"Report the trip to Cheng County, and he … he said that everything was left to Gao Lvwei to dispose of his house, but the four doors were closed and the family was closely guarded."

Gao Chu snorted and sneered, "What a fool is still hiding in his shell at this time. Will the pseudo-Yan army let him get married after his city is broken?"
"There is a hundreds of armored riders in the south of the city with high travel rate!"
"reinforcements?" Gao Chu paused and shook his head. What reinforcements are there at this time?
Guo Xuanzheng, the commander of Zhuojun Cheng Hedong, led an army to fight against the rogue Gao Shida and Dou Jiande, while Shang Gaizheng, the left-behind Li Yuanming’s department in Taiyuan, led an army to fight against the rogue Jiang County to worship Pantuo Chai Baochang.
Zhuojun county and Taiyuan county all hope that there is no other way to get into the horse
Gao Chu suddenly bit his teeth and swore, "His mother must be a rogue to cheat the city gate. These rogue thieves even got loyalist armour."
City was shut out.
Frontal anger angered his horse and came to Li Chongjiu’s side and said, "General, it’s such a broken city. Let’s attack directly. It doesn’t take much effort."
Li Chongjiu glanced at his forehead and felt that he had fallen into the face these times.
Open a county statue was shut out by himself. Behind him, the first mate’s flag’ Big Sui Valley defends Li’ was invisible.
At this time, Li Chongjiu also saw that the dust was far away, and it was obvious that at least ten thousand thieves attacked the city.
But Li Chongjiu, they are not afraid of Se 200 armor riding into Sanma. How is it enough for them to evacuate before the city is surrounded?
I’m afraid this broken flying fox county can’t withstand the impact of thieves when they leave.
Li Chongjiu saw that these rogue thieves came from afar. Although they entered many places, they had no discipline at all.
Now this group of rogue is flocking to cross the river.
Seeing that the tributary of Juma River has not been frozen, but it is winter, so the water quantity is not abundant, so you can set foot in it.
Thieves in grey se linen trudged across the river with crude weapons.
The thieves crossing the river are obviously from afar, and they are thirsty and disciplined. They squat by the river and gulp water and wipe their faces.
I really don’t understand the art of war. Don’t these rogue thieves know what it means to strike halfway?
Li Chongjiu took one look at these thieves crossing the river from a distance, and they didn’t have any armor. They simply wore headscarves and took bamboo guns and sticks, which were very crude. Obviously, they couldn’t be more United.
To the forehead, I said, "You can take a brigade to fight against the first-class thief. It’s also a warlords!"
Eto said "Yes" when Se moved her fuels.
When Eto’s command department wears light armor, he whistles and kills the rogue.
Li Chongjiu decided to watch the battle, and Eto led this hundred-riding cavalry regiment to kill the rogue army directly.
The cavalry came quickly.
And seeing the forehead lead the army to kill thousands of thieves who just crossed the river is obviously unprepared, and the noise is a mess.
When thousands of thieves are brave and strong, they are reluctant to move forward, while others are timid and reluctantly deployed.
Seeing the sudden cavalry regiment approaching the flow, the thieves drank and dared to pick up the short bow and hunt together.
This short bow hunting bow is not only short, but also has no penetrating power. It is conceivable that the aim of thieves is extremely poor.
Hundreds of riders are armed to the teeth, and there is no one riding a horse.
Eto laughed, and when the hundred riders rushed to the nearby place, they all rode a bow.
Hundreds of armour riders entered the Han Dynasty, all of them were skilled in riding, and the configuration was unified. Although the bow force was very weak, it was better than the short bow hunting bow.
Riding a hundred arrows at the same time, she
If a thief dressed in coarse linen can resist this arrow, she will scream in succession.
In this way, the current layout of the rogue is brave and strong, and the momentum of the rogue will naturally decline.
After being hit by this round of arrows and rain, the thieves fled when they ran away.
They asked their cavalry to raise Sui Dao and rush into the array like a tiger into a flock to cut down the bandits.
"Is the fan into! It’ s a fan! "
But after a moment, the thief was defeated and killed by the front cavalry.
Soon, only a few hundred thieves surrendered by the river bank, while more than ten thousand thieves watched the sudden appearance of armor and horses on the river bank in fear, but dared to cross the river.
It’s really vulnerable. Another hundred sudden riders who haven’t played yet can’t help but think so.
Li Chongjiu rode his horse forward a dozen paces and shouted at the city head, "I’m the commander of the big Sui Valley County, and I’m coming to help you. Open the city gate soon!"
Listen to Li Chongjiu yelling at Chengtou for a sā movement.
At this moment, a general appeared and shouted, "This general, we didn’t hear the imperial edict that there was a general coming."
Li Chongjiu shouted, "Fool, don’t I just serve the imperial court now?"
Aside Gao Chu obviously knows the situation here, and he just saw that this army defeated the rogue in one breath and entered the bottom of my heart when it was confirmed.
Gao Chu saw that the enemy on the other side of the river was stupid and tried to cross the river again when he shouted, "Open the gate for me."