"quit!" Uncle Fred is ambiguous like a monk. "What level is your forging technology now?"

"Uncle Fred, I … can’t forge …" Cheyenne embarrassed tunnel.
"What …"
"Great Anka great god you can’t forge? !”
I’m drinking and chatting, and the good dwarves are indignant. Even Uncle Fred’s face turns red, and he solemnly declares that "I, Fred, the dwarf forging master, will personally teach you forging!"
Listening to the cheers of the crowd, Cheyenne smiled bitterly and refused to say it for a long time, but he dared not say it. After all, the anger of the people had just been very obvious.
Fred directly ordered Anthony to take Cheyenne to his forging room and then he left first.
Dwarves live mostly in low wooden houses, but forging is carried out in a huge forging workshop. It seems that dwarves really regard forging as a very sacred mission.
"Jingle jingle!"
Before he reached the forging workshop, he heard the metal impact ringing in his ears. Anthony was excited in front and took Cheyenne into the forging workshop. He was very respectful and greeted all the blacksmiths all the way. The roadside red fire and bellows twitched together to form a special melody.
"It’s the greatest honor for you to learn forging with Master Field. You must study hard!" The sound of urn gas and broken bellows sounded in Cheyenne’s ear, but it was a dwarf blacksmith with a beard and a bare back. He was sweating by the fire and his dark muscles were like a raised hill. He was holding a huge hammer several times his height.
Cheyenne nodded and answered. Others also expressed their admiration for his ability to learn forging with Master Field.
Master Feder has a separate forging room, which shows his unique status as a forging master. After Anthony sent Cheyenne, he left very reluctantly.
"A member of your great dwarves must learn the great forging of our ancestors or I won’t let you out of the dwarf valley!" Fred quietly looked at the blue fire.
Cheyenne looked firm and Fred nodded yes.
You are taught by the elders of the dwarves, Fred, to acquire surveying skills.
You have been taught by the elder Ferdinand of dwarves to master the forging of dwarves.
What pleased Xia An most about these two skills was that they did not occupy his skill position, but belonged to a special skill category.
Cheyenne was even more delighted when he took a closer look at the introduction of forging. He was no different from the forger, and he was very uninterested. At this time, he realized that he was blind and wrong. This forging was made by a real hammer and furnace. It should be said that it was made!
Cheyenne is really looking forward to it. I wonder which equipment is stronger, the equipment made by this method or the equipment forged by the player’s drawings? to be continued
Chapter One Truck
Dwarf forging is very mysterious and can forge artifacts-of course, it is the dwarves themselves who advocate that Cheyenne will not judge whether it is true or not, but it can also be seen how strong the dwarves have confidence in their forging.
Speaking of forging, it’s not so easy to talk about ordinary surveying. It’s a very profound knowledge to distinguish the ore first and determine the types of forgeable objects according to the different materials of the ore. It can’t be learned in a day or two.
After bringing the rebirth cloak to Dwarf Valley, Cheyenne found that his communication and wire functions were normal, so he took a rest after learning Master Field’s forging.
Cheyenne has been in the game for nearly two days and two nights, which is definitely a record time, because even if the average person keeps recovering from food fatigue, he must have been kicked out of the game because of the persistence of brainwave method. Cheyenne is a reborn person with strong brainwaves, and I don’t know if Cheyenne’s illusion has made slight progress after being soaked in God Blessed Springs.
If others knew Cheyenne’s idea, they would think he was crazy, but he did feel this way. Although the God Blessed Divine Spring was virtual, Cheyenne really felt that he was about to lose his brain wave and was inexplicably stimulated. Even when he was offline, he was not very tired and even hungry!
If this strange thing happened to other people, it would be studied in depth, but for Cheyenne, who has experienced rebirth, the root is not worth it
After eating and drinking enough, Xia Meimei slept and then re-entered the game.
Cheyenne thus stayed in Dwarf Valley to study forging. Master Federer owns all his forging rooms, but now Cheyenne is not qualified to forge and can continuously survey and analyze ores. Cheyenne’s survey has made rapid progress in just a few days, which makes Master Federer very pleased.
On this day, Cheyenne was surveying and analyzing ore, and Master Feder came over. "Stop us from running out of ore. I’ll take you to find a pickaxe first."
Not far from the forging room is the ore storage room. Cheyenne has never been in the master Infield. When he is not allowed to delay, he forges all the minerals he needs and someone specially sends them to his forging room.
