Counting the light and fire jewelry, they have invested 100 million game coins in each district, which is about 4 yuan if discounted.

In all regions, they have invested more than 50,000 yuan in strong jewelry.
Tianyu hesitated whether to continue to collect ice jewelry or to collect light and fire.
Although he knew that ice jewelry would definitely make a lot of money in the future, they had begun to question their receiving policy.
Whether the ice is strong or the coldest’ door’ is a strong genre now, even if I analyze it by the development trend of Korea, the country is not 100% sure after all.
Since it is not an absolute thing, should we put the’ chicken’ eggs in this basket?
Izumo and Bones also made an analysis of this matter, saying that Tianyu is really too confident and there is no reason to be confident.
As a result, Tianyu hesitated. After all, there is no strong reason for him to say that everyone believes that ice is strong and will rise in the future. Ice jewelry will make a lot of money.
The next best thing is to collect light and fire.
If the price is collected now, the final price will be about 60 thousand in the future, and it will not be easy to sell
However, if the price of 30,000 is closed and the fire jewelry is strong, it will be easier to sell 5 pieces in the future and earn 10,000 yuan per piece.
Compared with the strong ice jewelry, it is unwilling to earn 340 million Tianyu in the future.
It is this that Tianyu and Erxiu discussed in the group for a night on the day of the Avengers.
Finally, in the discussion words of several people, the team made a decision.
If the light and fire jewelry has not dropped to 30 thousand before 1 noon on September 1, then they will charge more than this price for these two kinds of strong jewelry.
If it is less than 30 thousand, they will keep these two kinds of strong jewelry at this price.
Yu Bing is a strong jewelry, and they will continue to collect it, but they will not increase their efforts.
But then again, most of the ice-strong jewelry is already in the Tianyu team account warehouse except that the players have opened it and worn it.
Where the original ice is not strong enough, the price of ice jewelry has also risen to 50 thousand
"The strong jewelry market is very different from my original world market, so I can’t estimate the impact of my rebirth," Tianyu sighed.
Today is the last day of the group agreement. As Erxiu said, after noon, they may open the light and fire strong jewelry.
Is Tianyu still unwilling to rise to the most expensive period because of the strong jewelry, at least after half a year, the proportion of game coins will fall, and compared with the previous "stone statue project", "wave", "tiger title", "bone ring business opportunity" and "dragon title", the ratio of large investment and income is not comparable to these previous transactions.
30,000 yuan will be invested to earn 10,000 yuan, and 50,000 yuan will be added. The proportion of game coins will slip for half a year.
Tianyu feels that this business is not very cost-effective due to various factors.
But if the money keeps lying around like this, you will lose money instead of making money.
Think it over, Tianyu, or just take it from them. The big deal is to sell early and earn less 8 to prepare.
Tianyu and Erxiu are now investing 50,000 and 50,000 respectively in the game.
Tianyu has left everything in his hand when it is not needed.
Second whew, I left 50 thousand, which is enough anyway
In this way, the profit ratio between the two will be exactly 1.
"Well, it seems that the light and fire belong to strong jewelry," Tianyu replied typing in the group.
"The strong current is that the mainstream point is strong now, which can increase the damage. These jewelry are full of strong 16, and at least 7 or 8 kinds can be upgraded. It is no wonder that most players have to’ get’ these jewelry. Compared with Perus and 69 ring black pearl, these jewelry are strong, and it is really good to add necklace acceleration and ring crit." Erxiu typed in the group.
"Well, the higher the pile is, the less the income will increase. Even so, it will have to be piled to the dead." Tianyu thought that some people later broke the pile and typed it.
"In fact, it’s not much to compare a strong ring with three enchanted cards, but I know it’s nothing like sex. After all, enchanted cards and jewelry don’t conflict," typed Erxiu.
"Of course, any piece of jewelry can enchant the card, but not all pieces of jewelry are strengthened."
"By the way, because of the Avengers, I bought some dark cards, and I didn’t earn much. On average, one card earned 50 thousand, which added up to only over 30 million. The auction house was really tired." Two xiu thought that she had just finished processing the remaining dark cards and was so nagging in the management group.
"…" There are some words in the sky.
Because now they have a big business opportunity, like this kind of tinkering around the edges, they all throw it directly to the line
30 thousand is just over 1 yuan, which is really not a lot of money in their eyes
Think about it. I used to joke that 1 yuan was enough for a week’s meals. Now, if you want to pay for a week’s meals, you can add an extra ""after this number.
Sure enough, with money, the concept of even elimination has also changed
Tianyu is so daydreaming.