This is the end of such a big empire. If the queens and Su Long and others don’t cheer up, who will continue to lead the Chinese Empire?

When the officials were most desperate, the night empire announced its submission to the Xiandian Gate, and helped the Xiandian Gate to start mining veins in the East China, collect drudgery, select Tianjiao’s new brother, and look for the mysterious thing at the same time.
At this moment, the whole fairy temple door appeared for the first time in the four continents. They were arrogant, wild and arrogant. All enemies could destroy and destroy people, and they were the opponents of the practitioners.
Gradually, they set their sights on the Yanhuang Empire. They tried to levy the Yanhuang Empire and destroy the indigenous emperor to build a country!
Some people who fix the truth proudly say, "That surname Su was beheaded by our door. He doesn’t respect the life of the head and the world. He deserves to be killed by Zhu Xianjian. Even his soul can’t be lucky!"
"You don’t know, that Sue was terrified before she died, but she was still killed by the owner, so she didn’t respect the door. He deserved to be killed! !”
"And you Chinese empire should surrender all over the country. Don’t do that stupid thing like your emperor!"
It’s a shame that this immortal temple door was exhausted by fighting. How did Su Yu become a villain killed by Zhu Xianjian? They really blow up cowhide and make a loud noise!
"People can become enemies and give you seven days. If we don’t surrender the whole country, we will surely slaughter the country!"
This is the personal speech of the head of the Immortal Hall, which contains anger. He wants the Chinese Empire to find a sense of balance and make up for his mistake in the abyss plane. You know, the abyss plane was almost slapped to death by Bai’s predecessor that time.
Tu Guo? !
The higher plane forces want to slaughter the country!
The eastern continent has panicked, and many races and countries have been slaughtered on the spot by violent and bloody means, and the strength of this group of higher-level personnel is very strong, even the master of the territory is not an enemy in front of them!
In an instant, many races and countries began to show their kindness to the door of the fairy temple, and they dared not offend them in the face of the power of the law.
The Yanhuang Alliance suddenly shook and shook, and a large number of countries and races began to announce their withdrawal from the Yanhuang Alliance.
In just five days, the prototype of the largest economy in the eastern continent was destroyed by Su Yu, a member of Nuoda Yanhuang Alliance!
Except Andrew, who led the Orc Empire, the whole Yanhuang Empire became a target of criticism in the East China.
In order to please the immortal temple, several races and countries began to come out one after another to impose sanctions on the Yanhuang Empire in economic, military and political fields! Terran in the most tragic situation!
The situation in the East China led by the Night Alliance has gradually evolved into a "killing by heaven"!
The whole eastern continent is shouting and killing to kill the Terran of the Chinese Empire!
There are dangers, and foreign invasion is coming!
On the fifth day, Zhuge Liang and Chen Qun couldn’t sit still. They led Wu Baiguan to kneel outside the palace and bowed before the 99 steps of the palace.
"Who will help me to resist the enemy of the empire!"
The bleak sound was crushed outside the palace, and thousands of officials were silent and tearful. At this moment, they longed for the emperor to fly back to life like a fairy, once again to turn the tide and stop the enemy from going abroad, and once again to show the majesty of the Terran!
However, everything is impossible.
There are several imperial city people kneeling in front of the palace, including soldiers of the core corps of the Chinese people, street vendors and shopkeepers, some people and Tianjiao fighters, nobles and retired generals in northern Xinjiang. They are all eager for Su Long to cheer up and lead the Terran to stand up against the powerful immortal temple door.
"My Terran is so powerful, and my Chinese people are so powerful! Give it a try, even if you die or lose! Ask the Soviet God of War to leave the house and take revenge on the emperor for killing the Daomen emperor! "
There is a noble arrogance, which is hoarse and growling, and the roar is full of sorrow.
The emperor is dead, but we are not dead yet!
We can still afford knives and guns, and we can take revenge on the emperor!
Destroy the door to pay homage to the emperor and the spirit!
In the midsummer of June, the sun in the imperial capital disappeared unconsciously, and snowflakes began to fall in succession, which was sad and cold.
"It’s snowing"
People are shocked
Snow in June is bitterly cold.
This is the plane will feel all Su Yu, and the mournful atmosphere produces a vision. If the candidate is not here, the plane will be sad.
"God is crying!"
Someone shouted with sorrow.
People knelt down until the morning of the sixth day of the next day, when the gate of Su Wangfu was opened.
A full face of beard, scruffy mess, Su Zhanshen walked out of Su Wangfu, and his eyes were bloodshot, which contained grief and hatred.
Su Long glanced indifferently at the people in front of the kneeling house. "Come and prepare horses for the palace!"
You’re right. Feather is dead, but the general is not dead!
Feather revenge! Kill all the doormen!
There is a beautiful image of a white palace in the nine-nine-step glass tower of the Imperial Palace. Her beautiful face in Dai Xiao is full of pallor, and the beautiful eyes of peach blossoms can open the world. At this time, she calmly overlooks Wu Baiguan.
That’s Queen Su Huiyin! Behind her are Su Mier, Nian Qingyi, Guan Wan’er and other princesses, all of whom are pretty and Dai Xiao’s white forehead is tied with a white cloth.
"sound queen"
Zhuge Liang and others hurriedly shouted to kowtow and salute, regardless of the weakness of their knees, and wanted to report that "the door of the fairy temple and the army of all nationalities have arrived in northern Xinjiang, southern Xinjiang, western Xinjiang and eastern Xinjiang, and one day they will."
"I’m sorry for my family."
Su Huiyin couldn’t hear the faint sigh in a quiet tone. "The mourning family will make Su Da dress tonight and take the head of the enemy chieftain again tomorrow!" Aijia husband pays homage! "
Jun Li Yi Guo takes the enemy chieftain
This is the last sorrow of the Chinese empire and the last stubbornness of the terrans in the East China. We will continue the emperor’s ambition to kill all the enemies!
Baiguan was shocked and shouted "We obey orders!"
At this moment, everyone has an illusion. At this time, Su Huiyin’s tone is like the majesty of the emperor.
4 Chapter 4 Marriage is like fire.
"Zhuge Liang, Chen Qun, Huang Zhongyi and Guo Da were reinstated!"
"Gao Shun, Su Nan, Bai Qi, Zhao Yun, Ling Yu, Yang Mingwei and other officials were reinstated and reorganized!"
Su Huiyin reached two successive wills to re-launch the martial officials of the Yanhuang Empire
Now that her husband is dead, it’s too late to worry about it at this time. She is now bent on revenge for her husband.
However, on the afternoon of the same day, Nian Qingyi told Su Huiyin that when she handed over, she once again announced one thing to the public.
Queen Su Huiyin is pregnant and the emperor has a queen!
"What’s the sound after the queen? !”
"According to the information from the Royal Guards and the doctors in the palace, the Queen has been pregnant for more than three months, and it happened to be the day before the Emperor went to Xintiancheng."
"The secret method test of the blood in the palace has been confirmed to be suspected by the descendants of the emperor!"
"The emperor has a queen!"
A huge storm swept through the imperial city, and then Yang Mingwei was very clever to spread the news to the whole Chinese empire overnight.
The whole Chinese empire was boiling overnight!