At this time, the ore storage room is filled with all kinds of mining tools in a corner. Fred has been looking for it in the corner for a long time, and his eyes are full of excitement. "Master Jie didn’t give you any gifts. I’ll give you this master pick!" This is what Lucas, our master of dwarves, once said! I remember that it is true here! "
"Thank you, master field! Hey, what is that? " Cheyenne pointed to a black curtain that enveloped the monster.
"That’s our dwarves baby-Lu! We forged weapons and got special tools from goblins, but no one can control it! Otherwise, our people will not be so hard to transport heavy ore all day! " Fred sighed.
"Goblin special tools?" Cheyenne thief mind to move a tear open the black curtain in front of him.
A truck! Cheyenne, rub your eyes. Yes! It’s a truck! The survey results also show that the transport vehicle moves at a high speed of 45% and the vehicle is not attacked by monsters.
Reconnaissance can not only analyze minerals, but also monsters and terrain, which is more auxiliary than thief reconnaissance skills.
"This is a great tool!"
Cheyenne jumped out of the car and the truck started. Uncle Fred watched the truck drive out of the hiding room and shouted after the truck. The excitement in the voice was hard to suppress.
It’s already good to be here. The dwarfs opened their eyes and watched the truck stop in front of them. Some of them had seen the truck start again, which made everyone shout.
Trucks regard the rugged canyon as smooth as driving on asphalt. Dwarves talk about it. Anthony and Cheyenne are sitting in the cab, and the wind blows Cheyenne’s hair. It feels cool.
Soon a group of people arrived in the mine hole. Cheyenne entered the mine hole for the first time. Cheyenne started mining for the first time under the guidance of Master Feder. Naturally, the fruit was unsatisfactory. Compared with those mining experts, Cheyenne was simply weak. Finally, Master Feder couldn’t stand it, so he let Cheyenne drive to transport ore specially.
Master Federer delivered several trucks of ore, and they finally enjoyed themselves. With the help of trucks, they dug for several days today. A forging master Federer quickly became addicted to the newly obtained ore and forgot the others.
Cheyenne entered the forum after chatting for a long time. He wanted to search for information about a dark forest. Unexpectedly, he found a player posting.
"First aid! Come in near the dwarf valley in the dark forest! " This post has a lot of views, but most of the respondents are curious about the location of the dark forest
The signer of the post is called breeze and drizzle. He said in the post that a group of them accidentally entered the dark forest and got lost in it. Now they have run out of food and hope that players can help them near the dwarf valley. The date of posting is two hours ago, and finally there is a breeze and drizzle message.
You know, there is a fatigue limit in the game, and different fatigue values can be recovered through food, but this recovery is not unlimited. When it is detected that the player’s brain waves weaken to a certain extent, the player will be forced to kick out of the game directly.
Although you can get meat pieces after killing monsters, you can’t eat food until the chef cooks it. You can also speed up your rest and restore the breeze and drizzle. It seems that these people don’t have a chef, otherwise they won’t end up running out of food.
The breeze and drizzle are in a desperate situation, but they don’t want to leave the dark forest, so they will continue to stay here at the expense of blowing themselves up.
Cheyenne finally met a few players in the dark forest, and naturally he wouldn’t let go. After dialing Qingfeng’s words, the two sides quickly connected.
"hello? And you are? " Although there is fatigue in the sound, it sounds pleasant to the ear
"Oh … I’m a player. I saw your post on the forum. I’m in the dwarf valley now. Where are you?"
"Are you really in the dark forest? Dwarf valley? " The breeze and drizzle are as exciting as the dying man sees the opportunity to live. He said, "We are in the valley at the entrance of the dwarf valley. There are too many strange things for us to get in!"
"There is nothing strange in the dwarf valley!" Cheyenne wondered, "I’ve been in the dwarf valley for several days. Why haven’t I seen a monster?"
"Hey, can you get something to eat for us first? We’ll exchange equipment with you! If you hurry, our horse will starve to death here! " Another thick sound came from the phone.
"Okay, I’ll be right there. You just wait there." Cheyenne recognized that these people had really run out of food and ammunition. They said that their voices were powerful
Cheyenne took a lot of roast meat and high-quality ale from Fred and drove the truck all the way to the dwarf valley. The dwarves waved and shouted when they saw Cheyenne’s truck, just like naughty children saw their favorite toys.
The dwarf village where Cheyenne is located is the closest to the entrance of the dwarf valley. Anthony said that there are many dwarf villages. Their great dwarf king lives in the central hall of the dwarf valley. Cheyenne can see a group of dwarf soldiers patrolling the entrance of the dwarf valley in the distance from the truck. Mambaro is the most powerful dwarf soldier.