Wu Tingfang originally met two people with Zhang Yi, the shogunate of Li Hongzhang, and Zhang Yi was quite familiar. You’re welcome.

Wu Tingfang laughed. "Since General Jian has already prepared, I am relieved."
Zhang Yi went on to say, "Lord Wenjue, I wake you up. Now we have a Mukden army waiting day and night. I’m afraid the Japanese army will not easily invade the hinterland of China, but it will be dangerous. I think if the Japanese army wants to start work, it will not aim at our three northeastern provinces for the first time, but it is more likely to aim at the Beiyang Lord Wenjue stationed in Zhili and Shandong. You and I are both people who have benefited from Li Zhongtang. You must wake him up."
Wu Tingfang laughed. "General Jian, why don’t you just go directly to Li Zhongtang and pass me through this layer? You … "
Zhang Yi smiled and said, "Let’s not be so polite to give you a solid story. Before I came to the United States, I had already ordered the Mukden intelligence agency to collect the information of Russian Ri ‘b ě n. Once there is any trouble, I will get the news at the first time. If Beiyang is involved, our information will be directly handed over to Li Zhongtang. He has exchanged information with us. Is it still one? "
Wu Tingfang smiled and nodded.
Wu Tingfang is the most famous diplomat in the late Qing Dynasty and a think tank of Li Hongzhang. Li Hongzhang’s international hunting for national bases comes from Wu Tingfang, Xue Fucheng and others, and is an important barrier for Beiyang.
Zhang Yi is also appreciative of Wu Tingfang’s ability. Zhang Yi laughs. "Lord Wenjue tells you the truth that the Qing Dynasty is already in a state of turmoil, and the people’s livelihood will be exhausted. How many years will the country inevitably change? Has Lord Wenjue ever thought about the future?"
Wu Tingfang said with a wry smile, "General Jian, what you said is really direct. In this way, the official also heard Li Zhongtang tell us that most of the Qing Dynasty relies on Li Zhongtang to support his old man’s house, saying that he is a paperhanger who blocks this dilapidated house everywhere. What should he do once he dies?" Zhang Jian is one leng. He hasn’t heard of Li Hongzhang’s analogy, but it’s also very appropriate. Isn’t the ruined house in Qing Dynasty crumbling now? I’m afraid this ruined house will collapse in a few years. Wu Tingfang went on to say, "In those days, some generals had the audacity to persuade nave’s adult to enter the Beiyang country by force at that time. If you really do it, nave’s adult may not have no chance to be able to be Beiyang, but he was crushed by nave’s adult. He said that he wanted to do a good job in this paperhanger. He didn’t want
Chapter three hundred and fifty-two The poacher
Listening to Wu Tingfang’s words, Zhang Yi shines at the moment. It is from the heart that two people respect Li Hongzhang. Although Zhang Yi came through, he has always rewarded Li Hongzhang in his previous life. It can keep the Qing Jiangshan standing for twenty years. This is the greatest achievement!
Zhang Yi laughed. "Li Zhongtang deserves to be honest and honest, but I have nothing to say about this loyalty."
Wu Tingfang sighed, "Now nave’s adult health is getting worse day by day. After all, he is already over seventy years old. When he died, the Qing Dynasty will be even more lost. At that time, we people should go to the real world and we are a little confused."
Zhang Yi replied, "In the end, you must have Lord Lu Wenjue to be the best in the world. Are you afraid that there is no room?"
Wu Tingfang smiled bitterly and said, "Lord nave once told us about Xing Sun, Young firewood, Guan Ting and my brother Fucheng. He said that in the future, the flag bearer of Beiyang must be Zhang Jian. After his death, all of us will return to you. You don’t want to be an old official then."
Zhang Yi was startled and one leng. I didn’t expect that Li Hongzhang had such high hopes for him that he entrusted the whole Beiyang to him. Today, he wanted Wu Tingfang to have a good chat and see if he could do what he wants in the future. After all, he knows that diplomats are rare, and a Tang Shaoyi can’t die, can he?
I didn’t expect Wu Tingfang and others to get Li Hongzhang’s instructions in the future. It seems that I still look down on Li Hongzhang before myself.
Zhang Yi replied, "Lord Wenjue, since Lord nave has entrusted you with this, please rest assured that if there is anything that needs to be reported in the future, Zhang Yi will tell you at any time after listening to it, but to be honest with Beiyang, nave’s adult has been neglected in management over the years. If one day I really take over Beiyang dialect, it will also carry out drastic innovation, otherwise Beiyang’s reputation will be destroyed."
