Suoya was depressed and said, "There are still several powerful magic weapons that are stronger than the younger generation in five levels of skill, and it is still empty to refine the gods."

Easy heart way "tough! I have sent a whole realm, but the people in the magic way generally have a messy breath of Yuan God and are not pure. Compared with the path of the realm, biting is enough to fix it, but it is half lower, and at most it is Yuan God Dacheng."
Yi wanted to think, "I want the ghost of Wuyin to ask you to join hands with me to make him a magic weapon, and the materials department belongs to you." This is also to prevent Suoya from getting involved in one thousand, so that he can be accused of killing each other. In the future, he will have a change, and they are also the same grasshopper.
Suoya enchanted, but this accusation made the pie know that it was absolutely impossible for him to win. But when the green elder repaired the advanced island, it was obvious that he usually stepped in to deal with the Chang Guang. It was assured that if he missed that bag of natural materials and treasures, he would be lost. With Chang Guang’s greed, it must be indispensable …
It’s easy to see that his face is uncertain, rain or shine, and he gushes and encourages, "On this day, the sects are all the same, not to mention the light magic road, which is also happening all the time. If you don’t kill others, maybe others will kill you."
"To do.
You’re afraid of being discovered without knowing it? Since you are sent from Mangshan and sent to fix the true world, I don’t know how many people are thinking about it! "
"With this good influence background, if you don’t take this opportunity to jump on the chopping board, you will be indecisive and have scruples everywhere. If you are old, you will have been killed! You’re not pure in your mind. If you don’t poison it, you’ll succeed if you don’t be cruel! Finally, be the gray robber! "
Suoya was said to be a little angry from embarrassment, and his face was burning. He just wanted to talk back, but he didn’t give him a chance.
"I don’t know how many younger brothers are public in North Mountain! But my brother didn’t compete for favor and take credit for doing things, so he looked at you in his eyes and secretly compared with Beimanggong in his heart. Has he lived for many years? Xiutong Xuan is extremely powerful! In the future, he will definitely be elected by one of you. Even if he doesn’t, he will find a younger brother to take care of the pie. Think about it. He should be treated like you when he is a brother! At that time, it was not always necessary to look at the face! "
"Are other disciples … this identity difference is so big that the old man still can’t believe you can stand it! What if a Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade ambition secretly persecutes you? "
"At present, we should plan to eradicate the disease one by one and get ready for another day! There’s one to be him! Don’t worry about it if you want to go unnoticed!
Suoya’s hands trembled and cold sweat dripped behind him, and then he went on to listen to him.
"Old Master, you are destined to intervene several times in the future. If you are wrong, you can live and die. There are more than a dozen brothers, all of whom have a helper, and even the elders of the right path can kill you!"
SuoYa heart way "the devil had a background is enough to let a person suffer there are more than a dozen people! Let people not live! "
"Mangshan is a magical school, and it is necessary to carefully plan to eradicate the disease one by one. In the future, you will be admired by ten thousand people and climb to the top! Those who are blocked by the blade are invincible! It’s a deal, life and death, ten million heads fall! Wait for the prestige! Wait for domineering! Equal forces! Who dares to act without looking at your face!
Yi’s remarks are both encouragement and persuasion, and the emotional opportunity is gradually increasing. In addition, the sound is mixed with the recent practice of swinging the soul magic sound, which provokes him to drink it word by word in the end.
Suoya’s eyes grew hotter as he listened, his face flushed and his face was ferocious, panting, and his lips turned completely black. He was clutching his fist and his body was covered with black gas, completely revealing his phase, and he didn’t know it when he was on the road.
Yi added, "This is Chang Guang’s first goal, and the old man himself wants you to lure him out. This person will die!"
Suoya hides his heart, desires and ambitions, and he is out of control. He gasped, "Clear the clouds and see the sky! In the future, we need more help from our predecessors. If we achieve something, we must not forget the great kindness of our predecessors. "
"It’s too early to say that the first thing is to get rid of Chang Guang, and then you should practice the skill" The Secret Technique of Burning Baby and Burning Body "and get ready until these obstacles are completed, or everything will be over!"
Suoya certainly knows that repairing is all about gnashing one’s teeth and making a poisonous oath in his heart: "If you don’t succeed, you will die. There is no secret method for your predecessors. The younger generation looks forward to repairing this body and asks your predecessors to show specific plans."
Yi Dao "this matter has the old two of you then no matter what you do! If you want to lure Chang Guang out and follow one side, then find a reason. The old man and you will fight together and kill him at one stroke while he is unprepared. Otherwise, it’s as simple as waiting outside Mangshan Mountain for him to follow the assassination, but it’s too much trouble. For example, you should make a good plan when you are young and let the old man see what you have done. Don’t help a worthless straw bag in the future! "
Suoya’s heart is angry and dry. This devil talks badly and stinks. He doesn’t care about his face at all, but he says it’s also reasonable. If he can’t help the wall with his mud, who will take a reason! It’s the same for yourself. The law of the jungle is the iron law of life.
