"I still want his plan, but you must accept some of it, so you have to absorb them."

Tong Wenshi was slightly relieved.
"This should be no problem."
It is to accept the words of the elderly, the weak, women and children and ensure that they will not become "body double"
And Zhang Tianyuan here
He is also worried about putting all the vagrants into the strange time
These people are not like Zhou Lao in "212".
When wandering, people decided to run away with the earth because their home was going to lose their spaceship and they were unreliable.
Now that a new earth has appeared, do you expect them to destroy the earth by guarding their own horse?
This is impossible.
It must be realized that-
The biggest pain in wandering is the lack of livable places. When they find a livable place, they must be extremely aggressive.
These people are concerned about finding a pure land to settle down.
Even Sun Deyi can’t control these people.
There are differences in each time.
And for the mutual aid society,
Once there is an invasion in the doomsday rescue operation and the mutual aid association fails to stop the situation, the purpose of the mutual aid association is finished
I’m afraid no one will believe me after we are United and help each other.
Now Zhang Tianyuan really wants to send vagrants to the game world.
Yes, it is sent to the Lord’s game world.
Although that world is a game world, it is also a world that can farm, farm and fish!
The taste of crabs on the island is still fresh in Zhang Tianyuan’s memory today!
Even though the game world may have different rules from the real world, it is a good world for vagrants to be able to make people farm and fish!
There are not so many people on his island …
I believe that wandering will solve this problem spontaneously.
I don’t think he should worry about it
So Zhang Tianyuan thinks that the feasibility of this plan is still very high.
Chapter 12 Pilot Program
The Wandering Earth
Month of 257
BJ no.3 dichenghang brigade dormitory
Zheng Yingyi is half lying on the bed, and his feet are still on the ground. His feet are just packed.
He was suspended for a year and had nothing to do except some ground training.
So he applied and wanted to try to join the disaster relief team outside, not only to visit outside the city, but also to find something to make his own contribution.
Otherwise, he is afraid that he will be suffocated.
Zheng Yingyi stared at the ceiling and habitually began to recite the confidentiality regulations.
The clock ticks away.
Come to breakfast
Knock, knock
Knock at the door outside
As soon as Zheng Yingyi turned over, she smoothed the traces of the bed that she had just slept in, and at the same time confirmed that the bed was in place and the tofu blocks were well folded.
This just hurriedly to open the door.
"Zheng Yingyi?" Not surprisingly, there is a document in the hand of the Earth’s security department.
Zheng Yingyi saluted "Report is me"
"Do you want to apply to leave the dungeon to join the rescue team? What is the reason? "
"Report that my dormitory is in a panic and there is nothing to do. I want to go out and make a contribution!"
Zheng glanced at him and said, "It’s too rough for a pilot like you to go out to participate in disaster relief. In case of any injury, it will make us suffer more losses."
Wandering in earth times, everything and everyone have calibration value.
High-value goals for low-value goals are too expensive for human resources.
Just when Zheng Yingyi couldn’t go out by herself, Zheng suddenly handed me a document.
"But let you stay here for a whole year is also a wave. Tell you what, if you sign this document and are temporarily seconded to his project for training, you won’t come back …"
Zheng Yingyi looked down at the file in his hand-
[Pilot’s second batch of astronauts’ training notice]
"This is the pilot program just started this year. If you meet the training standards, you can become the second batch of astronauts landing on the pilot."
Zheng Yingyi saw that he had signed a familiar name-Ke Jinjun.
He was silent for a long time, took the political hand and signed his name.
Then look up and say "thank you" to Zheng.
"You’re welcome. Come with me. I see you’ve packed up, right?"
"Well …"
Zheng Yingyi quickly left the No.3 dungeon with his luggage, and then transferred to BJ No.1 dungeon the next day through the dungeon material transfer car.
The earliest investment has made the underground space training project here.
In the wandering times, everything is handled very quickly. Everyone is racing against time to work, and there is always a sense of urgency.
After Zheng Yingyi was arranged in the dormitory, Ma arranged the basic test items, followed by the training subjects.