When Cheyenne heard that Wang Lame introduced Yan Pu Yan Que to the two brothers, he specially looked at the two future gods. Yan Pu was a young man with stiff glasses, while Yan Que was a cold and tall young man.

"We have to find a chance for Su Qingyan to sign them both," Cheyenne thought.
After taking a group photo, there are some things that Cheyenne doesn’t seem to show off and provoke. These are naturally for the palace ladies who are not far away.
The moon palace team is in the same street. Bai Mengyan made such a big noise just to give people a Mawei, but a disciplined professional team, the moon palace root, was ignored by this newly established team.
Bai Mengyan was naturally disappointed that she didn’t achieve her goal, but she was hit too much in her life, so she soon cleaned up her mood and showed everyone around the office of the pig ring team.
"Isn’t it just some folk houses? What’s there to see?" Cheyenne muttered.
Bai Mengyan’s ears were sharp and he immediately heard his words. "You have seed to say that again? Do you know how much thought I have paid to this team? "
Cheyenne decided not to provoke Bai Mengyan to shrink aside and stop talking.
The pig quit team was really established in this atmosphere of singing a big drama. Because of limited funds, it is not as big as the Moon Palace, and it is also a media conference. In a sour tone, the strength of the team is the most important thing. It is no use doing so much publicity in the early stage if you don’t have the strength.
Cheyenne is quite in favor of this point. Nowadays, the composition of the pig ring team is too shabby, which is no different from that of the grass chicken team. What media conference is purely a waste of money.
After a busy afternoon, Bai Mengyan took people into the game with high morale to prepare for the challenge of the late occupation. Cheyenne also entered the game and put on the set of equipment that had just been given to the guardian knight in the package. They took Wang Lame and brushed the vice to try to reach level 30 early.
The day passed like this. When Cheyenne looked at it at night, he turned into a god-class master and knelt down on me again. His appearance immediately attracted the attention of a willing heart. Soon Chen Young appeared and sent a message, "Brother Master, you finally got online, but I waited for you alive for a day!"
"Wait for me?" Summer installation silly
"You don’t know? Now your name is all over the major guilds, and I believe many major guilds can’t wait to woo you. "Chen Young talked about this topic instead.
"oh? They want to woo me? "
"Yes, they all take a fancy to your super strength." Chen Young cooperated very much.
God-class experts knelt down and licked me, haha laughed. "It seems that gold always shines. It seems that they are not too stupid to realize my value."
Chen Young secretly said, this is not what I want to hear! However, Chen Young was relieved to think of this person’s personality, but soon the master of God knelt down and I let him get stuck in his throat.
"Let me ask you what they are going to pay to win me over?"
Yan Chenxin snapped and asked, "What do you want?"
"I want too many millions of gold coins, top equipment and super skills. I don’t dislike them!" Cheyenne said with a face of expectation.
Chen Young naturally won’t kneel down and lick my words. Really, no one will pay such a high price for someone who doesn’t know the details unless that person is a fool.
"Shield secret things you consider? What conditions can I change to this skill? " Chen Young asked.
Cheyenne said, "That’s no secret. I won’t consider it unless someone can come up with a set of homemade equipment in exchange!"
"Homemade equipment?" Chen Young frowned and asked, "What kind of homemade equipment do you want?"
"You have a top forger? I have requirements for equipment that a forger can understand, "Cheyenne said.
"Okay, I’ll think of some way to give you an answer later," Chen Young said.
Cheyenne woke up and said, "You should hurry up. The people in the Eternal Empire also sent me a message, offering me a very generous offer for my skills."
Of course, this is a myth, and Chen Young is also dubious about it, but it is definitely more cost-effective than getting a god-class master. After all, if a man is alive, he will definitely try to get this skill if he is an eternal imperial.
"I’ll try my best to handle the forging division. Is there anything we can do now? Why don’t we come and participate together?" Chen Young suggested that he would wait anxiously for fear that the goods would be rejected.
Cheyenne didn’t refuse to ask Chen Young’s position. When I got there, I saw a group of domineering legion people. Chen Young was among them. He saw the superior kneeling me and hurriedly called me to the crowd. Cheyenne glanced at this team and knew that they were definitely the elite of the domineering legion.
Among these domineering legions, Cheyenne also found four gourd dolls.
Chen Young and domineering legion?
Cheyenne was surprised to see this situation. The domineering legion was extremely loud in the past life, which is by no means comparable to the second-rate guild like Chenmeng.
