Regardless of whether that Han Yang has the ability to enter the underworld alive and come to the ghost world, just the two door gods in front of Yaochi Holy Land is not a mortal who has not yet been cultivated into a fairy body.

What’s more, if you want to travel between Yin and Yang, even at the level of picking Jin Xian, you may not have this ability …
Alas, asking what things are in the world teaches people to live and die together.
Looking at fairy Zi Xia’s hopeful eyes, Violet Fairy and Snow Dance Fairy, who are familiar with her personality, sighed helplessly. Frankly speaking, if the monkey is determined to avoid them, with his current strength, the three of them will definitely not be able to keep him.
Three elegant figures passed through the "door of the living" like flowing clouds and disappeared in an instant.
Erlang’s third eye locked the breath of the three fairies from the moment they entered the underground palace, so as to avoid problems with the monkey’s plan. Then it was Erlang who was unlucky.
Not only will the monkey not let herself go, but Zi Xia will probably not let herself go to help the monkey hide from her. Then it’s really not people on both sides.
"Violet is still so beautiful …" Erlang Shen muttered to himself, "But I didn’t think that even the girl from Snow Dance came this time, and things became more difficult … The monkey was just brilliant … unlucky this time, it’s hard to do that …"
The Monkey King also frowned and muttered, "I didn’t expect my old grandson to have bad luck. This time, not only did a violet come, but even the little girl who danced in the snow followed me. I just lit a golden hoop … Either way … "
While the monkey was talking, his hands were not idle at all. Under the condition that others couldn’t see clearly, one hundred and eight handprints have been formed. These one hundred and eight handprints contain the essence of Buddhism and Taoism. I’m afraid there is only one the Monkey King in the three realms except road flyover Hongjun!
"Heaven and earth infinite great compassion! Gankun Dharma and Great Mercy Seal! The infinite longevity Buddha is a great seal! " The monkey drank three times in a row, and suddenly the Buddha’s light shone in the space. It was impossible to see whether it was the Buddha’s body or the Taoist body’s light that wrapped the monkey in an instant.
"This should not be an old man now …" The monkey gently spat a sigh of relief. Even if he is now a Buddhist and Taoist, he dare not take risks easily.
If you accidentally capsize in the gutter and let yourself meet fairy Zi Xia-
The Monkey King didn’t dare to think about it any more. He had no idea about Zi Xia Fairy, a woman who broke his boyhood.
For hundreds of years, he made great progress because of his hard work day and night. One of the reasons is not to give yourself free time to think about this problem.
Frankly speaking, there is really no way for Zi Xia fairy the Monkey King to draw a conclusion for herself.
In the monkey’s own words, it is-"I didn’t expect my grandson to be as old as an old pig one day. Have I made a positive result?"
"Old white down to business! Xu Fu has an old grandson there. Don’t worry, don’t worry. " Leitian, who started work again for the first time in one thousand years, has been unable to suppress the murderous look of the whole body and has been able to shed out the "beheading" Xianjian, and has also sensed the murderous look of Leitian and resonated with it.
"Old white don’t forget what you promised me!" The Monkey King’s voice once again sounded in Leitian’s ear. This time, the monkey used the authentic "magic sound" of Buddhism.
Leitian only felt that the soul of the Yuan God was irrepressibly shocked, and the evaluation of this monkey’s cultivation went up to a higher level.
"I can’t believe that he has really reached this point in the past 1000 years!" Leitian lightly sighed and a helpless wry smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.
Distract yourself. Hum, Fairy Zi Xia is no ordinary person. Even if she confronts herself head-on, she is not sure of winning.
But compared with Zi Xia fairy monkey seems to be a hundred times more horrible …
"Was Zi Xia the Monkey King a disciple of Fangcun Mountain in Lingtai before?" Violet fairy suddenly asked.
Fairy Zi Xia replied doubtfully, "Yes, what’s the matter, Violet? Did you show something?"
