"Father assured child remember" JiJinChan should be one.

Step out of the firm but gentle hall
Qingfeng Mountain stands on the top of the mountain, and the Sword Palace is as simple as a giant sword, stabbing into the sky for 6 years. Yang Jian, the third brother, sits here and guards Luzhou Gate in the north.
Clean hands, burn incense, and offer sacrifices to the sword. Yang Jian completed his daily homework without hesitation for one reason-sincere in the sword. Yang Jian gave up his innate treasure and sought to concentrate on kendo.
"Brother Yang, I’ll come to see you for a drink and show up quickly."
Yang Jian, who was shouting from outside, heard something familiar. The palace door saw Zhu Jiuyin, a thin young man standing side by side in front of the door.
After a slight stupidity, there was a little joy. "It turned out that Wu Xiandi and the fourth younger brother came here. Please come in quickly, brother. Here, there is a second brother to send Yaochi Jade Liquid to ensure the satisfaction of the two good brothers."
Sun Wu-wen was overjoyed when he jumped into the door.
Zhu Jiuyin is still honest and honest, and slowly said, "I have seen three senior brothers."
"Teacher younger brother don’t bother to go in with his brother." Yang Jian nodded and greeted Zhu Jiuyin side by side.
Three huge sea bowls collided in one place "fuck!"
Sun Wu’s head was raised, and nearly half of the wine was spilled on his front, throwing it like a sea bowl and shouting, "Cool!"
Yang Jian learned to throw a sea bowl on the table. Only Zhu Jiuyin looked up and looked forward to the last drop until it fell into the mouth.
"Stay Yang Dage, there is plenty of good wine here." Sun Wu patted the table and pointed to Zhu Jiuyin and sneered. "It’s a pity that you have been a marshal of the canopy and people are so petty."
"Nonsense!" Zhu Jiuyin jumped three feet high and slapped Sun Wu with his eyes wide. "It’s not easy to think about a meal when you have a meal. Look at you!"
Sun Wu gnashed her teeth for a moment and then sat quietly cursing herself for being talkative like a frustrated ball.
"Why can’t you forget that you can’t eat with this idiot? It’s absolutely self-defeating. It’s weird and weird to see him who is stupid and forced to be anxious on weekdays."
Sun Wu’s mind kept on drinking, and some of Zhu Jiuyin’s momentum changed back to honesty and simplicity. Yang Jian was even a cold-hearted person, and the three of them silently drank the wine and soon destroyed most of it.
"Brother Wu Xian hasn’t congratulated you on coming in for a bowl!" Yang Jian finally remembered that he was the first to break the silence.
Gulp Sun Wu wiped away the wine stains. "I got away with cutting off the demon body. This is just Luo Xian’s realm. Yang Dage was originally going to learn a thing or two from Yang Dage. Now it seems …"
Suddenly shut up and shake your head with a wry smile.
Yang Jian is not good at words, so he opened his mouth. I don’t know how to change the subject and asked, "Is there anything to gain from sealing the list of gods?"
"I’ve been to Dongsheng Shenzhou several times after rummaging through Huaguo Mountain."
Sun Wu shook his head and suddenly remembered something, gnashing his teeth. "I didn’t find it on the list of gods, but I heard about it. The Shushan Sword Sect killed demons and took Dan everywhere in Dongsheng Shenzhou under the banner of cutting demons and removing demons, which forced the little demon to escape everywhere. If I wasn’t worried about scaring the old man and delaying the search for the list of gods, I would kill the door and destroy that damn sword Sect!"
Said Sun Wu, furious, and slapped the sea bowl to the ground.
"It’s no wonder that many small demons moved to Qingfeng Mountain some time ago." Yang Jian’s cold light flashed solemnity and sneered. "Kill the demons and get rid of the demons? Hehe, this banner has not been seen for many years. "
In a bad mood, three people stop drinking again.
"Uber! Put the herbs quickly and leave you a corpse! " The tender and crisp voice soared from the foot of the mountain into the sword palace.
Sun Wu hurled the jar and sprinted outward.
"Cut off the monkey body but not the monkey nature" Yang Jian shook his head and greeted Zhu Jiuyin with a calm face and rushed to the mountain.
Far away, I saw my mother, Baguio Fairy, blocking a knife and shooting at the small demon, Qingfeng Sword, frowning and displeasing. "How can you be such a vicious means to take people’s lives at an early age?"
The child’s sword-holding tactic controls the flying sword and loudly drinks, "It’s my life to kill the demon and get rid of it. You are a woman who quickly lost her life."
Sun Wu was so angry that he went on the rampage and threw himself at the child.
Yang Jian looked at his body and stopped Sun Wu with a flash of light. "Brother Xian, don’t worry, it’s the master of Qingfeng Mountain. Let brother handle it."
