Even the Western Tunamu Pass family is just now in Yelang country, but they dare not move. Cather is not as arrogant as Henry. He knows that it is really an unusual moment in front of him, although he is worried about his own hatred. He still’ gets’ and doesn’t know whether this is because of his massive entry into Yelang country, which leads to these forces. Now he is afraid to make a move.

Lin Sheng hid himself in his own forest house, but he was wrong. Just two days later, the remnant sword’ door’ was long and he took the initiative to find the’ door’ to request World War I! Lin Sheng didn’t even think about it, but refused him. He didn’t have such a good’ essence’ to do these things. Now the situation is surging, but he hasn’t figured out the situation yet. He doesn’t want to’ show’ his strength before. After all, if Chen Shuichang is defeated by fear in this way, there will be more people to challenge him, and he will even be difficult to settle down.
Chen Shuichang, as Lin Sheng saw in those days, was as indifferent as a knife, with no expression on his face. It seemed that the whole world owed him tens of thousands of lingbi and didn’t pay him back. The black gown was faintly stirred by the wind, and it was already able to see that the outline of his strong muscles was full of explosive’ sex’ power. Although the expression was as indifferent as it was, it was much more mature than when Lin Sheng met in the Young Masters. A sweep of Lin Sheng’s knowledge showed that he was really a breakthrough. It’s the King Wu’s period, but I don’t think he is very familiar with the operation of Qi. It should be just recently that he has just advanced to the King Wu’s period. At that time, he was seriously injured against Duan, and was finally sentenced to a draw. Lin Sheng lost to Liu Ran’s hand because of Cher’s incident, which made Liu Ran take advantage of it in vain. Finally, he was seriously injured. However, when he returned to the remnant sword school, he was the bodhi old zu of the remnant sword school. After the fusion of an iron sword, the cultivation speed was greatly increased. At that time, It has only recently broken through the two, but Duan Jia’s achievement method is a typical slow-heating type, and it will gradually accelerate after practicing in Wuling. Now it is too early to say that Duan is not as long as Chen Shui, but now it is undoubtedly a long way from temporary repair, but it is a long way from Wu Wang period and a long way from Wu Ling period.
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[29] provocation
? "You really didn’t let me down. A year ago, I knew it wasn’t your real strength. You Liu Ran must have had a shady game. At that time, I was still sad, so there was no chance for a real opponent to fight. Here comes the chance!" Chen Shuichang’s indifferent face’ color’ at this moment showed a face of fanaticism as if he were born of war. He said that fighting was the only thing that could arouse his heart’s long-cherished fanaticism. At this moment, the whole person’s momentum has also climbed to a very high level, and the whole body is full of red’ color’ qi, which has made all the willow leaves in the courtyard fall. Just now, it is close to Chen Shuichang’s side. All the range is burning and falling to the ground, but it is just ashes. The fire is really crazy. To the extreme, Lin Shengti also has fire’ sex’ qi, but Lin Shengti has green’ color’ and wood’ sex’ qi balance, but he doesn’t show such power at ordinary times
Looking at the sudden rise of momentum, there is a dignified look in Chang Lin Sheng’s eyes. This guy is really a fighting madman. It is amazing to have our enemy’s momentum. In the face of the other party’s constant provocation, Lin Sheng is a little unable to suppress his own body’s qi riots and want to fight with each other. But the reason is to tell him that he can’t fight the Lins. At this time, it is very difficult to have it. If Lin Sheng really behaves too prominently, it will inevitably lead to some big forces. Now Lin Sheng has it. The longevity palace invited other forces to dare not touch him when he arrived in Wusheng territory, but they dared to make moves on their own family. When the time comes, their family will not have the strong deterrent of Wusheng, and they are afraid that men will be overwhelmed. Besides, even if these forces don’t pay attention to the Lins, the younger generation will be crazy to challenge themselves, and they will even be sad for a few more days.
"I said I wouldn’t fight alone." Lin Sheng suppressed the enthusiasm in his heart and said flatly. In fact, at this time, his heart has also been provoked by Chen Shuichang, but it was forced by his reason.
"I said that if I want to fight, I will never give up. Today, you have to fight or not!" Chen Shui-chang’s tone doesn’t matter. It seems that it’s really very true here. What he said is that the voice just fell and the figure is shaking and blinking and has disappeared in the original place. Chen Shui-chang’s figure is a pair of powerful kicking legs that have appeared behind Lin Sheng. At this time, it’s already’ cross’ and forked into scissors and cut it towards Lin Sheng’s neck.