Violet fairy hesitated: "I sensed a breath of martial arts similar to the Monkey King’s, but I’m sure it wasn’t that smelly monkey’s. Did Fang Cunshan, who vowed never to be born, also send his disciples to compete for the map of mountains and rivers? "
Snow Dance Fairy interrupted: "Are you sure that’s the achievement of Fangcun Mountain?"
Violet fairy frowned and said, "It’s very similar, but not exactly. The strangest thing is that I feel that this skill is very weak. That person’s cultivation will never pass the golden elixir period, and there seems to be a faint resentment in your underground palace now. "
"Now that you mention it …" Snow Dance Fairy mused. "What do you think of Zi Xia?"
Zi Xia fairy Daimei thought for a moment and then said slowly: "This resentment is not naturally generated. There should be a practitioner who is reincarnated by the demons in this underground palace, and at least the reincarnation of the seventh demons."
"Is it at least the fix-true person reincarnated by the seven demons?" Violet Fairy and Snow Dance Fairy looked at each other and said in unison, "Han Yang, the Ninth Immortal? !”
Fairy Zi Xia nodded and said, "It’s probably him. Did he come to the underground palace to look for the map of mountains and rivers?"
Violet Fairy and Snow Dance Fairy nodded and said, "It’s very likely that this Han Yang is a spoony seed, but he just doesn’t have this chance with his current cultivation."
Fairy Zi Xia smiled unfathomably and said, "That’s not necessarily true! Violet, didn’t you just say that that person has a breath of martial arts similar to Wukong? "
Snow Dance Fairy was surprised: "Zi Xia, what do you mean-"
"Yes, I suspect that he is probably the teacher younger brother of Wukong. Moreover, the master has calculated that this map of mountains and rivers will definitely be born, and I think that Xu Fu will definitely appear. " Fairy Zi Xia suddenly showed a fox-like smile. "Wukong and Yang Jian have some festivals with this Xu Fu, and Leitian has a mortal enemy with him-"
The Snow Dance Fairy interrupted: "And just now I have sensed the traces of the golden hoop, which means that the Monkey King must be in this underground palace at the moment."
Violet Fairy looked at Zi Xia with a playful look in her eyes and said, "Even if that person is not Han Yang, he is a younger brother of the Monkey King. Since the monkey is in the underground palace and his younger brother is determined to win the map of mountains and rivers, how can he not help his younger brother secretly? What’s more, it’s still against that Xu Fu! "
Fairy Zi Xia finally showed a bright smile: "So as long as I find that person, I’m not afraid I can’t find Wukong!" "
Erlang is sweating!
The Monkey King completely speechless!
Leitian is a look that has nothing to do with me.
Fairy Zi Xia is like a worm in the Monkey King’s stomach, and she completely understands the monkey’s personality!
Fairy in the book of the Confucian scholars and Taoist Bodhi in Fangcun Mountain of Lingtai all burst into laughter and said, "Wukong, you are finished!"

Chapter 49 Han Yang’s friendship (on)
It was a day after Han Yang woke up from his meditation.
See yourself in the "fight" word array Han Yang finally revealed a bright smile. Now Qin Shihuang’s soul has left the Twelve Doors of Heaven and entered his own Fulong Ding, and it seems that the eighth demons in his body have awakened because of some unknown force.
Although I still can’t feel the ability of the eighth demons, I believe that once my Buddhism and Taoism have been improved and the eighth demons have been liberated from the seal of reincarnation, I will make great progress even if I can’t improve my combat effectiveness because of my heart.
What’s more, I still don’t know what the eighth’s ability to complain about spirits is.
Han Yang grinned and thought that his own strength was improved by more than one class when the ninth demons were liberated.
Moreover, Taoist Bodhi also said that the ability of the ninth demon is stronger than that of the first.
But now is not the time to think about this problem. Qin Shihuang’s stupid B actually entered his Fulongding …
Thought of here, Han Yang’s mouth reveals a smile that can be called a typical smirk.
"The" soul lock "of Fulongding almost drained the little ye …" Han Yang complained that the smile on the corners of his mouth offering Fulongding became more and more brilliant.