Chapter 55 The Devil

"The field of absolute prohibition of natural energy" This looks like Wang Gang’s heartbeat is slower than ecstasy. Individuals who don’t have energy in the field of absolute prohibition of natural energy will be controlled by the field of absolute prohibition of energy to absorb all energy parts of their bodies.
The last time Wang Gang saw it was when the heavens and the earth were not opened. At that time, a famous demon Lord was completely lost because of curiosity, and never appeared again.
"It is no wonder that there is a feeling more familiar than looking at it. It turned out that the absolutely forbidden field of energy turned into a void." Wang Gang kept on walking, and the world barrier was opened by him and finally stood outside the land where the gods fell
The feeling of palpitation suddenly appeared in Wang Gang’s mind, and he was about to step out. The pace suddenly stopped in the middle, from a powerful field in the absolute prohibition of energy to imagination suddenly appeared in front of Wang Gang.
The dark scales are as high as hundreds of millions of miles. The body number of gods’ eyes emits scarlet light and cracks in the virtual space. The five huge eyes are bigger than the xi he sun star, just like the roar of a beast from the huge body. The surrounding area can’t bear the horrible shock. The ripples appear in the virtual space like water waves, which makes everything in the trillion-mile range smash.
"The devil’s friend didn’t expect you to be alive." Wang Gang’s face was full of surprise because the monster in front of him was in the field of absolute prohibition of energy. Wang Gang’s absolute prohibition of energy was better than the overbearing power being caught in it, and the ghost could live to Pangu Kaitian.
"Old centipede you didn’t die? !” There is also a sense of surprise and anger in the sound of ghosts and gods. In the first place, there was a trace of deification, and the demon Lord appeared in the vast mainland. In the end, Wang Gang led the monks to completely kill him. When he saw a trace of deification, Wang Gang appeared and he was not angry.
"You are not dead, how can I die? And many Taoist friends died in the disaster of congenital ghosts and gods, but now they are getting up again, but there are also many." Wang Gang’s eyes are full of coldness
Born in chaos, congenital ghosts and gods are all legal generations. Like Wang Gang, although they were hacked with an axe, they left a trace of true spirit reincarnation. If these people appeared in the original world, the consequences Wang Gangfa imagined.
Wang Gang got the chance to integrate the jade dish and completely put all the experiences in chaos. After a few hours, the chaotic attribute brought by birth was finally worn away, and it was not controlled by the chaotic attribute, but other gods and demons could not give up their power source.
Chaos attribute forms the innate spirit and spirit, and it is also the source of the innate power.
"Old centipede, when I was a little obsessed with the devil, I fought for hegemony in the wild world. In the end, you didn’t care about my feelings and completely killed my little obsession. Today, you appeared in front of me, which is karma."
"Yes, it’s really retribution, Lord. I thought that you were in the last trace. I didn’t expect you to linger until today. The so-called retribution is the retribution of the creatures who died in your magic work." Wang Gangyin reached out and pointed at the body of the Lord more coldly than the Lord.
Chen Yiming, who is still practicing robbery on the earth, was dragged into the void by Wang Gang. "Chen Yiming’s robbery will be opened by you, the robber, and it will eventually be in your hands. Shouldn’t it be destroyed in the Ministry?"
"It’s a master!" Chen Yiming got up and his eyes were gray robbery capacity. In his eyes, he took a deep breath and took a wave of his hand. He flew from the earth with murderous sword light that could destroy the world, and surrounded the demon Lord’s horrible body to the extreme.
Once again, the hand gently lurks in the magic subject, and the amount of robbery is directly motivated by Chen Yiming.
"Don’t say that the old centipede is a weak creature born in this world, even you and I can always kill it." The demon Lord’s body is monstrous and monstrous, and it pours out to cover heaven and cause and effect, destroying the world again. "In those days, you could kill me because I was in the absolutely forbidden field of refining energy. Today, the absolutely forbidden field of energy has become a part of my body. Don’t say that even Pangu has to kneel for mercy in front of me."
"The devil energy absolutely forbidden field you are this kind of stuff you can refining success method? When Pangu tried to refine, he was finally disappointed to leave. "Wang Gang sneered and smiled at the absolute forbidden field of energy behind the devil."
Terror suction emerges from the field of absolute prohibition of energy. Although both the demon Lord and Chen Yiming can lock the energy in the body, they can no longer release a spell. Even the murderous look and ShaQi of Chen Yiming’s four swords have disappeared instantly, leaving the dark robbery capacity in it.
"What’s another example? Although I haven’t completely refined and succeeded in the field of absolute prohibition of energy, thousands of worlds can walk away in the field of absolute prohibition of energy. There is my demon Lord, and your mobility is limited in the field of absolute prohibition of energy. In the field of absolute prohibition of energy, my hand will inevitably become a ghost." The demon Lord’s body was madly reduced after being inspired by Wang Gang, and finally became a big man in a black robe.
With a smug face, he walked towards Lixu Chen Yiming step by step. "Old centipede, wait for me to kill him first, and then we will calculate our cause and effect."
"You don’t have that chance!" Chen Yiming cold hum a stand in the virtual body in the devil can’t believe his eyes, step by step, he walked quickly towards the devil, and his body was completely doomed. Chen Yiming was facing the scattered four swords, one finger and four swords, and formed the array of the whole fairy sword in the virtual.
"How is it possible! ! It is absolutely impossible to move energy in the field of absolute prohibition of energy! " The demon Lord saw that Chen Yiming had moved his ability. He was alive before the whole world was opened up. The monster had an incredible face and believed it
"You don’t know there are many things!" Chen Yiming’s face of murder completely disappeared, but he became more and more angry in the air, which made the Lord suddenly feel more than palpitation.
