of them. It is not known when he will live together in the war. I think that the noble of Chu is more promising."
Wenquxing Jun said angrily, "Three Tais, I, Wu Quxing Jun, bet that Peony Fairy will cultivate new orchids. You come and I will be a witness to see who wins and loses in the end, so that he can’t beat him again!" ! !”
I replied with a smile, "Good me, you witness and add me. I guess both of you are not willing to pay attention to the down-and-out aristocrats. So I bet you that ordinary epiphyllum blooms once a year, and it blooms every night. It was sent by Peony Fairy the other day, and the two immortals will be interested."
Wu Quxing Jun clapped his hands and laughed. "Well, well, if you can win peony fairy from Santai, you can cultivate the night epiphyllum and send 100 thousand incense firepower."
Wenqu Xingjun asked, "How can Santai think that the street bully can succeed?"
I smiled. "Jiang Taigong was half poor at the age of seventy-two, and he met Wen Wang at the age of fifteen, and he led an army to cut him down at the age of ninety. It’s a pity that you didn’t live up to your expectations, and you took revenge on your sister and ruined the century-old foundation of the Zhou Dynasty. Even when Gan Luo was twelve, how could you be a hero?"
Wu Quxing Jun laughed. "Ha, ha, ha, San Tai said that I was waiting for the photo, but I forgot that San Tai was sealed at the age of 17, and he was too responsible for protecting the emperor."
"Why did you say this when you were young and not sensible?" I sighed and told them that when the fruit came out, I would come to Taifu for wine, then leave and rush to Yunlou Palace.
Just entering the Cloud Tower Palace, I bumped into a crane boy.
I asked, "What happened so rashly?"
The crane boy looked up and saw that I was busy and said, "Great grandfather came at the right moment. General Lian Zhong Palace, a five-party god, asked the children to go to you quickly. It is said that General Zhang urgently reported that there are three Kyubi no Youko tian hu in the Qingqiu fox family. General Zhang was unable to support himself. Please ask Great grandfather to let the messenger of Pi Wen take five thousand ghost soldiers to help."
"I’ll take a trip to Jiyin, knowing that it’s a quick victory." After that, I turned to go out and didn’t walk a few steps. Suddenly I remembered that my eyes turned back here. The crane boy said, "By the way, you should take a trip to the Five-Party God’s Office and let General Liu Wuxiu of the Sixth Army of Xiying go to find Wei Yueyan. She should be a supervisor and help her when necessary to save her two lovers from being jealous."
Hetong was ordered to retire.
Chapter 5 Chapter 5
What did the Qingqiu Fox clan eat? It’s a miracle drug. Even if the Tu Shan Fox clan in tian hu, Kyubi no Youko gave a ruby in tian hu, Kyubi no Youko, it’s estimated that it wouldn’t exchange that way for the Tu Shan Fox clan.
If you say something nice, you can tell your parents that it’s ugly.
I smiled and felt that there was nothing wrong with being a man, so I stepped on hot wheels and flew through the worse gate to flash the growth king, full of flowers and headed east to Jiyin.
Travel thousands of miles in an instant and cross Kyushu in an instant.
This Jiyin, also known as Dingtao country, is located in the south of Jishui. Although the mountains and rivers are conducive to hiding their whereabouts, it is fortunate that the road is wide and it is difficult for opponents to sneak up.