He shook his head. "That’s the macro surface. We are old and inconvenient to move here, not to mention elite hybrids. We can’t even beat an ordinary adult man, but we control such a powerful Gattuso family."

He took a sip of red wine and looked intoxicated. "It is because of wisdom and rules that we guide the family to make the group machines stronger, so everyone respects us. We make rules, and we are the people in the rules who want to bow down to us."
Several old people wanted to praise Alpha’s brilliant ideas, but Alpha didn’t finish.
He has always been calm and wide, and his face shows a ferocious hand. Suddenly, the goblet is crushed by him, and the wine is mixed with the broken palm and the blood is flowing.
"But what if someone doesn’t follow the rules at this time?"
His harsh golden pupils lit up. He just said that everyone is an old man with a weak hand, but he easily broke the goblet. The old man with dry skin and swollen veins suddenly turned into an old lion before he ate.
Alpha was originally named Nero Gattuso two centuries ago … S-class hybrid!
His old man was stunned by Alpha’s sudden ferocity.
Alpha indifferently pulled out a handkerchief and wiped his hands with red wine and blood. "Then he won’t follow the rules."
Alpha’s line confused his old man. Although we are all wise, we can’t stand riddlers like you! ?
"What is still controllable in Pompeii?"
Alpha light way looking at hand wound look subtle.
He shook his head by himself. "You can rest assured that everything is under control. Some people think they are doing what they want, so let him think so."
"In Caesar …"
He nodded and smiled broadly. "Why not go with nature?"
His old man’s face finally smiled.
Japan Tokyo Narita Airport Exit-Entry Hall
When Ayakoji Xun saw the boy, he was all bad.
She never wants to see this teenager again. Every time the other person comes to Japan, it seems that … it’s not good.
This time, "returning to nature" has become the first time the other side has come to Japan.
However, the other party is wearing a normal dress this time. Two China teenagers are wearing black trench coats, while the Italian nobleman is wearing taupe and casual, with dazzling blond hair, which glows like he is confident.
Caesar went to Ayakoji Xun and took Lu Chen’s and Chu Hang’s passports with a bright smile. "I’m glad that this time I can let such a beautiful lady go through the immigration formalities."
Ayakoji Xun was forced to open a business and forced to smile without asking what a few people did this time. They stamped one by one and wanted to quickly send away athel Loren.
But Caesar looks like a lady who feels much better about herself and others.
You don’t need to stamp the entry stamp when you return to China.
At this time, Sakura, wearing a black suit, walked steadily and leaned slightly. "Please come with me."
Ayakoji Kaoru didn’t go through the formalities until she was shocked to find that nothing important happened at this airport!
There are no gangs blocking the entrance and exit, and there are no girls’ groups greeting each other!
The other party finally … Become low-key!
"Sister Sakura, why are you still picking us up? It’s not so polite."
Pull the cherry blossom hand before painting pear clothes. Although it is not obvious on the surface, the baby should be three months old.
"Painting pear clothes and Lu Chen naturally want us to pick them up when they come back."
Sakura smiled and nodded to Chu Hang and Caesar. "Of course, Chu Jun and Caesar Jun are very welcome."
Chuhang nodded with a look of indifference, but it was also from the heart. Minamoto Chisei felt his heart.
"Of course we can’t miss Brother Yuan’s wedding."
Caesar has a bright smile. He is also here to learn from the scriptures. He wants to see what the wedding at the Jingong Palace is like. If it is good, he is going to have a wedding too.
Yes, yes, yes, he is going to take Nuo Nuo to experience the ball and book the wedding itinerary around the world for nearly a year. He is going to announce to the world that he has the girl.
A few people left the car with Sakura. Caesar Road is still the most talkative one, and he still doesn’t forget to tease Chuhang.
"Brother Chu, look at brother Yuan. I’m getting married soon. When will you land?"
Chuhang smell speech was silent for a while. Caesar unexpectedly answered "… when necessary" in his unexpected eyes.
Caesar was very surprised. "Brother Chu, I can understand that you have a goal! ?”
Chuhang didn’t answer this time. He looked out of the window with his head sideways.
"Gee, who is it? Lionheart will be at the same level? Let’s see, it seems that that girl named Susie was interested in you before. Was it her? "
Only at this time can Caesar have an unexpectedly good memory. He went to Lionheart once last year and will see Susie helping Chuhang deal with public affairs.
Chuhang was silent for a moment, Susie …
When I first learned that paragraph, the girl seemed really interested in herself, but later, as she and Brother Lu went out with high frequency and stayed in China for a long time, it gradually faded.
Of course, he certainly didn’t notice the girl’s meaning at first.
Or did Xia Mi suddenly realize that some of Susie’s lines were interesting to her?
But fortunately, with the decrease in the number of meetings, there is nothing between him and Susie.
He didn’t deliberately provoke other girls, and when he didn’t invite them to dinner, he would dilute everything. They are ordinary friends now.
He is not the only one who is dazzling in the main Lionheart meeting. He has a more eye-catching sun. Brother Lu is pressing against Ji Lionheart, and all the girls are looking forward to their president.
In this case, you will be dead set on loving yourself. It seems that there is no one.
But there seems to be an exception to everything. He can’t understand some things today.
"Brother Chu has something to say. Don’t hold it. I’ll help you with your staff."
Caesar is very enthusiastic. He is about to get married. The man thinks he is absolutely speaking again.
ChuHang hesitated "is … pool"
Caesar made a snap of his fingers. "Oh, my sister is good. A brother should be a sister!"