Wu Tingfang wry smile way: "General Jian, you don’t know that nave’s adults don’t know that nave’s eyes are open. Now nave’s adults are old in Beiyang and lack enough rising stars. If he has a good candidate to replace, who is willing to let those senior people who have been blinded by fame and fortune live and destroy the foundation of Beiyang? No nai nai … "
Zhang Yi’s heart is also bitter. Li Hongzhang is definitely the first generation in the late Qing Dynasty. Even Zeng Guofan’s Zuo Zongtang may have to worship the wind, but unfortunately, no one can escape from this era, just like letting yourself make the original bomb now. That is not something you can achieve if you master the corresponding theory.
Wu Tingfang went on to say, "Don’t look at your success in carrying out the New Deal in Fengtian. If Beiyang is really in your hands that day, you will know how difficult it is for a Beiyang to manage all forces and wrestle with each other. Together with nave’s adult prestige, it is really difficult to curb this group of people."
Zhang Yi said with a confident smile when he heard this, "If Lord Wenjue and Lord nave can’t solve it, I won’t be able to solve this group of people. First, they can do whatever they want and leave irrelevant. I won’t force them to stay. I want to stay. All of them are ambitious people with one thing. Zhang Yi has a wealth of zhng’gng, but they won’t give it to people; Second, if they can, I can’t. I have another Beiyang. Now I have made some tricks myself. Without Beiyang, I can still hold up half the sky in China! I’m here. I want to actively tell talents not to be dead and useless! Lord Wenjue, China needs more people who have studied and seen the world like you, so that they can have hope and hold on to broadswords and spears without flexibility, and we can wait for national subjugation. I sincerely welcome you to work with me in the future, and we want China people to work hard and strive hard in the future! We can’t let the younger generation Sun Zhen be conquered people! "
Wu Tingfang nodded and said, "The so-called hero is a teenager. It’s true that General Jian is only in his early twenties now, but he has already made such great achievements, and he’s afraid that he is not the last man in the pool. I want you to run out."
Zhang Yi laughed. "Lord Wenjue, where did you say that I lent you the light? Now my hands are short of understanding. There are more and more foreigners in Mukden. We in Germany and the United States are getting closer and closer. People are placed in their own shallow foundations. If it weren’t for nave’s adult’s bleeding, I would transfer Shaochuan and others to me. I don’t know what to do now. So I can also have the cheek to speak to you. You can recommend me a few talents. "
Wu Tingfang heard a meditation and said, "General Jian, now I am a public official, but I can also recommend you a few talents in diplomacy. One is Liang Cheng, who is also a student studying in the United States. Tang Shaoyi and others are all classmates. Now he is my staff. I want you to experience a lot. It is definitely a maverick; The other is Zhang Yintang, who has no experience in studying abroad, but the American legation has many years of experience and is quite resourceful. These two people are my right-hand man. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t care to hand them over. Without them, I have to do a lot of things myself. "
Zhang Yi laughed exultantly. "Haha, Lord Wenjue, I thank you so much. Don’t worry. I’ll just take two assistants to help you later."
Wu Tingfang nai pointed to Zhang Yi and laughed. "You are still unwilling to send someone to follow me and let me be a teacher. You are determined to be a good teacher. Hehe …" Zhang Yi smiled and said, "Of course, you should not only be a teacher, but also pay them a salary …" Two people laughed heartily. Wu Tingfang naturally knew that connections were important. He told them that Zhang Yi’s future was limitless if he didn’t know where to seize such a good opportunity.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-three Iktangga into the capital.
Zhang Yi Wu Tingfang talked until late at night before returning to her room to have a rest.
After dealing with a lot of things, Zhang Yi launched a crazy technology procurement and poaching trip in the United States. Zhang Yi and the United States were so happy that the country’s turmoil had reached its limit
After the empress dowager cixi’s first party began to suppress Guangxu, the reform parties were everywhere restrained. Emperor Guangxu could also hope that Iktangga would return to the capital. After Iktangga received Guangxu’s decree, he thought of the situation in the DPRK. Zhang Yi said that Iktangga immediately understood that this was the implementation of the New Deal, and the throne might have been threatened to some extent. It was time for him to do it himself.
Iktangga sent a report to Kang You and others in Beijing, knowing that they firmly supported the Emperor’s New Deal. When they arrived in Beijing, it was when the Emperor vigorously promoted the New Deal. After Kang You and others got the report, they waited for Iktangga to arrive.
As everyone knows, the closer Iktangga is to Beijing, the closer it is to the ghost gate. Cixi butcher’s knife has been lifted.
Shan Hai Song Qing led his most elite pro-Weiying Mountain to wait for the arrival of Iktangga. Coincidentally, Song Qing Iktangga was a famous general of the Great Qing Dynasty in the same year, but there were not many people who had dealt with each other because of different camps.
Song Qing knows that it happened today himself, but it’s a big job. Once Iktangga is executed, Guangxu will definitely tear himself to pieces if Cixi doesn’t maintain it.