"Yang Dage said that the younger brother naturally followed" Sun Wu saw that Yang Jian’s face was as heavy as water, showing that he did not refuse, so he stopped and stepped back.
Yang Jian nodded indifferently and asked, "Are you brothers?"
Chapter two hundred and seventy-one Bait fishing
Chapter two hundred and seventy-one Bait fishing
Holding his neck high, the girl behind him was about to reply, so he stopped and told him to gather gifts to "the younger generation Qi Lingyun met the elder so that the elder could know that the younger generation three were brothers of Shushan Sword Sect."
It was Qi Jinchan, Qi Lingyun and the laughing monk’s royal sword who went out to look for medicine. Looking down, a seven-leaf ginseng was picked by a The eagle demon first, and then the two sides fought, and then the three men chased the eagle demon all the way to Qingfeng Mountain.
Qi Lingyun, who is a celestial being, still can’t see through Yang Jian, Sun Wu and Baguio Fairy. The fear in their hearts is so great that it is best to show weakness and report to the gate.
"Shushan Sword School?" Sun Wu heard the fierce look in his eyes and pointed at Lingyun. The three grinned, "It’s really hard to get here." I was just about to find that stupid sword sect to trouble you, but you sent it to the door. Very good! "
Three Shushan brothers flew into a rage and glared at Sun Wu mercilessly.
Laughing at the monk, God read, "This gang is not a good generation, martial sister Lingyun. Later, brother will start first. You help me, Junior Brother Jinchan, the treasure given by your uncle-‘Nine Days Yuan Yang Chi’ is waiting for an opportunity to sneak attack."
Qi Lingyun and Qi Jinchan’s brothers and sisters are good at words.
At this time, Baguio Fairy cured the eagle demon’s injury and asked at the end of the incident, "Come here, my son."
"Does mother have orders?" Yang Jian bent down to ask questions before acting quickly.
Baguio Fairy holds Yang Jian’s arm and smiles. "Since you’re here, it’s up to you to deal with it. The Shushan Sword Sect has acted too much. My son’s body is demon and my brother can’t sit idly by. It’s just that the boy and the girl are punished a little."
Said led the eagle demon away.
"Follow the mother’s instruction" Yang Jian bowed down to each other.
"Uber! Where to run! "
Laughing monk found the opportunity to sacrifice asceticism, and the Buddhist monk gave him the "Shadow Flying Sword", but the sneak attack was to stab Baguio Fairy’s mouth and shout, which was a diversion to make people mistake him for attacking the eagle demon.
At the same time, Qi Lingyun offered a green Gang sword and cut it at the eagle demon.
Yang Jian’s eyes were cold and his body beat. He even grabbed two flying swords with his bare hands and pinched them into two pieces. Then he suddenly disappeared. When he reappeared, his hands had seized the necks of the laughing monk and JiLingyun respectively.
Qi Jinchan pulled out a jade ruler from his bosom, and his body was emerald green. He hated Sun Wu’s insulting words. The Shushan Sword Sect abandoned the jade ruler and turned nine golden flowers into a pledge.
Sun Wu shrugged off the thought of blowing off the nine rotten flowers and thundered to drink "Monkey King, don’t panic! He came to give you an arm. "
From the eager words, Sun Wu felt the intense emotions such as fear, worry and joy, and squeezed the little monkey’s eyes and whispered blankly, "It turns out that I have so much weight in this stay …"
Sun Wu was moved, repented and blamed himself. He shouldn’t bully this good brother on weekdays.
At the same time, Zhu Jiuyin’s eyes shone brightly, which made Penglai Island’s secret method condense a huge amount of star power into a huge palm, and conveniently fished all nine golden flowers in the palm.
In an explosion, the huge palm suddenly dispersed. Zhu Jiu insidious smile ha ha copied the ruler of Yuanyang, which had fallen for nine days, in his hand and groped for a while. After that, Zhang’s maw bit off a corner and chewed on it.
Bang, bang, bang … Bang, bang …
"Demon … monster …" Qi Jinchan fell into a dull state and consciously swallowed. He looked at Zhu Jiuyin in a silly way and enjoyed the "Nine Days Yuan Yang Chi" and forgot to be in danger.
"It turns out that this nervousness is’ food’, which is also reasonable for this."
When Sun Wu was awakened by the harsh noise, he suddenly realized that his heart was filled with shame and resentment, and he picked up his fist and gave Zhu Jiuyin a hammer.
"Who? !” Zhu Jiuyin turned around and glared at each other. There was still "delicious" residue in the gap between his teeth.
Sun Wu gas knot dark scold yourself silly to reason with the pig or are eating pig force to pull an arm casually perfunctory way "eat it quickly, it’s not enough to taste cold" words ignore Zhu Jiuyin twist a head to look at Yang Jian there.