Cheyenne is not greedy for cheap this time, but really needs equipment to meet the requirements of Mr.zhou and others.

Don’t be a vegetarian. What’s this ordinary Cheyenne? It’s already white if you want to lead that monster to fall. If you really want to go out, I’m afraid it will definitely make everyone covet!
Because this is a possible guild token!
After the player level, you can form a guild, but now the player with the highest level has reached level 5, but no one has established a guild. It is because the guild token is too rare that the beauty building is just a few people who may get the guild token. Once this is done, it will disappear.
Cheyenne knows all about these natures. He came here to go through them after he changed his job, but I didn’t expect that the Beauty House had received one of them first, which made Cheyenne feel a sense of urgency.
That set of equipment required by Cheyenne can make players agile and move at a very high speed, so that Cheyenne can be sure to deal with the degenerate Barlow Bone. Moreover, with this set of equipment, he won’t have to wait until he changes jobs to make other guild tokens-look, he really doesn’t want to be greedy for petty gains, he just borrows them.
Well, if we can get a few guild tokens to hang on (Cheyenne was named by him personally) and add a bunch of coveted professional skills, it will definitely make a blockbuster.
Cheyenne’s side is full of joy, dreaming that Xiaoyi and Mr.zhou have joined forces with the landlord. Their core brothers naturally know what this means to the beauty building better than others. If Zunbao really has this confidence, it is absolutely worthwhile to pay for this set of equipment!
There are many experts in the beauty building, but when they face the fallen Barlow Bone, because no one can resist the attack of the fallen Barlow Bone, they naturally can’t get its guardian. It was only after Cheyenne Zun ran and appeared that the little art beauty came up with the idea of letting Zun Bao lead the fallen Barlow Bone.
Hong Yan Lou previously wanted to invite the Great Devil, and also wanted to explore the bottom of the Great Devil through the secondary occupation to see if he had diverted the strength of the fallen Barlow bone, but the Great Devil lost his arm.
The appearance of Zunbao makes Xiaoyi beauty shine at the moment, so it is better than the big devil to run the goods. The key is cheap! What’s the price of the Great Devil? If you want to invite him, you will have to pay a lot of money, but Zunbao will be completely different. This man can be sent away if he wants to throw some bones.
Even if Zunbao can’t die in the fallen Barlow’s hand, he can still give mr.zhou a sigh of relief! Xiao Yi will say that this is a business that will never lose money.
The beauty landlord is a person with great courage. When she heard about Cheyenne’s offer, she asked Xiaoyi and Mr.zhou to come for the time being. She immediately went to assemble the equipment. The equipment list given by Cheyenne is very accurate. This should be regarded as the best agile equipment around the level. If it is a thief player who changes jobs, it will definitely be very powerful.
Cheyenne is not surprised that the beauty building will agree to his terms, but Wang Lame’s saliva is almost flowing out. Although the goods don’t understand the value of those equipment, he understands that Cheyenne’s terms from the boss must be valuable
Beauty Lou’s beautiful women’s eyes were severely rubbed and abused Cheyenne, and then the king dispersed, limped and corrected, and had to suppress the idea of following the beautiful women to leave and bow and look at Cheyenne.
"King lame how old are you still economist to play games? But since you have this ambition, I, your boss and eldest brother, naturally have the right to teach you! Now give you a chance to challenge me and let me teach you how to play a game! "
"You are taking revenge. I am a rookie. How can I fight you?" Wang limped and shook like a rattle, but his body quietly approached Cheyenne and suddenly suddenly launched a sneak attack.
Wang Lame knows that Cheyenne is unhappy. He lied to him with Mr. Su, and he also knows that Cheyenne will not let him go easily. He is not as good as the first hand. He also wants to know what the boss is like!
Cheyenne naturally has this idea. Although the reality of the game is different, the combat experience in reality can also play a role in the game. He is looking forward to not limping in the game.
When I met Cheyenne, I got a general idea of Wang Lame’s current state. Although his skills are crude, he is better than his combat experience and rich reaction ability. It is not impossible to become a first-class player in time.
When Cheyenne saw the true level of Wang’s limp, he naturally wouldn’t show mercy and severely abuse him. How witty Wang’s limp was. When the characters realized their Cheyenne gap, they kept begging for mercy, but Cheyenne ignored the storm attack and kept falling. When Wang’s limp had the last bit of blood left, Cheyenne gave him a chance to recuperate.