Lin Sheng shook his head. Today is an eye-opener. Even the duel is forced to "force" to see Chen Shui-chang’s kicking "leg" behind him. If he doesn’t leave Lin Sheng’s neck, he is afraid that he will be cut off by Chen Shui-chang, but there is no "leg" department that can withstand such a blow. Chen Shui-chang firmly believes that Lin Sheng won’t be so indifferent and strangled. He just wants to "force" Lin Sheng to start work and meet him easily. Knowing the strength of his opponent, he won’t give up cutting his legs so easily, and the wind "waves" have already shaken the whole piece. If it weren’t for the solid and ordinary houses built by Lin Sheng’s mansion, even the houses would have collapsed. Maybe a "leg" might have been so powerful. I can see that Lin Sheng has made great progress this year, and he has made so many opportunities. I want to make today’s achievements, and there are no fewer opportunities for this long time. Otherwise, it is impossible to break through this point in such a short time. If Lin Sheng has stayed all the time.
Scissors-shaped double legs are twisted around Lin Sheng’s neck. Chen Shuichang is wondering that the other person didn’t move. Is he really unwilling to fight a duel by himself even if he dies? Although doubt’ confused’, but force to attack at this time if you want to take back this is already kicked out, you can’t come. One is kicked out, but then Chen Shuichang is in vain. If there is any trace of Lin Sheng there, the scope of strangulation of double’ legs’ is also there! Just now, that Lin Shengying was crashing and breaking, and it turned out to be the ghosting Chen Shuichang’s mouth cracked with a smile. There was the other side moving, but he didn’t see clearly that he regarded the ghosting as a person’s opponent. It seems that this time it was interesting. Chen Shuichang missed Ma Fei and retreated Lin Sheng’s figure, and it was already reappearing in front of Chen Shuichang. It was indeed the posture of Tianlong Step, and it was extremely familiar with Lin Sheng’s posture, and the speed was much faster than before.
"Do you really want to fight?" Lin Sheng semi-suspended in the finish on their own reiki control of heaven and earth floating there tone insipid asked
"Yes, I absolutely forbid such a good opponent to miss it!" Chen Shuichang’s fighting spirit is high, and his feet are also floating when he stands up. In the Wu King period, fighters also have a preliminary control over the aura of heaven and earth, and they can use it to make themselves fly suspended. This is a great breakthrough in the cultivation level, so flying suspended without relying on foreign objects is much better than flying with the magic weapon of the spirit weapon. After all, flying with the magic weapon and the spirit weapon is easy to be interrupted by the other party. If you are not careful, you will fall directly from the middle school.
"Then you need to promise me one condition, or I won’t fight you."
"What are the conditions after the war! Everything is easy to discuss after the war! " Chen Shui Chang doesn’t care, saying that at this time, he has been completely carried away by the high fighting spirit of the body. There is still a state of mind to talk to Lin Sheng about what conditions. After that, the surge of true qi is to prepare to fly again and win over Lin.
"slow!" Lin Shengyi motioning with his hand, but Chen Shuichang has already moved his roots, but he just doesn’t say anything about Lin Shengnai. He has to disappear in the same place again through the posture of Tianlong. This time, Chen Shuichang didn’t fly impulsively again like this time, but stopped living.
"no! I won’t fight you today unless you promise me! " Lin Sheng’s tone is full of affirmation. From the tone, Chen Shuichang means that there is no room for manoeuvre in the tone.
"What are the conditions?" Chen Shui-chang’s patience is exhausted. He asked Lin Sheng, who kept escaping by taking advantage of his posture, because he didn’t fight. He was very upset and couldn’t help stopping and staring at Lin Sheng.
"If the result of this battle is confidential, you can’t say that you have fought with me!" Lin Sheng said that the conditions are surprisingly simple. What harsh conditions are there for Chen Shuichang? It turned out that such a condition was immediately ignored. Actually, Lin Sheng also had no choice. In his heart, he actually wanted to meet the most outstanding brother of this remnant sword’ door’ for a while. It was almost impossible to suppress his fighting spirit. He just thought of such a way to fight with Chen Shuichang and at the same time didn’t want to bring trouble to his later life.
