Ji Tian consciously felt a little indefensible. She turned her eyes round. "That, that I want to take notes! I didn’t also give you the prize I won in the performance! Brother, am I very good to you? "

"That’s because the prize is that you don’t like watching …"
Ji Chang said and touched his sister’s head. "But thank you, brother."
Xu Meng looked at Ji Chang and thought that there would be such a gentle boy in the world.
She thinks that her father is like a piece of iron, but Ji Chang’s brother is like a piece of jade.
How nice!
Xu Meng smiled, "Brother Ji Chang, I will work hard!"
A few days later, Ji Shu was busy bidding for a new commercial building project. Xu Gang suddenly knocked on her office door.
"What’s the matter?"
Ji Shu recognized something unusual from his shortness of knocking at the door.
"There is news!"
Xu Gang cannot hide his excitement.
"What news?"
"Luo Qianqian’s husband Kimmy was finally caught by us this time!"
Ji Shu was busy letting go of the file and the pen in his hand turned in circles, showing her excitement.
"This time, I found all the people I know and finally learned that Kimmy joined a transportation team. They specialize in running the northwest route."
Xu Gang’s urgency is a bit extreme.
"It is on this road in a village in the northwest that this guy has a little wife and children! We found out the address of this little wife and said that Kimmy would visit her every half month. "
The document in Jishu’s hand was crumpled.
"damn it"
"It is said that in three days, Kimmy will go to see the little wife. This time, I am going to personally take Luo Qianqian’s big sister to catch him! I didn’t do a good job before, and I’ll do it this time! "
JiShu cold face laughs at a "sex? Cheap him and go to jail for me! "
You have something to say.
Ji Shu, do something important first! Why don’t you take out the ring first?
Mo Kuang-feng is nervous. Send an earring first to enliven the atmosphere.
The waiter hit it!
People can watch it without paying! It’s beautiful!
Chapter 7 Chapter 7
"In jail?"
Xu Gang some surprise, open your mouth and stare big eyes.
He wanted to think or said to Jishu, "Boss Ji, alas, these days, some men make money and go out to keep mistresses and little wives, but they have never heard of going to jail like this …"
He scratched his head as if he were embarrassed.
After all, Xu Gang is also a man, and he knows all about the nasty things in some men’s hearts.
The red flag at home does not fall, and the colorful flags are fluttering outside. Many small bosses who have made a fortune like this one.
He has been working on the project for so long, and so many people have seen it. His heart has long been determined never to let Xu Meng find a businessman, especially not an outbreak.
It would be best if we could find someone like Mo Kuangfeng. He drifted away for a moment and quickly pulled himself back.
"Not necessarily now," said Ji Shu.
Xu Gang is full of confusion.
"How, how different?"
Of course, it will be different afterwards.
Ji Shu remembers reading a report.
It was reported that a man committed bigamy and was sentenced to prison for years.
The news comment area is full of clapping your hands and saying that love rat should go to jail for cheating!
She remembers clearly that if a spouse lives together with another person in the name of husband and wife, he may be convicted of bigamy.
Unfortunately, this legal provision has not yet been introduced.