"It’s a pity …"

He looked at LiuMengYan way
"The horse is coming to your wedding day, and the big lady will let you take risks?"
If Lin Yun Ryukyu knew about it, it would definitely not agree or be forced to jointly get rid of Yang Shensi by Nai Wenshanjing.
This is the Wenshanjing Plan.
Tie Liu Mengyan to his chariot is equivalent to pulling Lin Yun Ryukyu and having Lin Yun Ryukyu and Lins to stay out of it?
"I won’t tell her."
Liu Mengyan looked gloomy.
"This matter will be settled before marriage."
Zhou Yi gently shook his head.
My friend is still naive, and some things are not what you think.
Guihu tong
Kunshan City Slaughterhouse soon came back to life.
Perhaps it is because people here are more accustomed to the chaos in the massacre and there are always people who need to trade.
Zhou Yi, wearing a cloak and lifting a black curtain, went into a sales shop and flipped through it to look at the store.
"Do I want something or not?"
"guest officer"
Shopkeepers clearly know the regulars smell speech replied.
"Yes, but you always say it’s false."
"I’ve never wronged you, even if I’m fake." Zhou Yi was silent.
"Is there something new?"
"Well," the shopkeeper took out a book from the counter and handed it over at random, shaking his head at the same time.
"Guest, do you think that thing is true?"
"The fairy said that maybe it was a rumor that I had been doing business for 30 years, and I heard many strange things, but I have never seen anything."
"Me neither." Zhou Yi took the book and flipped through it.
"But in case any fairy says that even if it doesn’t exist, it can be regarded as fun, which is always more interesting than your classic poems."
"Say yes."
Shopkeepers nodded and wanted to think the way
"Some time ago, someone came to sell a book called Thousand Spirits, but it costs one hundred and twenty pieces of silver to open your mouth."
"I think he is crazy about silver!"
"The Thousand Spirits Book?" Black robe Zhou Yi’s eyes shrank, and Boeing brought out some subtle ripples.
"Has that man ever been here again?"
If he remembers correctly, hublot’s move towards him was because he recognized the necromancer mushroom from the thousand souls book.
I wonder if it’s the same?