At this time, the boatswain readily promised to come to Lin Sheng. He didn’t look back and worry about his fighting spirit, and he didn’t add any suppression. It was soaring directly, and it was even higher than just Chen Shuichang’s fighting spirit. At this time, the flowers in the four seasons in the courtyard were all withered by Lin Sheng’s high fighting spirit. Chen Shuichang felt the pressure before, but his heart was a little afraid, but the fighting spirit was even higher. He vowed to compete with Lin Sheng!
"The terrain here is too narrow. Let’s go to the back hill!" Lin Sheng said that he didn’t look back, but turned to fly over to the back of the forest house. The back of the forest house is a huge forest. I don’t know whether it is natural or artificial, but if it is artificially planted, it will take some years. It is impossible to grow into such a small courtyard without a history of two or three hundred years. Lin Sheng is worried about destroying his manor. He is even more afraid that the fighting situation will be seen by others. When the time comes, all the kung fu will be white and the back of the mountain will be a tree. Lin has a vast terrain, and he is not worried that his courtyard will be destroyed, and he is not worried that the two men will be seen out in the battle. All three sides of this forest are connected to the original forest, and one side is connected to the forest house and the back hill. At ordinary times, it is rare to see a person for hundreds of miles, but it is an excellent place to duel.
The breeze rustled through the branches of the Lins’ giant trees, and the rustling dead leaves were almost the same at this time. Except for some pines and cypresses, the yellow leaves on the other trees were almost the same, but occasionally two or three fallen leaves refused to leave the huge trunk that raised them. But in the end, they could not resist the cold wind. Slowly, two or three dead leaves drifted away with the wind …
The ground is already covered with a thick layer of fallen leaves, which have long been dried by the cold wind. People are crunching on the surface, but there is no sound when Lin Sheng and Chen Shui are standing on the surface. Both of them have reached Wu Wangxiu’s control over the aura of heaven and earth, and they are able to control their feet, which are both against the ground and will not crush these dead leaves because of their own weight.
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[3] Peak Battle
? The two men stood in a giant wooden eye and looked at each other with enthusiasm. Both sides can be described as outstanding representatives of the younger generation. At this time, when they meet, the peak war of the younger generation will surely break out!
"Please!" The true qi of each of them is like a rising tide on the coast. At that time, the turbulent true qi of Lin Sheng, one green and one red, is diffused on the surface of their bodies. Two true qi bursts from their hands, and each hand holds a true qi chain. The two true qi chains are held by Lin Sheng as two colorful chains.
"Double’ sex’ true qi? !” When Chen Shuichang saw the formation of two color chains in Lin Sheng’s hands, there was a bit of surprise immediately, and then it turned into a dignified double-genus’ sex’ qi with amazing power. He also heard about it among the elders, but that was mostly just talk. The root was that he had never seen a real person, but at this time he actually saw a real person. Lin Sheng was a double-genus’ sex’ qi, which really surprised him.
Chen Shui-chang’s fire is full of red’ color’ and the true qi escapes at this time, which is directly gathered into a red’ color’ sword in his hands. The curled flame on the surface of the sword is already burning. If he hadn’t controlled the flame and let it burn within one meter around him, I’m afraid the dead leaves in the Woods would have burned early.
Lin Sheng waved two color chains with both hands, which is very beautiful. The red color chain in his left hand was already sold out and attacked Chen Shuichang at a sharp angle. The red color long sword in Chen Shuichang’s hand was cut in the red color chain with a wave of his sword. Because both of them belong to the red color chain, the competition is based on the proficiency and intensity of the’ fuck’. A collision between the long sword and the color chain of the true qi is like a little bit of Mars. The dead leaves inside have long been air-dried. At this time, when touched by these little sparks, they will burn up. One is to ignite the smoke and flame. The color of Lin Shengyan’s eyes is to burn up in situ with a wave of his hand. After the dead leaves are swept away, all the ignited flames are extinguished.
This time, the original qi sword and color chain have been completely smashed. The first temptation attack was actually a close fight, but Lin Sheng should still be slightly better. He is still holding a green’ color’ color chain in his hand and has not attacked it. If Lin Sheng just finished attacking these two color chains, then the situation is not close at this time. It is very likely that the first temptation is that Chen Shuichang’s defeat is over.