"Boss, you are so brave. Lao Wang, I can’t be your opponent!" King lame shy face compliment way
Cheyenne squinted at Wang Lame and was about to speak when he received a message from Bai Mengyan.
When I opened it, I was shocked. The news said that Yan Pu had talked with his brother about Yan Que’s lack of a condition. To meet this condition, he agreed to join the guild.
"What conditions does Yan lack?" Cheyenne vaguely felt that this was retribution, as if she had just made a condition herself?
This product doesn’t want a set of equipment, does it?
Bai Mengyan quickly replied that it was hard to hide the excitement in the tone of the message. "Maybe this goods are really masters! If he can kill him once, he will join the guild! "
"such an arrogant person is either grandstanding or really a master, but I doubt that this product has a tendency to be abused. Otherwise, how could such a condition be made?" Bai Mengyan tucao way
Cheyenne smell speech is a sigh that this product is really arrogant, but people really have this strength! The most hateful thing is that Bai Mengyan, a group of tender dishes, can’t really kill this beast-like figure. Even adding Cheyenne is probably very difficult!
Chapter 68 Occupy the world news
Of course, this is not to say that Cheyenne’s strength is not as good as Yan deficiency, but because Yan deficiency is a thief profession.
The thief profession is good at lurking and sneak attack. There are three talents: flying thief, assassin thief and fighting thief. If a thief wants to escape, few people can catch him, especially after he takes office, the thief will have strong skills and concealment.
Strong concealment can make itself invisible at any time and place. When attacking or being attacked, the effect of strong concealment disappears. The most terrible thing about strong concealment is that it can make players invisible even in combat.
Yan Que is obviously in control of his professional strengths. If he wants to escape, it is really very difficult to catch him. Of course, strong concealment is not the method to restrain hunters’ trap skills, so he can easily catch them.
Yan lacks this condition, of course, because he is confident in his own strength, and on the other hand, he wants to see the level of guild players. If a group of people can’t catch him alone, will the guild be ashamed to accept him?
Cheyenne may not want to join the guild, but he will make such a condition because of his brother, which is to give Yan Pu a face.
"In this case, the plan seems to be ahead." Cheyenne took Wang Lame to the career hall and gave it to Bai Mengyan.
"This is your people? Why is there another pupil? Why did you steal your underpants when your name is so immoral? " Bai Mengyan’s eyes are really like birds of a feather flock together. People like Cheyenne bring the same stuff as him.
"I am a master!" Wang Lame was dissatisfied with Bai Mengyan’s contempt and quickly boasted about his record.
Cheyenne had an impulse to slap him when he heard a sentence, but it happened that Bai Mengyan was eating a set of lame lies that seemed to have finished believing Wang.
"Wow, you really fought with the big devil? Also scared him away? "
Cheyenne became more and more angry when he listened to it. He contacted Zou Yu to inquire about the purchase of materials. Knowing that he had received his priority materials from some small workshops, he asked Zou Yu to send people to Sirius City warehouse.
Cheyenne waited in the warehouse for a while and then saw a player coming with "Xia Shang Networker No.3"
"Well, now can be life professional certification? Zou Yu people should be allowed to learn tailoring skills, and Xia Shang’s network workers should be specially equipped, which will be even rarer and less likely to be impersonated. "
After Cheyenne completed the transaction, he told Zou Yu his thoughts. He learned that Zou Yu had already started to prepare for this matter, and he asked some details about the transaction. After that, Cheyenne hung up.
Back to the game, Cheyenne turned into a big devil and bought a batch of skills from the skill dealer in the professional hall. The bread in the red leather contains the system. A detailed description of all skills is necessary to create skills, and then Cheyenne opened the skill synthesizer.
Cheyenne first took out the hunter-level skill frozen trap skill red skin, which is Cheyenne’s first skill to create. Cheyenne chose this skill not only to deal with Yan deficiency, but because it was a relatively strong control skill in the early stage, and it can also evolve into a group control group trap. Cheyenne’s explosion of materials from the black fox king is exactly what is needed to make this skill.
Cheyenne has a general idea in his heart after learning about the vocational skills of the Ministry of Education. This frozen trap is a necessary link.
The frozen trap is not too many materials required for a first-level skill. One hundred wild boar teeth, 15 white roots, 15 cryolite pieces and a complete black fox king skin … A certain number of materials are added to the skill synthesizer, and Cheyenne’s look is gradually dignified.
Although Cheyenne has learned these skills by heart for a long time, he still has to be careful. If he shakes every hand, a small mistake will ruin a lot of materials.