However, after Su Ling asked, Feng Rujun raised his eyebrows. "Linger, didn’t you let me come?"

Su Lingwen gasped, "Me?"
Feng Rujun nodded at this. "Didn’t you write this?" With that, Feng Rujun took out a piece of stationery from his cuff, and when Su Ling was surprised, she slowly unfolded and saw the small print on her face and suddenly looked cold!
This letter is really like her notes, and the information revealed in it turns out that she and May are trapped in the palace, so let Feng Rujun come to the rescue as soon as possible!
Although the handwriting is very similar, careful observation shows that there is still a sharp arc at the end of each stroke, which is definitely written by someone imitating her handwriting!
One more thing, this person seems to have grasped the mother’s concern for her and May’s mind, even if she was asked to come to the Qing Palace on stationery, she knew that she might meet an old friend here, but she still came at all costs!
Who the hell is behind her back to fuck so many things!
And it’s obvious that the other party’s purpose is to attract mother to green country!
So the dragon will also find that mother was Feng Jun in those days!
Su Ling held the note in her hand with a little force, and the note was soon gradually broken in her palm, and Feng Rujun was also shocked to find that something didn’t seem right.
She arrived at the dock last night, and she was specially taken directly to the Qing Palace. She was always worried about the safety of Su Ling and May, but she didn’t expect that when she just arrived in the capital of Qing Dynasty, the man standing at the gate would let her stand in the same place.
Everything is so coincidental!
Many years ago, she knew that he had been ranked the highest in the emperor, but this night she just met him when she went abroad for a tour. She forced herself to face quiet inside on the tower with her phoenix Rujun, but it was still in vain!
"Father, tell me!"
When Su Ling and Feng Rujun are immersed in their own thoughts, it’s hard to extricate themselves. You Qing is always forbearing to burst into a roar.
At this time, he seems to be attacked by urgent fire, and even his attractive eyes are scarlet, especially when he is still shivering in the back of the dragon. This scene is sad for anyone to see!
How should he face that fact that the only woman he love in his past 27 years was his own sis!
How should he face that bone girl who has lost her heart!
At this time, the dragon looked at Guan Yu-qing as an emperor, but at this time, it was also a father who looked at Guan Yu-qing in such a painful way that he couldn’t help walking towards him with a heavy tone and patting him on the shoulder and saying, "It’s so my fault! Everything is my fault!"
Listen to my father and ShuiGu first daughter … "
"Why!" When Woo-ching heard that the dragon was the first girl of Shuijia again, he put the dragon on his shoulder, arm, eyes filled with heartbreak, pale lips and trembling breath, and said, "Father, why should you let me bear your fault?"
What, you’re her father? Father, you are mistaken, aren’t you? Right? "
You Qing stepped back as if even his generous shoulders were stained with extreme pain and fragility!
At this time, it is like he can’t find a family child. If he is not in love, how could he have such a heartbreaking performance!
Su Ling’s sister!
How come? How can it be!
They have never met strangers in the state of Qi and Chu. How can they let him know such cruel facts until today?
He can kill her at all costs, but the fact that they are half-brothers is like a sharp dagger gouging out the bone!
Feng Rujun, whose side is always beside Su Ling, can’t bear to look away when she sees this. In fact, she knew about him and the dragon when she first saw You Qing!
Because of the Yu Pei he was wearing, she knew it all too well!
But during that time, she asked Linger what exactly and Youqing were more than once! Linger can give an answer and has always been a friend!
So even though she is constantly afraid in her heart, she still doesn’t want to open the past, and she is selfish and let them get along!
But now she can’t think that this child has such a deep love for Ling Er! All this is because of their past!
It’s really unfair!
"Guan Qing …"
"You shut up!" When Su Ling finally found herself, she called out in a low voice, but she was severely reprimanded by him.
This also makes Su Ling feel even more sore in her heart!
Sukeyoshi shouldn’t be like this! In her eyes, he will always look like a poisonous tongue, but it happened that she never noticed that he was so affectionate!
Even when she didn’t give him a response, he was already in deep trouble!
After all, she Su Ling is the sinner!
Guan Qing looked at Su Ling with latosolic red eyes and shook slightly in his folded drink. When he closed his eyes mercilessly and tightened his brow, when everyone was looking at his painful expression, he suddenly appeared in front of Su Ling with a quick warning.
But seeing that you Qing’s hands are tightly buckled with Su Ling’s shoulders and eyes are still deeply in love, but his fragile cheeks are so sad!
In his eyes, a beautiful image was deeply reflected. Su Ling lifted up her eyes and looked at Guan Qing. At this time, she wished that he could mercilessly scold herself!
Even if he says something, it’s better than him bearing everything alone!
She is not a girl who was ignorant of love five years ago, especially after she has experienced various changes herself. She can feel the heartbreaking pain of Youqing!
But they are still different after all! The fact that he loves his sister should be a blow to him!
However, in Su Ling’s confused mood, You Qing opened her mouth.
"Su Ling, I have never loved you. Never!"
With the gesture of Guan Qing’s words, he pushed Su Ling away!
Perhaps the news was too hard for him to accept, so his strength lost its accuracy. At the moment when he pushed Su Ling away, he disappeared into the East Hall.
And Su Ling’s defense was born because of his refusal. He stepped back and hit the console table behind him.
It hurts, but I still don’t feel bad!
Yes, she is distressed by Youqing, the man who suddenly became her brother!
"Linger, are you all right?" Feng Rujun ran to Su Ling with trepidation and wanted to check that she hit the side of the console table.
But when she came, she was stopped by Su Ling. At the same time, she couldn’t help shaking her head and saying, "Mom, I’m fine!"
Longan watched Youqing make a dash for the door, and the obscure light in his eyes was more complicated. Today, such a change was also unprepared for him!
But he never thought that his son was also a lover, so deep that he was also crying.
"emperor, this is why you came to see us today, isn’t it? Just to let your son know that he has fallen in love with someone so cruelly, do you really have the heart? "
Su Ling actually blames the dragon in her heart!
After all, if this matter is discussed in advance, it may turn into another appearance.
Smelling the dragon’s excitement and sadness meet in the fundus, and he looks at Feng Rujun and then blinks at Su Ling for a moment and says, "It’s my fault! It’s all my fault, but for Jun Er’s refusal to admit that you are my daughter, I wouldn’t be eager for quick success and instant benefit.