"Sure enough, there are some ways to try my broken sword!" Through such a test, Chen Shuichang has got a preliminary estimate of Lin Sheng’s strength. He has made sure that the other party is qualified to do his best in World War I, and immediately stopped hesitating. He just sacrificed his life weapon, the remnant sword. This sword is quite well-known, but he found it in an ancient hole in the self-mutilation sword’ door’ and said that the ancient hole used to be a practice place for the remnant sword’ door’ to repair advanced doyen, and this remnant sword was probably made by that doyen in those years.
As soon as the remnant sword came out, the momentum of the whole person was rising sharply, and Lin Sheng’s pressure was multiplied. This remnant sword formed a firm but gentle wave, which had already had a certain influence on Lin Sheng. Lin Sheng immediately stopped hesitating to move and was covered in snow-white remnant snow sword, which appeared in Lin Sheng’s hands. Facing the remnant sword in the opposite hand, Chen Shui-chang defied the remnant snow sword and quickly formed a firm but gentle film around Lin Sheng, which protected Lin Sheng and made it break into firm but gentle coercion, which was almost reduced to the extreme. I can’t feel what is threatening the remnant snow on the opposite side. The firm but gentle sword is fighting against the remnant sword. There is a smile on the corners of the mouth. The other side is not a layman’s theory, but it’s repair or weapons. The Millennium family is as good as their own. With a wave of his hand, the sword is moving towards Lin Sheng, and the remnant snow is unwilling to lag behind. The two of them quickly fight together, but both are firm but gentle collisions. The firm but gentle sword is already making them unable to get close to each other. It is with firm but gentle that they are fighting with each other. As always, the snow sword is full of brilliance, but the broken sword is a pure black eye with a sense of vicissitudes of life and loneliness. It is difficult to tell the difference between the two sides. No one can beat the other side for a long time. It is impossible to meet such a rare opponent. Before he fought with the younger generation, he never touched the broken sword. Most of them were just one or two moves, which directly solved it. Now it is different, not only the broken sword but also the broken one.The master in this area just didn’t put his eyes on it, but today he met such a rare opponent. His heart is naturally hot and his hand is getting more and more fierce.
In the face of Lin Shengling’s fierce shock wave, it is a little difficult to compete with it. After all, Lin Sheng used to be a special’ door’ trained in melee skills. These grasps are extremely’ fine’ for some dead corners of the human body. One is that the water is long and the sword is left. It is spontaneous to fly to the middle of the water, and the mouth is full of words. The true qi is like a river bursting its banks and rushing towards the sword. Lin Sheng seems to have felt a huge energy in front. It seems that it is right. The party has already made moves with great scruples. It should be moving some cards. A loose remnant snow sword in Lin Sheng’s hand also spontaneously rose to half of Lin Sheng’s body. The true qi is also constantly flowing towards the remnant snow sword. The volume of the sword suddenly became larger, and I don’t know if it is a phantom or really bigger. The white light has covered up the brilliance of the sun overhead. At this time, the whole forest has been surrounded by a white light, but it is only after two breathing hours that the water is long and the remnant sword is also a sword. A huge black’ color’ phantom sounded, sending out a black’ color’ brilliance, like a huge iron pot turned upside down. Generally, the white light of Canxue was suppressed to half. At this time, two lights, one black and one white, each occupied half of the country’s position boundaries, one white and one black, and each resisted each other.
"The sword is horizontal!" Chen Shuichang’s mouth broke and drank, and then he condensed into a huge remnant sword phantom. Just now, the remnant sword was too narrow. Lin Shenggen just didn’t see clearly what the remnant sword looked like. At this time, Lin Sheng magnified it several times. Finally, he saw clearly that the blade of this seemingly worn-out old remnant sword was carved with black’ color’. The shape of a small sword was similar to that of Chen Shuichang’s remnant sword in his hand just now.
"It’s the first time I’ve come to the enemy since I’ve practiced this martial art. Even if you lose today, you’re full of pride!" Chen Shuichang said with a smile on his face that he seems to have confidence in his Wushu, otherwise he wouldn’t be so arrogant to hear each other’s words. Lin Sheng smiled and then stopped drinking the true qi of Canxue Sword.
