"good! Are there any problems with these people’s handling of the eagle country? " The secret secretary of the United Nations looked at the representative of Eagle State.
After discussion, everyone decided to play it low-key, which is a scandal and easy to shake the morale of the army.
"We have no opinion on resolutely implementing UN resolutions!" The representative of Eagle State immediately expressed his position.
Eagle country’s stop loss is still quite rapid and its attitude is very correct, so this time the base has picked itself clean!
"This day is really going to change!" The representative of Mao Xiongguo quietly told the florist that there was some schadenfreude in his tone.
The high-level freemasons have sunk in this time, and this huge shadow empire is a bone-breaking event. For Mao Xiong, this is definitely something that should be set off to celebrate.
None of these bastards can drop their rubles like that?
Ghost captain single-handedly promoted earth defense force to be led by him. The impact of the new world order on the ball pattern is the direction. Even if the civilians have not realized the stormy waves here, the higher the level, the more they can understand that the world is developing in a direction where they are completely in control …
For some people with vested interests, stealing money is like killing parents …
There may be a collision of different ideas, and there may be justice, but in the end, it is just a winner and a loser!
"The trend of the day is vast, and if the soup is smooth, it will be prosperous … then it will die …" The representative of the florist sighed
Chapter three hundred and one Diplomacy
The wave caused by the first planetary spy case in the human world did not attract many people’s attention, because the news that the world had been evacuated from the sun by Double Star was completely confusing.
The world media broadcast this exciting news. The earth was swept away, and the depressing atmosphere was plunged into a sea of carnival because of the defeat of the battle of Callisto!
"Ha ha ha! The earth is safe! We won! "
"Happiness comes too suddenly, and life is really ups and downs … I want to eat a few packets of spicy strips at night to calm down …"
"This ….. this is true? But why will they leave? Didn’t we fail to defend Callisto? "
Why did the binary star suddenly withdraw? This is a common question in everyone’s heart at the same time of ecstasy.
Shortly after the defeat of Callisto’s defense, everyone was nervous and waiting for the further action of Double Star Wen.
Where will they attack next? Asteroid belt? Or Mars? Or come straight to earth?
But no one expected that they would just leave. !
"Er … is it that ghost captain forced their warships back?"
"It should not be seen that ghost captain’s scientific and technological strength is still worse. In this case, it is good that we can rely on the resistance of various planets. How can we directly scare them away?"
"That’s not certain. Maybe somebody else is scared … it’s not fish that knows how to fish …"
"I think it was the battle of Callisto that made aliens see our strength. After all, they have two warships."
"Yes, this is the other side’s temporary strategic retreat. Maybe the next time it comes, it will be a huge fleet. Don’t forget that they are a piece of paper. These two warships are just pathfinders!"
"Well, although they won a small game, here, after all, is our home. We want to fight a protracted war with two warships. It is definitely impossible to have such a large-scale battle to supply logistics to each other. I’m afraid I can’t keep up!
No matter how strong your technology is, a sea of robots in ghost captain will consume them to death! "
"Hey hey! I think it is ghost captain who has sacrificed black technology, otherwise these aliens can be directly scared away? "
"Damn it! How come there is no battle report? How did we win? "
"I heard that the news was that earth defense force came out, but the news was dry and a result did not even show up as a military commentator …"
"seeking science!"
People have speculated about what the Double Star was when it suddenly retreated to the headquarters of earth defense force Magic Capital.
"We also want to know what …" At this time, the three generals were also confused.
When they received the news from ghost captain, they also discussed that there might be a battle for Mars, even a battle for the earth, and then happiness suddenly came, which made people unprepared.
Originally, they still had doubts about the truth of the information, but the information from astronomical detection instruments in various countries proved it!
Callisto, the main battlefield, was naturally monitored by astronomical observation equipment in various countries from the beginning!
Although there is no advanced equipment such as gravitational wave radar in all countries of the earth, the high temperature and high energy radiation generated by the outbreak of fighting between three warships can be easily found even by unified optical observation equipment!
Similarly, because the three warships can locate each other’s positions through their own gravitational wave radars, they don’t waste energy to turn on optical stealth, which also makes many optical detection instruments on the earth have a place.
"According to our infrared detection telescope, three warships broke out in this position soon after the end of our defense of Ganymede!" A report staff pointed to their emergency three-dimensional map on the screen.
There is a yellow battle area on the side of Callisto, which marks the approximate range of the battle. The battle range is marked by two red light spots, indicating two binary stars and two warships.
"Judging from the number of detected signals, the two sides are likely to invest a large number of ships and aircraft, and it is the position of two double-star warships that broke out first.
The strange thing is that Mr. ghost captain’s warship was far from the battlefield! "The reporter’s expression is quite confused, pointing to a small green dot on the other side of Callisto marked with" Ghost Battleship "
It can be clearly found that this green dot is really far from the war zone at this time.