"Let’s do it ourselves without telling the owner? Not good. "

Lao Bang is a loyal servant.
"What’s wrong? Don’t you think Brother Zhao Bo and others are busy with themselves and go to the landlord for everything? What else do we need? " Xiao Weidao: "Now that the manor is big, the owner of the manor can’t be hands-on. When forging is upgraded to a blacksmith’s shop, it will be directly upgraded to a forging gold shop. You are also a big official of the manor, so you always have to make your own decisions."
"Besides, you don’t want Laura sister to earn some dowry? In the future, Luo Luo’s sister will really become the owner’s wife. I don’t want to be looked down upon as a big brother! Let’s bring a thick dowry to Luo Luomei so that the landlord can’t bully Luo Luomei! "
Xiao Wei, a good friend of the former villa owner, winked and replaced himself as a big uncle.
When something is pulled, Laura’s ears go soft at once.
He immediately moved.
Just do it! A dowry for Lola!
Chapter 4 Magic Mountain Tunnel is working again
"Manager Feng, I know I let you down, but I hope you can believe my judgment that industrial flowers are not a good match."
Xu Nianwu is talking in an office on the sixth floor of Yancheng Huanjie Construction.
"I’m not disappointed that I didn’t get along with the industrial flowers, and I’m not jealous of Mr. Gao and Mr. Feng. I’m the one who pulled it up. I always hope that our state league can develop better."
"I have been holding up the combination of industrial flowers and our state construction group. Although it is big, industrial flowers are backed by industrial doors. The real influence is much greater than ours. This combination is a thief. The state construction group is your half-life effort. I don’t want the state construction group to become a vassal of others …"
"I know I know I’m not alarmist, but I want to ask you to give me a chance to prove that we have a better choice."
"Give me another chance. If I am wrong, I will resign automatically …"
"I’m not threatening you with resignation … I …"
"Thank you, Mr. Feng. I’ll wait for you …"
Xu Nianwu hung up and sighed deeply.
At the other end of the sentence, he used to be a mentor and chairman of the State Construction Group, Mr. Feng.
Just as many kings in history have become fatuous after all.
Once SHEN WOO Feng lost his original spirit and wisdom when he got older, and became a suspicious, conservative and partial person, who favored some sycophants.
Time is so irresistible that it can make a person or destroy a person.
Finally, Mr. Feng said that he wanted to consider giving Xu Nianwu an answer again and again. Xu Nianwu could do it, and he could wait with these left.
But Xu Nianwu believes that Feng always hopes that the state will build a league.
Their generation still has some backbone and some obsession, and I believe they will make the right choice.
On the other end, Mr. Feng hung up and sat silently for a while.
In the words, Xu Nianwu said that he hoped to be combined with the virtual city tunnel instead of the industrial flower.
Virtual city tunnel construction?
To tell the truth, the construction of virtual city tunnel is a little unique, and the project management and process also have their own characteristics, but that’s all.
In this large-scale project, the virtual city tunnel construction is a junior.
A fool will choose a virtual city tunnel construction if people choose a suitable one for virtual city tunnel construction and industrial flowers!
What if such a small company is swallowed up?
And you said that a small company can be better than industrial flower technology?
If Xu Nianwu isn’t, the other Feng always wants to slap him.
It seems to him that Xu Nianwu made more excuses for his stupid failure than for covering up his stupidity. He made more stupid reasons and made more stupid mistakes.
Read martial arts … After all, you are not worthy of my trust?
Manager Feng is a little sad.
If you let me hand over the company to you …
People’s hearts are like this, whether they have changed or others have changed, they will always change.
No one can always be the same as others expect.
When manager Feng leaned back and sighed, the office door was gently knocked.
"Feng Zong Association sent an invitation"
As their name suggests, the state construction group also plays an important role in the state construction industry association, and Feng Zongshen is also the vice president of the association
"Let’s go." Manager Feng ordered a little table with his hands. More than a dozen invitations have been placed at the corner of the table.
Every day, several projects are completed in the state, and wherever the projects are completed, we hope to invite some important people to attend the ceremony to leave this glorious moment.
Mr. Feng, vice president of the Association, is naturally a VIP, and people will welcome him everywhere.
However, manager Feng is very busy, and most of them have been pushed, and some of them can’t be pushed to send a representative there.
Most of the time, these secrets are arranged for manager Feng not to even look at them.
But today, Mr. Feng casually asked, "Where was the invitation?"
"The virtual city magic mountain tunnel is going to work."
"Is this work?" Manager Feng is one leng.
This kind of large-scale project is a world-class problem, and the terrain is particularly complex. Usually, optical geological exploration and preliminary engineering design take years, and this super-large project has been repaired and stopped for decades.
How long has it been since the project was negotiated? It’s been two months. Just work?
This is not too urgent, is it?
The secret don’t talk silently watching feng.
Manager Feng’s heart is really mixed.
On the one hand, they brought the project, but it was taken away by others, which was both a success and a failure.
However, if they also have shares, the success or failure of the construction will affect the interests of the state.
Can’t help but note.
"Anyway, we also have shares …" Like talking about himself, Mr. Feng whispered and ordered the secret, "You arrange for me to attend!"