However, the decree of Lafayette has arrived, and it is difficult for him to ride a tiger. I’m afraid I’m faster than Iktangga, and my boss Li Hongzhang can’t protect himself.
At a distance, Iktangga led his 20,000-town border troops to gradually approach the mountains and seas.
Song Qing saw Iktangga approaching to urge the horse forward and coming to Iktangga. "Yaoshan’s adult has worked hard all the way. Song Qing has been waiting for a long time again."
Iktangga also hurriedly handed over and said, "Song Shaobao, please wait for Iktangga for a long time. It’s really shameful."
Song Qing smiled and said, "Although the mountain and sea of Yaoshan adults are important towns, the area is small. Song Qingjun can invite Yaoshan adults to receive them in China."
Iktangga didn’t doubt that he laughed. "Why don’t Song Shaobao greet the officer since Song Shaobao intends to, and then pass with a great army?"
Say just led more than a dozen pro-Song Qing into the mountains and seas Song Qingling took out the dining tables outside ZH ā’ à i town border troops.
Entering the Shanhai Shuaifu, everyone just sat in Song Qing’s sudden color and said, "Iktangga takes orders!"
Iktangga one leng to purport? Have a court order? Why don’t you say anything outside Song Qing? A bad feeling rose in Iktangga’s heart.
Iktangga asked, "Where did Song Shaobao’s will come from? He just accepted the emperor’s will to enter Beijing and the horse will see the empress dowager. Why did he come again?"
Song Qing replied, "Lord Yaoshan’s imperial court will naturally dare not tear it down. Let’s take it first."
Iktangga hurriedly knelt down and Song Qing opened the imperial edict and read, "Fengtian carried the emperor Zhao Yue to check Jilin’s general Iktangga, who was deeply impressed by the emperor’s kindness, so he led his troops to enter the country. It is implicit and counterproductive to investigate and deal with Iktangga’s hard work and contribution to the country. Hereby, the town border army of Bailing left the corpse department with poisonous wine to deliver Song Qing’s ruling system."
At this time, the pro-health has brought the poisoned wine white silk to the side.
Iktangga’s entourage was frightened to disgrace. This is too sudden.
Iktangga said angrily, "Song Qing, you are irresponsible. This is an official’s edict, but you only entered the army at the behest of the emperor. How can you act without authorization?"
Aside the han army commander-in-chief longshan is also a drink "this is a letter to the false! Song Qing, what are you going to do? We generals are loyal to the imperial court, how can we rebel and talk about it! "
Song Qing sneer at a way "Yaoshan adult hello confused you said you served the imperial edict that imperial edict? You say this imperial edict is false? Look at the jade seal. Can it be forged? "
Iktangga picked up the imperial edict and turned pale, knowing that he was involved in a huge conspiracy. Now he is a soldier in the mountains and seas, and he is unable to fly.
Song Qing said with a sigh, "Yaoshan’s adult, you are confused. Is it possible for us foreign ministers to participate in the party struggle after the emperor’s party? Even Master Weng was dismissed and sent back to his original place? What’s more, how can we afford to be a general like you and me? Take the order. The Queen Mother once sent me a message asking you to take the order. The imperial court will give you a deep burial and reward. Once you resist, there will be nothing. It is a real traitor. "
Iktangga didn’t react until he entered the capital. The emperor didn’t let himself deal with the old-school minister, but he had to deal with the Queen Mother himself. This is really a case, which is more wrong than Dou E.
Aside the dragon figure nu way "nonsense what the court is in power we can’t afford to touch, then we will return to Jilin. Why should we kill our adults? My Lord, get up in Longshan and kill you! "
Iktangga shook his head bitterly and gently shouted, "Longshan, don’t mess around. My name can’t be ruined like this. Song’s adult officials can lead their necks to slaughter, but there is one thing they want."
Song Qing sighed, "Go ahead, Lord Yaoshan, miss you and I, and I know that you have always been brave and important, and you can do your best."
Iktangga replied, "Song Shaobao is now facing a great threat from Ri ‘b ě n Russia in the three northeastern provinces. My 20,000-town border troops grew up fighting against Russia and can’t just be thrown into the court party struggle. Please ask Song Shaobao to let them go back to Jilin and continue to guard the territorial officials."
Song Qing hesitated a little. "There is something wrong with this Yaoshan adult. If I let the town border troops return to Jilin privately, the name of resistance will fall to the official head, and the official can’t afford to eat." Iktangga saw Song Qing hesitate and said, "Song Shaobao’s 20,000 town border troops are all brought out by the official and loyal to the official. If the adult insists on killing the official and then incorporating the town border troops, once the town border troops dng’luàn is afraid of this consequence, it will not be less guaranteed that you can bear it. Do you want to see this Qing elite mountain and sea blood flow? "Song Qing heart a shock said slowly" good old promise you! "
Chapter three hundred and fifty-four Iktangga died.