When I got to the front, Chen Young had already introduced who this is, who that is and who that is, and who that is. Everyone has decorations except id, just like in real life, when introducing people, they always introduce a person’s professional position, but some of them are a bit funny to Cheyenne. For example, there are too many modifiers in the first knight class of the domineering legion, as if they can’t be displayed without those.
"Hello everyone!" Cheyenne finally waved to everyone.
This gang is equipped with equipment that can be called first-class equipment at present. It is also a status symbolism. It is the domineering double of the president of the domineering legion or the first knight of the branch. Why do you want to go out in my class? In reality, it is like dressing improperly and not showing your identity.
"God level master knelt down and licked me? This name is arrogant enough, but I don’t know what the level is? " The first thing to say is that the first knight called King’s Landing domineering and casually said a joke, but it has already revealed his hostility to the master of God.
It’s not surprising that, like McGee, he was pushed to the top of the position without complaining. In fact, in the game, it is rare to say that his peers are enemies. The arrival of me made domineering King’s Landing immediately feel that his position was threatened.
This kind of competitive comparison is still normal since the guild. At first, everyone compared the grades, but now the grades are incomparable. Then, everything is better than equipment, attributes, skills, experience, progress and achievements in the arena. In such a world of comparison, the gap is not too big. It is difficult for anyone to say.
Like domineering King’s Landing, like Meggie, and then to the former Oreo, they are all the first tanks in the team. To some extent, they are at the top, and their position is even less easy for others. Meggie is so honest and kind, but it is actually different. More like Oreo, people are always full of disdain for people who are called masters in the same profession
However, everyone behaves in different ways. Oreo teenagers are a little naive, but this domineering King’s Landing seems to be an accident. Does he really know that the master of the gods kneels down on me? It is Chen Young who brings people too much to embarrass the master of the gods, which is equivalent to losing the domineering army.
The bigger the legion management is, the more strict it is. The more players are, the less they can be pure games. It is also full of human accidents. Domineering King’s Landing can become the first knight, and it is definitely not an idiot.
"Listen to Chen Young, brother. You fuck us. We just want to make a wild map. The thin silk place specially invites brothers to come and help." The domineering double domineering legion boss finally spoke at this time
"You can invite me. You have made a lot of money. There is absolutely no problem!" God-level master knelt down and licked me and said, "I don’t mean anything."
Chapter 1 is just a look.
God-class expert kneels and licks my words, which is extremely arrogant.
Those who don’t know the master of God kneel and lick my domineering legion, and when they hear this arrogance, they secretly sneer at it, and they have a strong dislike for him.
"That’s that’s that." Most people may be blown up when they hear such immodesty, but they don’t see how good their temper is. At this time, they are so amiable that the rest of the domineering army can’t understand a human nature. Obviously, it is impossible to suddenly change. It seems more likely that the problem will appear in this god-class master kneeling on my body.
Is it true that this product is very powerful?
Domineering King’s Landing muttered to himself that Cheyenne is not wearing that set of equipment now, but matching one with himself. Some of them are green and domineering. King’s Landing didn’t discriminate against my equipment because of the god-level master’s kneeling. After all, if foreign people really want to be skilled, there will be domineering Shuang Yi’s words. This knight’s equipment can be changed immediately. Maybe it is even more advanced than him.
Domineering King’s Landing is very curious about how powerful I am. Other domineering legions want to see this product being hit in the face because of their first impression.
"What are we going to do?" Cheyenne asked that the president of a big guild was so kind to him, which made Cheyenne feel very uncomfortable.
"We’re going to hit the head of the 4-level wild figure thin silk thief in the first-line canyon. This thin silk is brushed only once a week, which is the rarest thin silk at present-it has the materials we need, and we must grab it at some cost!" Domineering double theory
It’s very common to grab thin silk in the game, but it’s really unexpected that the master of God kneels and licks me. After all, I’m a stranger and domineering.
What a complicated environment and competition it is. It’s so important and dangerous to grab the wild map bss and mix it with the undercover of individual guilds. That’s a terrible thing. If the tactics, schemes, plans, etc. are all sold by undercover, what do you want to grab?
"Before it’s too late, shall we start now?" Domineering double side said that walking in the front, none of the other characters were faster than him, and even Yan Chen was interested in falling behind a little bit. A line of people followed the domineering double running rhythm and soon reached the first-line canyon.
Cheyenne is no stranger here. His great demon king was hunted by the sword for the second time here, and he left the game sadly because he was badly hit here.