He patted his chest and said, "When the elder goes back, the younger generation will think of a wonderful plan to keep him in custody without knowing that he died in vain."
"good! I’ll see your performance. If you satisfy me this time, I’ll have to help you in the future! "
The fourth volume Gankun copulation Chapter two hundred and fifty-seven ganci agni
Stay old refining jade operator "easy to want to want to take out a few pieces of print ~ refining and connecting with arsenic sublimate, don’t let SuoYa see the flaw and pass it to him, and then tell four pieces of jade operator priorities.
He took out two brand-new mobile phones and input numbers to him. "This method of fixing truth is not very practical. It is not necessary for both parties to stop using the law or secular communication methods to facilitate the communication. If you have something to tell, you can contact me. This mobile phone is specially designed and has many functions. If you want to send a letter, you will be able to accept the old gang. This mobile phone still feels awkward, and then you will know the convenience! You little give that kid to the old couple so that they can connect with you in the future. "
SuoYa surprised by playing with a mobile phone. I knew it was expensive at first sight. I never thought that the other party was also a fashionable person. This high-tech thing is better than myself. I grinned. "The elder is thoughtful and the younger generation is not!" Here ….. Here are ten guides. Soul predecessors put them away. "
Easy to take ten black Yu Pei face braved the black gas is not easy to boast "you little this thing refining is exquisite good good! Ok, let me know if you think of a plan today. Don’t keep me waiting! Look at you, you’re a tattered old man. I’m really afraid you’ll run out of oil and die! It’s just that it’s cheaper today. You’ve lost a hundred pounds of dragon blood and meat. Take it back and cook it yourself to adjust your bones! " Take out a big jar and a big box and put them on the ground.
"Thank you for your predecessors! Thank you, senior! It’s great to go back to the younger generation and almost bite your tongue. "
Suoya’s face lit up with joy and he was indifferent to the ridicule. He hurriedly put the two things into a dry bag for fear that the other party would go back on their word.
Yi Gang want to go suddenly twist a head and asked "ask you about the fire spar things have any changes? Which one is easy to deal with and has flint? "
Suoya touched the long bash elbows and thought for a while, "It’s really hard to say that things in the East China Sea have subsided, but it’s hard to say how much each faction has gained is kept secret."
"But now it seems that the factions often move around when their brothers are against the enemy. We have suffered a lot from the magic way. The wound is burned and unwilling to heal. It is very painful. You can know that it is integrated into the fire spar by guessing."
"That magic weapon is powerful and still glows red. The more the spar is, the more the individual who owns it. The younger generation heard that some former monks and overseas monks had robbed decency in the East China Sea. Because of the heavy casualties there, many people were robbed. I don’t know who the younger generation is, so I just want to hear it at ordinary times!"
Easy to nod. "You should pay attention to this news later. I have a magic weapon that I need. I also need a special fire in The Secret Art of Burning Baby and Burning Body. The stronger the fire, the better it is for me. The gas in the fire spar is the best fire. If it happens by chance, I can still have a little firepower to fuse together. It would be terrible. Also, I should pay attention to whether anyone in the underworld has refined or not. I won’t treat you badly!"
"When the elder goes back, the younger generation will find out and inform the elder if there is any news," Suoya promised.
"Well, I want to make a feasible plan as soon as possible, and I’ll go …" Easy body flashed like a projectile and flew to the south, and then disappeared into Suoya’s sight for a few moments.
"Elder walking slowly …" Behind Suoya shouted to himself, "This elder seems to have gone up a lot …" Feeling that an invisible imperial banner quietly flew away.
It’s easy to go around a big circle and remove all the camouflage before returning to the ancient capital. Be careful of the big mistake.
After coming to the mansion, I found thirteen guards to patrol everywhere, and everything was in an orderly way.
Yi Yang Guanzhong chatted for a while and went to the Houshan Cave House to test the efficiency of a pair of thirteen guards, which became more and more satisfied. It seems that these thirteen people are all calm and no longer short-tempered.
After returning to the mansion, Yang Guanzhong came again and patted his head, saying that he forgot to inform the house that he had found a hot spring.
It’s easy to know that after all, people went to check that many flagstones on the ground in the back flower pond were lifted up by people, and water was left in ten springs and sprayed high.
Ask why Yang Guanzhong said, "I found it when I accidentally scratched my sword when I started construction."
It was easy for him to test the water quality and found that the substance was toxic and beneficial to his health, so he asked Yang Guanzhong to tear down this part and build several hot spring pools.
Set another pipe handle.
The spring water is introduced into the vestibule of the mansion to be a good guest for leisure in the future.
Yi An arranged for some time, and then asked Ye Yaoqiu Yuman to come out to play and deepen.
Ye Yao was so happy that his mouth couldn’t close properly. Qiu Yuman also took the opportunity to learn more about Yi.
In the evening, Yi invited Gu Ming out from another secret place.
Gu Ming came with a little eager steps, and the pink oval face was full of healthy luster, and the curved arch eyebrows were shining with expectation. The mature and beautiful face made Yi Yi have an ambiguous taste.