Cheyenne touched the hot spring in a state of strong concealment, and then crept into the hot spring, rippling with a circle of ripples, and he was soaked in the hot spring.

You have entered the Celestial Beast God Blessed Spring attribute and gained a face lift!
Cheyenne quickly opened his property panel after hearing the news, and really found that his basic properties were growing slowly, even the fatigue was dropping a little.
This really surprised Cheyenne, but he didn’t forget the situation at this time, swimming gently in the hot spring and approaching the orcs slowly, trying to rob the treasure capsule.
In Cheyenne’s analysis, this orc’s strength is not excellent except for his superb intelligence and extremely fast speed. If it is really like the white ape and the scaly monster, all attempts to bully Cheyenne will be futile.
When Cheyenne was about to approach the orc, the orc suddenly woke up and glared at Cheyenne. The threat in Cheyenne’s eyes was undisguised, and at the same time, he struggled to slide with his flustered limbs, but it was like being caught in a quagmire, and every move was more difficult than that.
Haha, this is God help me too!
Cheyenne jumped at this situation and caught the orcs directly.
The strange language of the orcs shouted that Cheyenne couldn’t understand it and ignored it, but he was hard to get up at this time. How can we take out the hidden treasure bag that the orcs swallowed?
Kill it?
Cheyenne is eager to lift shuriken, but before his weapon falls on the orcs, the spring suddenly imprisons Cheyenne like ice!
What’s the situation?
Cheyenne looked down in horror and found that it wasn’t the spring water that was frozen, but that a spring water was condensed into a huge palm in God’s Divine Spring, and Cheyenne was firmly held in the huge palm, and then he was lifted to the middle by the huge palm a little bit, and a thick arm and then a shoulder were leaned out of the spring water …
The steaming hot spring water seems to have been manipulated by mysterious forces and gradually formed a humanoid shape, which was caught by Cheyenne. After leaving the hot spring, the orcs seemed to regain their mobility and "sou" escaped Cheyenne’s control.
Nearly permeable to spring water, the giant is 10 meters tall, and his limbs are all human. His head is a blue water polo with spring water gurgling and flowing sweetly.
Chapter 17 Elite Prisoner Camp
Orcs are already weird, but this spring incarnate giant is even weirder.
"How dare you, human being, to trespass on the holy land of our beast tribe!" Cheyenne, the fountain giant, drank a lot and understood its language!
It’s a pity that Cheyenne didn’t have time to argue that the spring giant severely smashed Cheyenne to the ground, which didn’t kill Cheyenne, but he hasn’t come to be happy yet. Four or five figures whizzed up around him. When Cheyenne saw the newcomer, he was like falling down and icehouse was cold.
Suddenly there are five figures. They are all orcs!
One of these new orcs is a human head, and the rest of the animals are all animal heads. The human head and the animal body are half-orcs, with beards and middle-aged horses with hooves at the waist. It looks like the human body has been grafted to the horse body and the animal head. The size of the orcs is a little different from that of ordinary humans, but anyone who changes his head into the animal form has a sense of disobedience.
As the centaur waved his weapon, the other four orcs surrounded Cheyenne before waiting for Cheyenne to dodge the spring. The giant opened his mouth and spit out a column of water, which directly poured Cheyenne out.
When Cheyenne woke up again, the air was full of rot, dampness and mildew.
This is a dungeon, wet and cold, and it seeps into the body a little bit. Thin straw is spread on the ground, and some unknown bugs are drilling around.
Sitting up and looking around, Cheyenne found that he was wearing a white underpants. Everything and equipment in the package were stripped of his skills and attributes, and the column was gloomy, which was obviously sealed.
There are many iron bars in the dungeon where Cheyenne is imprisoned, which form a small room through the iron bars. The prison rooms are neatly arranged on both sides of the passage. There is a small air outlet every two cells, and there is a 10 cm square air outlet facing Cheyenne’s cell. That’s where the weak light comes in.
"Hey, new guy, what’s your name?" Xia Anshun looked at the sound. It was a very thin man talking in the cell opposite him. The light in the cell between Xia An and this man was the best, but the other side was huddled in the corner. Xia An Gen couldn’t see his face clearly.
"My name is Zunbao. Where is this?"
Cheyenne looked at the other cells on both sides of the cell, and the line of sight was even worse. He could vaguely see a figure sitting or lying in it.
