"pa!" Another slap is harder than Jiang Feng’s. Let him vomit blood repeatedly.

"unbridled! Jiang Feng is my guest. How can you be ridiculous? Fortunately, Jiang Feng is fine. If anything happens! I am asking you! "
Li Tianba indiscriminately swept over and shouted at him.
Burning pain comes to the left and leads to dullness. On the spot, eyes are blank.
Naturally, he won’t know that Li Tianba can’t protect himself, let alone be left in charge.
Maybe he will be in big trouble in the whole country of Kun and Yuan.
"Ha ha!" Li Tianba looked up at Jiang Feng and tried to show his most cordial smile "Jiang Feng! Oh, I let my hand do something I’m sorry for. I’ll teach him a lesson when I get back! "
Chapter 395 Linda steamed bread
Li Tianba’s slap is not only to beat the big elders at the head of the left, but also to be a little slow!
How can a group of people suddenly change their faces when they are aggressive! ?
Especially Li Tianba’s politeness to Jiang Feng made him confused!
Previously, I shouted to kill and beat a pair of deep hatred, and it was like a different person in a flash! ? What medicine is sold in gourd! ?
"misunderstanding! The department is a misunderstanding! "
Li Tianba smiled and waved and said, "Don’t be surprised that the family of the Dragon King Temple didn’t know a family, Jiang Feng!"
"The family! ? Who is with your family! " Jiang Fenggen don’t eat this tone is very cold "a second also find someone to kill you for a second just tell you it’s normal family! You are out of your mind! "
Be sick! ?
The last sentence echoed in everyone’s mind, but this is Kun Yuan’s national pursuit, even if there is anger in my heart, there is no need to be so direct!
Li Tianba’s mouth twitched and his face was very embarrassed!
He really wants to slap this smelly little Nalin merchant to death, and he can hold his nose and endure this revenge and report it later!
"why! ? Bringing so many people here is to make trouble! ?” Jiang Feng squinted at him without showing any comfort.
Li bully face complex some don’t know such as words.
Old man Lin walked to come over at this time to Jiang Feng light say with smile "less heroes! Sure enough, you have courage and knowledge! Lin Mopei! "
Jiang Feng eyes narrowed and looked at the old man suddenly smiled.
"Linda steamed bread! I didn’t expect you to be alive, and I still want you to drive a crane to the west! "
What! ?
Linda steamed bread! ?
When this statement came out, everyone was frightened to disgrace. This is one of the old monsters that Duobao merchant owners really lived for thousands of years.
This little tuning Li Tianba is just that even this adult dares to provoke!
All eyes all looked up.
In the eyes of everyone, this is obviously insulting each other!
Li Tianba was overjoyed to see this in his heart. He hoped that this little annoyance would annoy each other so that he could get rid of Jiang Feng without blowing off dust. It was killing two birds with one stone!
Everyone feels that Jiang Feng escaped this disaster!
"You … how do you know my nickname!" The old man surnamed Lin’s eyes became excited when his ears shook, and he trembled and held out his finger.
See the old man Lin expression all zheng what’s going on! ?
The owner of the forest business is not angry! ? And it seems very exciting! ?
They naturally don’t know that Linda’s steamed bread is because she was too fat as a child, like a steamed bread!
The nickname "Linda Steamed Bread" was gradually faded away with him for half a generation.
After this, he actually heard this title method again to cover up his shock.
"Are you an old friend junior! ?” The old man Lin suddenly patted his head and suddenly remembered what was showing a sudden color "Yan Xuzong! I said how it sounds so familiar. Brother Zongmenhua is in good health! ?”
Brother Hua naturally refers to the bodhi old zu!