Cheyenne was noncommittal about the domineering front, but asked, "If I didn’t guess wrong, did you just shield the warrior’s defense skills?" But I didn’t see you use the shield, so there is a possibility that your equipment is homemade shield! "

Although the warrior profession has talent points, it is not that you can’t learn other talent skills. However, if you don’t have talent and blessing skills, you will be greatly reduced. Because of skill points, you often take into account both methods and eventually become nondescript, but the domineering front is obviously a perfect combination of the characteristics of shield soldiers and magic soldiers
If the magic warrior wants to make the shield warrior skill, he must shield the warrior’s weapon shield, that is to say, he must carry such a heavy object in the battle. The battle influence is very great, and Cheyenne happened to know that someone forged a shield with shield function in previous lives. It seems that it is!
"I’m really curious about where you come from?" The domineering front is really shocked. The analysis of the big devil is just his biggest secret, but these secrets are limited to the top of the domineering army. How many people know that the big devil knows it?
If the domineering front was interested in the Great Devil, now he is more interested in the origin of the Great Devil, so he may be able to find out his career mystery!
"Can you guess?" Cheyenne’s hand weapon suddenly changed into ice, and the inflammation should fall, followed by a flying feather meteor. His posture is naturally to take domineering life!
Domineering front dark sigh-he took the initiative to speak out of curiosity, but also lost a lot of lives when he was delayed. Although he didn’t die directly after being attacked by the soul, he was also very miserable, far from being as calm as he was.
Cheyenne saw through this after all, so he did not hesitate to launch an attack to be continued.
Chapter 173 Steamed bread Little Dragon Girl Fat Yang Guo
Cheyenne has never been soft on anyone who dares to attack her enemies.
It is impossible for the domineering front to retreat again. The only skill he can escape is that he has not cooled down and launched an attack with Cheyenne skills!
Both sides broke their best fuck.
For a moment, the gorgeous light is like a pop falling to the ground.
It’s too fast!
The two figures are like martial arts experts. You come and I look at the roots from a distance and you can’t see the two people moving!
This is definitely a wonderful battle. Unfortunately, the fighting result is already doomed!
There is always a winner in the battle, and this time it is Cheyenne who laughs last.
In fact, when Cheyenne launched the attack, he already knew that the domineering front would lose, because the domineering front had just suffered a very high damage from the soul-cutting attack, and his life was actually a small piece.
"I’m looking forward to meeting in the future," said the domineering front before a white light disappeared.
Cheyenne is naturally white and domineering, because it is in the game, Cheyenne’s method naturally works, but in the league, Cheyenne’s method works, and they are no longer fighting alone but as a team!
"Just don’t cry when you lose," Cheyenne said smilingly.
The domineering front didn’t come back. Cheyenne waited for a while for a knife and they rushed over.
"When the boss came, I saw several people in Chenmeng killing wild silk. When they saw us, they ran away with silk, but I had someone follow them." The knife quietly said to Cheyenne.
"oh? Which wild map is thin? " Cheyenne asked
"snake catcher Augustine"
Cheyenne looked at the knife with humanity. "I’ll leave the two-headed snake king to you. I’ll take a few people to rob the morning alliance!" "
The two-headed snake king is a 35-level beastmaster, but Augustine, a 35-level wild-figure snake catcher, is much weaker, and the snake catcher has Cheyenne’s need for natural silk, so he naturally wants to get involved.
"This is not good? Morning union let’s guild is good if let the president know … "Knife woke up.
"Well, I’ll leave it to you here. I’ll go and have a look." Cheyenne went straight out of the snake valley and sent a stalker with a knife to follow him all the way to find the snake catcher. At this moment, the siege of Augustine is four familiar goods of Cheyenne-Huluwa brothers and sisters, and their heads are still displayed against the morning alliance guild.
"It’s strange that gourd dolls seem to be taking root in Chenmeng?" Cheyenne muttered to let the knife send someone back to the original road. Four gourd dolls are famous gourd teams, and their strength of four masters is really chilling. Is it true that the boss behind the gourd team is Chen Young?
It’s difficult but not impossible for four god-level masters to deal with the 35-level wild map silk. They are now taking the snake catcher to one side of the black bear forest, apparently for fear that someone will come out and make trouble.
Cheyenne is not in a hurry to act, but has been lurking in the dark waiting for the right time.
Just then, two players, a man and a woman, came out of the black bear forest and met the gourd dolls. From a distance, the bodies of the two players were like two balls, which was very distinctive.
"It’s wild silk!" The female player cried excitedly, her body was like a ball, and she threw herself at the snake catcher, and so did the man who was also like a bucket.
"Hey, don’t make us do it! Get out!" Hulu brother cried
"Joke that we fat couples are afraid of you?" The woman shouted arrogantly, "How dare you let us roll? Is my little dragon girl so easy to bully?"
Fat couple!
Steamed bread, little dragon girl and fat Yang Guo
Cheyenne has naturally heard of this pair in previous lives, and their skills are superb, and they are notorious for being fond of robbing monsters, and they are outstanding figures among solo players.
"Nima, do you still dare to call yourself Little Dragon Girl? Don’t look at yourself. It’s a steamed bun! "
Fat Yang Guo quit and shouted, "Who dares to bully my dragon son? I will fight with you desperately!"
"Don’t talk nonsense and fuck them later!"
Huluwa, the fat couple, fought in one place, and they all realized that the strength of each other was not simple, so Huluwa sent three people to besiege the fat couple, and the remaining Hulu brothers took the snake catcher into the black bear forest!
Cheyenne want to also don’t want to directly before the big devil identity flyby.