"Heaven and earth rob the gods" Chen Yiming’s tone is calmer than that, but with his voice falling, the four swords release the amount of robbery gas. In the robbery gas, many dissenters go against the sky and slaughter the six saints to obliterate heaven and man. At that time, when all people’s strength was unified and crossed, the river turned into the purest blow, and the demon master did not destroy the demon body.
"Impossible! This is a force of the times. How can you come out … "The demon Lord saw the protruding mouth spit out gray blood in a crazy way, but his body was not damaged in this move. To be continued.
Chapter 56 Earth-changing flood
But his soul completely collapsed at this blow, and he just said half of his words. The magic body quickly recovered to a height of hundreds of millions of miles and collapsed in the virtual body, and the gas robbing department was absorbed by Chen Yiming.
"Even the ants dare to comment on my strength when they haven’t reached the realm of saints." Chen Yiming coldly took back four extreme killing swords and bent down at Wang Gang. "Thank you, Master, for teaching me that I can survive the shortest catastrophe and mobilize the power of the immortal robbery."
"It’s true that you have been on the right path, and killing and robbing gas will naturally transfer to you, but besides robbing gas, people who died in your hands are also inherited by you at the same time. It’s still an old saying that a firm heart and a clear heart can make it out of a big robbery. Go home!" Wang Gang nodded with satisfaction and did not forget to give directions to Chen Yiming’s practice.
That little sentient force was pushed out of the realm of supernatural power by Wang Gang, and the world was shrinking, and finally it became a projectile. Wang Gang held it in his hand, waved a hand at the magic body, and a hair was shrinking faster than the earth’s big magic body, and finally it fell into the realm of supernatural power and disappeared.
Wang Gang’s eyes flashed a golden light, and his hand was pointing at the void. He grabbed a dark stone like a cosmic membrane tire, and several purple gases jumped slowly from the ripples. Chen Yiming was surprised and said, "This is the foundation of heaven and earth’s natural purple gas sanctification! How is it possible that the number is more than 10,000? "
If you get one piece of natural purple gas, you can achieve the fruit position of saints. At the beginning of the world, there were only 18 pieces, of which 49 were the rules of heaven and earth operation, and only 9 were the magic weapons of natural weapons that practitioners could use.
In front of the dark stones, there were more than 10 thousand, which almost made Chen Yiming’s eyes pop out of her eyes.
"Idiot what you turn a blind eye to really good things? On the contrary, I was so surprised at the purple gas that made the practitioner crash into nature. "Wang Gang smiled and the purple gas in the dark stones was trapped in the hands of Wang Gang by all living forces. This was against the dark stones, and I couldn’t believe it. Chen Yiming said," The purple gas in nature contains the laws of heaven, but it is trapped by this dark stone. "
Wang Gang said that Chen Yiming immediately came here in vain, but he looked at a dark stone carefully but found no doubt on his face after he had deliberately placed it. "What is this stone, master?" Even the purple gas of nature is trapped in it, how can it escape? "
"The dark stone in your eyes is the essence of chaos. If this stone evolves into a world, it will not be worse than the wild. However, because all the energy has not been successfully developed, there are so many purple gases in it." At this time, Wang Gang has been sitting on the stone and it has been unfavorable for all beings to change the shape of the stone at an extreme speed.
If you want to turn the stone into Wang Gang’s heart, Wang Gang estimates that it is absolutely impossible to pat the stone lightly without a quantity of robbery. Wang Gang said with a wry smile, "If you can’t do anything with the quantity of robbery, I can turn you back into chaos again and add it to the original world."
But I didn’t expect that it was just a small but immortal breath in the stone, and the shape of the stone changed rapidly according to Wang Gang’s mind
The huge millstone consists of stones. When the millstone rotates slowly around it, it is instantly absorbed by the big millstone, and a little purple light falls to Wang Gangshen.
Even if it is difficult to rise, the force of all beings will gradually grow stronger in that purple light. Wang Gang’s face will show ecstasy and the mill will be reduced to the size of a fist. "I will add more strength to suppress this chaotic artifact after the robbery, and then rob the chaotic millstone. This is my real enlightenment instrument!"
Pointing at Chen Yiming, all the forces of Chen Yiming were completely closed by Wang Gang, and powerful in the body, such as Chen Yiming’s inability to resist, was thrown into the grinding disc of chaos by Wang Gang.
In Wang Gang’s control of the mill, Chen Yiming was released from the millstone after only turning a circle, and his face became more ecstatic. "My body is causal?"
"That’s right, chaotic millstones can erase causality even in the world and chaos, and they can’t carry the horror of chaotic millstones." Chen Yiming’s causal purple light spot fell on Chen Yiming’s body, which made him rob the transportation capacity ten times more powerful.
"Go!" Wang Gang and Chen Yiming disappeared and appeared in the earth at the same time.
Measuring the amount of robbery will fill the whole day with madness, no matter what kind of world you hide in, people will naturally appear in other people if they have cause and effect, and so will ordinary people and saints.
Blood clouds floating in the sky, horror blood rain falling from the sky, dyed the whole world scarlet with horror.
"The catastrophe has been opened" This is the first time that heaven and earth died in the catastrophe. It is a sign of great power, blood and rain. A chaotic firm but gentle suddenly gushed out from the two levels of the earth, tearing heaven and earth apart at the same time.
The earth was rocked and red magma spewed in the shape of a ball with a height of 10,000 meters. The earth was slowly stretched into a flat plate like crazy pulling and tearing, and the sea was quickly torn open, but it was calmer than not leaking any seawater from the mainland.
Holding a big sail in his hand, Jiang Debing walked step by step from the ground to Wang Gang with a happy face, but his momentum became stronger and stronger. Finally, he stopped at the peak of Yasheng. "I get it, master!"