Only in this way can they find an excellent opportunity to fight back and let Yubofa succeed!

It’s not that they can’t bear to part with this day, but because if the four countries are really turned upside down by Yubo, not only the people of all countries will be peaceful, but even their dusty palace will never be able to live in a safe place!
What’s more, he is bound to be implicated in the war of the third place!
And this is the last thing Su Ling wants to see!
She is tired of cheating and tired of the present world. If there is an opportunity, she hopes to stay away from the disturbing court after solving everything!
She has a mother, a father, a husband and children, and she will live a good life wherever she is!
I have to say that Yubo really touched her lamella this time!
And he did choose the stupidest way, that is, her enemy!
I wonder how Yubo would feel if he knew that she now holds more wealth than that treasure!
She never cared about the treasure. She must crush Yubo’s ambition completely!
Otherwise the treasure will be in one day, then this day will never be peaceful!
And the mother identity will become an outsider’s criticism and omission!
"Ah, I said what’s wrong with you two? Why are you all sulking? If you want to do something, it’s not easy for you to rely on those martial arts heroes behind you.
Besides, what happened on Pearl Island? Not only did you dig someone’s grave, but now you bring the sick man to the boat. What’s all this? "
Yue Liuhua came up from the side of the ship’s rail, and he said somewhat ironic as he walked, which led Su Ling and Huang Lao to stare at him with sharp eyes!
A little while later, Huang Lao’s thin lips were cold and his eyes were deep, and he looked down at the moon. "Let them gather in Kyoto by your order!"
Words fall burn old again coldly glanced at Liu Hua and then took Su Ling to the other side of the sailboat!
This month, Liu Hua is white. He can’t talk!
Because whenever he opens his mouth, he will be able to burn the old man and give him a chance!
What scrambled eggs!
Want to cry on China at this time in situ stupidly, and then a sea breeze blew away his emotions and lifted up his eyes and looked at the burning old and Su Ling sticking together all day. My heart was almost vomiting!
Why do they love each other and become errands themselves? !
He’s the double Lord of Biancheng!
Why has he had the illusion of being used as a handyman since he left Biancheng? !
Well, it must be an illusion!
It’s really painful to cross a tight rhythm!
Zhang Wuyi took away heavy hair and two hairs in May!
Five days later
Su Ling, Huang Lao, etc. all the way back to Qi Chu from Qingguo!
Day and night on the road, I finally returned to Wangfu after five days!
At this time, many people in the line came back from travel-stained and stayed in Wangfu all the time. When they heard the news, they rushed out to meet them!
"Princess Sanye!"
At noon, Su Ling and Huang Lao heard the call of drunkenness when they came from a simple and simple carriage!
Two people raised eyebrows at the same time, so he saw his face look obscure, and they came quickly without saying anything!
However, after they stepped into the palace, they were drunk and turned back to Yushu and others, punching and greeting. In a flash, Guo Yu saw a black robe, unable to see the face, ghost face and coquetry behavior.
If the ghost face makes Zuiqing curious, then the appearance of Moon Flow China is enough to make Zuiqing stunned on the spot!
He gaped at Liu Hua’s brain, which was in a dead state!
This girl … How beautiful!
"Hey, what are you looking at!"