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Chapter 146 Strong fighting consciousness (one more outbreak)
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The term contact novel is the first limit of horror.
I was deeply fascinated at that time.
Before that, Xiaolan, I need to briefly introduce my background.
First of all, I just want to talk to my friends who support me. Please skip if you think I sell poor people.
It’s a pity that other people’s rich second generation are cheating, but it’s their turn to be cheating.
Gambling, lust, indolence, domestic violence …
This is all my impression of that man.
When I was seven years old, my mother couldn’t stand the divorce. My brother and I chose my brother, and my mother refused me.
Yes, nai
When I was four or five years old, he took me out to "play". He went upstairs to play cards and I strolled alone.
Unfortunately, there is a dog in this card room, and the impression of it is that it has a big body.
I can’t remember whether it is a German shepherd or a Tibetan mastiff.
What’s even more unfortunate is that the big dog doesn’t like strangers very much and I wanted to "play" with him at that time.
As a result, it can be expected that the trachea almost burst, and the neck was stitched with more than a dozen needles, and the rabies vaccine was also injected with many needles.
Since then, my neck has always tilted to one side and my face has been washed with acne, which makes my face water.
When my parents divorced, I was the kind of person who was rejected by both sides
Fortunately, after all, my mother lost a piece of meat, and my mother still loves me dearly.
Now I think it’s a good thing that I finished college with my mother instead of dropping out of junior high school with his brother.
When I came into contact with novels, I went to my brother’s house to play. During that time, my brother kept reading novels, and his uncle’s house was the library.
When I first came into contact with novels, I was limited to horror, but I was still fascinated by them.
Since then, I have plunged into the sea and cannot extricate myself.
Of course, I will read everything. On the day of the novel, the fantasy of horse riding occupied the vast majority.
At that time, I wrote my first novel, which made the ballpoint pen write my own diary.
For three major conversions, it is about more than 300,000 words.
It’s a pity that the teacher took away the outline, so you can give it up without it.
Since then, I have been reading without writing, although I am eager to move.
Until I joined after graduating from college, I worked part-time as a company, which witnessed it from existence to growth. Most ordinary employees went in and managed the area slowly, and the monthly salary reached about 20 thousand.
It’s a pity that the company’s project closed down.
After that, I rested for less than half a month, and my friend introduced me to a chain worker for three months.
Finally, I found that this job was very tiring and not suitable for me.
I resolutely chose to give up my job, even though my guest bought a house on the third day after leaving, although I lost a small amount of money, I didn’t regret it.
The outline is very important. Write, delete, play games and rest for three months.
I have written more than 20 outlines, fantasy, cities and colleagues, but I feel that I am not very interested.
Until I saw a fire shadow system in my mind, Marvel Comics’s creativity was very good. It’s a pity to click in … The sentence doesn’t make sense and the eunuch
The point is that it’s only a few thousand words.
Creativity is there, and there is this.
But one idea is to attract some exciting plots, which is the key to keep readers.
Just thinking about the plot is another half month.