"Can Xue is angry!" The phantom of the giant remnant snow sword is the first giant monster beast. There are still some monsters that have no heads like people but have two wings. The biological department revolves around the giant phantom of the remnant snow sword, and the terror is abnormal. At this time, it is not only Chen Shuichang who is surprised, but even Lin Sheng himself is surprised. Before Lin Sheng made remnant snow angry, he didn’t see more of these phantoms. Is it because he promoted to King Wu that this Wushu also followed some unusual things? Or is this remnant of snow hidden? Are all those creatures that have decapitated human beings killed by the former remnant snow sword? Everything is a mystery. The illusion that keeps winding around the remnant snow sword faintly gives Lin Sheng a feeling of palpitation. Although those animals are already dead at this time and even their heads are gone, the great power that they exude is a great palpitation for Lin Sheng.
The huge remnant snow sword phantom stands horizontally in Lin Sheng’s head and a half, and Chen Shuichang’s head is also a long time ago. Is it doomed to be a battle? Just then, Chen Shuichang was amazed that Lin Sheng’s remnant snow angered Wushu and his remnant sword were so similar, but his self-confidence was not reduced at all, but it was greatly increased. Since they are all almost Wushu, it is even better for himself. But with Lin Sheng’s remnant snow sword phantom, it has been tempered for thousands of years. At this time, the head creatures appeared in his heart, but they were playing drums. Those creatures were so terrible that they didn’t know whether they were extinct or not. I don’t know how many years have passed, but they were still able to have such power. The white sword in the other hand must be extraordinary. It is very likely that their own residual sword appeared in a year, and the history of this residual sword is even older than their own. After all, he has never seen many head creatures inside, but at this time, it is difficult to ride a tiger and look back at the huge phantom of the residual sword with a wave of his hand. It is to bombard Lin Sheng and go to Lin Sheng’s mind. I feel the black color of the remnant snow sword by my soul. The phantom of the remnant snow sword is the impact. The huge phantom of the remnant snow sword is standing in front of Lin Sheng ten meters away, just resisting the huge phantom of the remnant sword. Two phantoms collide with each other and destroy the sex. The gas "wave" is to escape from the collision of the two phantoms. The towering giant trees around me are crashing and the sawdust is overwhelming, but they are all hitting Lin Sheng and Chen Shui.The first silk was cut off. Lin Sheng was surprised in his heart. He quickly avoided flashing and flew high, but the water was much more miserable. He had previously been like Lin Sheng. He just didn’t think that this unremarkable sawdust had become so hard when it was hit by the gas’ wave’. It was almost like a magic weapon until several pieces of sawdust had broken the protective qi and turned his face into a blood stain. He quickly flashed and flew to high school, but at this time his body was already scarred, although it was all skin injuries, but it looked like it.
Look at the face. Both of them swallowed their saliva. At this time, the trees in Fiona Fang Sanli were destroyed. A pile of confused sawdust was already covered with thick dead leaves. At this time, it has become a huge flat ground. The power of two phantoms colliding with each other was so terrible.
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[31] Young Strong Competition
? The huge energy impact’ wave’ didn’t disappear until it lasted for half an hour. At this time, the forest in Fiona Fang was already destroyed, and none of the original towering trees were left. Even the dead leaves were smashed by those energy’ waves’. Wood chips and rustle of dead leaves at the end of the year fell like rain in the forest, and a thick layer of powder was everywhere.
Lin Sheng was scared for a while and looked at his face covered with thick sawdust. Fortunately, he didn’t fight in the courtyard just now, but ran to the back hill. Otherwise, his mansion would have been razed long ago, and even the sawdust would have been brought by the huge impact’ wave’ just now if he hadn’t run fast. Chen Shuichang looked at the gown covered with blood, and it was a little skin injury. At this time, he stripped off the bronze and made himself strong.
Although the remnant sword’ door’ is dominated by the imperial sword, it is also very strong in physical cultivation at ordinary times. It is also understandable that it is long and strong to roll in hot sand at ordinary times.
"Go on!"
"Wait, you look at your face" Lin Sheng looked at Chen Shuichang with high fighting spirit and smiled. He pointed to Chen Shuichang’s head. Where is the phantom of remnant snow sword? He was erratic. He was smiling more than half than the phantom just now, but the phantom of remnant snow didn’t want to be bombarded and dissipated as it was. Just now, Chen Shuichang’s phantom of remnant sword was hit by such a collision. The biological illusions of those heads rotating beside the phantom of remnant snow were to carry most of the phantom of remnant sword. Although the phantom of remnant snow was dissipated by a huge impact. Part of it, but it didn’t disappear completely. Although it has shrunk most of it, at this time, the power of the remnant snow sword is still if Lin Shengyi controls it, even if it is already the water that grows.