Ding-dong broken arrow fell to the ground and sounded like a ringing bell.

Su Jing’s body wriggled a few times, Gong Xian’s charming body trembled a few times, and when broken arrow stopped bouncing, the two men were still again.
It is also at this time that the sun rekindled its brilliance and dispelled people. At noon in the dark, the sun shone brightly.
Saved? All dead? The sweet mandarin ducks couldn’t see the result, but they saw that there was still blood left in their jaws. Yang Saburo flashed out and took a stroke of Su Jing’s right palm with a dark sword.
The palm breaks deep red, and the faint golden blood flows out. Follow Yang Saburo to stretch out his hand and hold the broken gong fairy to Su Jing’s side. Finally Yang Saburo puts Su Jing’s cut right hand and presses the broken gong fairy’s heart.
"Soft …" The last thought flashed from Su Jing’s mind and he fell into a coma.
"What do you mean by Third Sister?" Wu yi pointed to Su Jing’s hand and asked
"Su Qiangqiang confessed" Yang Saburo replied.
This smelly rascal … The little queen whispered to her companion, "Little Xianweng’s move will be meaningful."
Chapter one thousand two hundred and nineteen A little black
Cultivate one’s morality, refine one’s soul and refine one’s blood. Su Jingyang’s fire practice is good. The sun is shining and warm. His blood is nourishing life and breeding spiritual pulp. After two swords, Su Jing can’t move any more. While she is still awake, Shenyang Saburo asked her to cut her palm and blood to moisten the spiritual fetus.
Su Jing’s dream of sleeping changes from time to time, and he can talk about what he dreamed of and where he went, holding those two bags in his hand all the time.
Boluo world
King Hu of the conference semifinals has been sitting on the top of the world’s highest mountain for a hundred days, and it has been three months since the sun suddenly appeared.
Su Jing promised that he would come back to give him an explanation about the success or failure of things, but now he is sleeping, where can he explain what Yu Yangsaburo and Xiaoman and his gang will rest assured that a man will wait?
No matter how anxious you can wait, you can’t just look up at the sky.
A few days later, staring at the sun, the king of conference semifinals suddenly heard a bang.
Drums shake the earth!
After a while, it was a big bang, from slow to urgent, and urged to be full of war drums, seas and mountains all over the whole person!
The drums are not only loud, but also full of sound. It’s simply soul-stirring to overhaul the gv 10! If you have to knock the drum like this, don’t say that even the king of conference semifinals will be seriously injured and vomited blood.
Law ignored the king of conference semifinals, jumped up with a snort of cold, jumped straight from the summit and fell. At half time, the lightning method flew out of the oblique thorn and held up the Lord and hurried to the drum place!
Burning incense and flying, the king of the conference semifinals saw a monk playing drums in the middle of a big lake ahead.
There have been many practitioners around who are drinking and cursing repeatedly, controlling treasures or urging spells to besiege drum monks. However, depending on how fierce their spells are and how sharp their offensive is, when they enter the monk’s body, the treasures will fall off the avatar and the wind will turn.
The monk didn’t strike back and bowed his head and knocked on his drum from beginning to end.
When the king of conference semifinals approached the monk again, he sensed his arrival and looked up at him.