"Don’t you see? Cell! " The skinny man across the street said, "Welcome to the death prison. My name is …"
"His name is small horn talk the most! Hello, my name is Fansel, "said Cheyenne jokingly from the prison on the left. By the faint light, Cheyenne saw that it was a rather fat body, and he was about twenty years old."
"You dead fat pig will teach you a lesson when you go out later," the trumpet growled at a pair of Cheyenne and explained. "My name is Bannock. If you have any questions, please ask me. If I don’t know this prison, no one will know."
"Oh, the trumpet has opened the lecture hall?" The figure on the left side of Bannock smiled brightly and said, "My name is Hoover."
"Ahem ….." Hoover’s voice just fell and Bannock lay still on the right side. The man suddenly coughed violently, which made people feel very worried.
Hoover moved through Bannock prison and asked, "Hladii, are you okay?"
Van Selma also earnestly asked Hladii.
"What are you fussing about? Don’t you know that his cough is a clock? It’s close to our yard again … "Bannock’s sympathetic tunnel.
Hladii finally stopped coughing and said weakly, "Hoover, I’m fine."
"Are you really all right?" Van Selma’s fat body also moved. "Hladii, your cough seems to be getting worse."
"It’s the same old problem. Don’t worry," Hladii said with a smile. "Hello, my name is Hladii."
"Hello, everyone," said Cheyenne, who was about to get up. "If you want to die, just get up."
"Can’t you move?" Cheyenne’s figure couldn’t help but turn to the right prison and ask in surprise, "What can’t move?"
"Tusk, can you die without being cool?" Bannock scolded the people in Cheyenne’s cell on the right. "Isn’t it just handsome?" Does Shuai Neng eat as a meal? Still not squatting in the death prison. "
Hoover explained to Cheyenne, "Do you see that gray leaf grass in the corner? They fed us a poison, and that plant of gray leaf grass can suppress the poison. Once it is far away, it will be poisoned. Everyone will try to stay next to the gray leaf grass and cause toxicity. You see how much Bannock cherishes his life and leans against the gray leaf grass. Haha … "
Xia Anshun pointed Hoover’s finger in the direction and saw a gray-green plant with three leaves in the corner. It looked very strange with brown pockmarks on its surface.
"The leaves of the gray-leaf grass can help us fight poison. Picking a leaf every day when we are outdoors can last for a quarter of an hour, but after a quarter of an hour, we must return to the cell or we will die of poisoning," Hladii said weakly. "Every other day, the gray-leaf grass will grow a new leaf, and we will make it again."
"Hoover, don’t you just say that I’m afraid of death? If you’re not afraid of death, go out and fuck them!" Bannock scold a way
"I’m not afraid of death, but I don’t want to die." Fansel turned over and asked Cheyenne curiously. "What did you get caught in?"
"I don’t even know myself," Cheyenne spread her hand. "I don’t even know who the other person is, and what are you arrested for?"
Everyone was silent, even Bannock, who talked the most, stopped talking.
Cheyenne’s line of sight is limited to the five rooms closest to him. On his right is Cool Gosk, on his left is Fat Fansel, on the opposite side is Bannock, on the right side is Hladii, and on the left side is Hoover. By the dim light, all five people are stiff and tight at this time.
"I won 100 games in a row in the Colosseum, and an orc asked me to work for him. I didn’t agree to kill the first batch of people who arrested me, and the second batch came again … I don’t know how many I killed, and I was finally injured and caught in," Tusk said flatly.
Awesome! Cheyenne couldn’t help but look at Tusk. So many people can kill each other on their own. The strength is absolutely amazing!
"I’m a soldier of the king …" Hoover said that the title of the soldier of the king is based on the evolution value. It’s definitely not an easy task to evolve to the soldier of the king. Anyway, what Cheyenne knew in the past life is countless.
Others introduced Cheyenne in succession, and it was understood that these people were all super elites before, but they didn’t know that they would be caught by people in various ways. According to Bannock, the rest of them were also powerful masters in human beings.
"Do you know who brought us here?"
"They claim to be day orcs are half-man, half-beast, disgusting monsters. Although I don’t know what they brought us in, there is definitely a huge conspiracy hidden in it! We can’t just sit back and wait. We must inform the human beings in the major cities about the situation here! " Hooversink said
You triggered the "secret of the beast". Do you accept it?