"Little Magic commanded all departments to be in place."

Gu Yue dynasty crescent city roar, explosion did not stop for a moment.
This is the most important front in Gu Yue’s imperial frontier to resist the wave of deceit and evil.
"If we hadn’t purchased 100 pieces of destructive II-type crystal giant guns from the firewood, I’m afraid this line of defense would have been untenable."
The sunrise high in this line of defense.
If he wants to make a move, he can kill the seven stars and the stars in the dangerous defense line. This is easy, but he can’t make frequent moves. He is wary of high-ranking evil spirits and those more dangerous evil waiters in the wave.
These days, this line of defense has been attacked by the evil waiter three times.
Last time, he was injured by a waiter at a high position in the sunrise, and the injury was not serious. If he hadn’t bought the treasure’ Life Crystal’ from the firewood, he might not have recovered from the injury at the moment 2.
It is precisely because they have purchased all kinds of sacred objects from the firewood that they can firmly hold this front.
But until what time?
The sunrise light feels that there is no end in sight.
Hold on, sooner or later, this line of defense will be torn by the evil waiter.
"What do you do during this period?"
A demigod will come one by one with all the big and small things that have happened these days.
Rescue, Star Wars, Promotion to Grade Nine Oasis
"The firewood was promoted to oasis in this period? Is it too risky to do so? "
He felt that it was a little urgent to do so.
Is there any big plan?
But what’s the big plan? Many ancient people are at a loss. There are thousands of lights behind their human heights. They can hide and retreat.
Unless you hide in people’s land like some ancient people, you may be able to avoid disaster.
But he would never make such a choice
"How can we talk about despair when we are still trying to find vitality?"
He said that it aroused the fighting spirit of many strong people.
Myths and demigods in Gu Yue dynasty fought off the wave of deceit and evil for several miles.
However, the fighting spirit has its limits, and soon the front line of the imperial dynasty was hit by disasters and robberies, and several evil spirits roared out of the fog.
"Four high-ranking evil spirits!"
"This quantity is not quite right. It is likely that an evil waiter is hiding in it."
It’s not that he can defeat four, but that there are nine oases behind him.
But he must be careful to deal with the high-ranking waiter lurking in the dark
The defense line pressure is rising.
The city walls collapsed one after another.
The sunrise high from falling staring at several figure in the distance.
That’s a high-ranking waiter! There are two or three figures in it, and he still looks familiar.
If you travel here, you will certainly recognize one of them as an old acquaintance, the "King of the Silt". Not to mention Fang you, you can also recognize the "new high positions" such as Eloise and Yi Yue Lu Xi.
The battle tower is silted up. Jun is a high-ranking goalkeeper.
Elohi and others have all been killed and silted up. Your majesty has been cooked several times and can’t be cooked any more.
This fallen and dead Ahriman waiter appeared again with several servants and minions, impacting the Gu Yue imperial front.
In the high position of the sunrise, I can see that there are high-ranking waiters rolling in on the black river in the virtual distance.
His scalp is numb.
"Go quickly and ask the strong!"
"Wait …"
He remembered that the salary seems to be being promoted to a nine-level oasis!
During the disaster period, the promotion of oasis will inevitably involve a large number of strong people who are afraid of taking care of them.
Damn it, the evil waiter is not staring at this opportunity to attack, is he? Is the intelligence network of the Baal camp so wide?
He didn’t think much about trying to fight with the evil waiter.
At this time, the seven-star alliance, the red-violet empire and other forces also suffered an impact.
In the Broken Sea, several super oases are on the verge of collapse.
It’s hard for the strong to make their hands free.
It is even more unrealistic to ask the ancient gods for help. After the tide of disaster came, the ancient gods could not count on it.
"Hold on!"
The sunrise high roar loud