Taking this opportunity, Yu Culture adjusted the soldiers’ mood to the highest point. Jiangdu Army was in high spirits. They were eager for war, killing Yang You, making contributions and getting more money and power.

When the sun came out, it sprinkled light and heat on the earth. From time to time, Yu Culture looked at the distance. Sui Jun had not come to see the sample yet. It was only in the middle of the day that he came to Yu Culture by surprise, which gave him enough time to prepare. He asked the three armed forces to dig trenches as soon as possible to prevent the Sui Jun cavalry from attacking.
Yu culture has not been idle these days. He has collected a lot of information and studied Yang You. He knows that Yang You likes the infantry to shake the front, while the cavalry kills the two wings. Yu culture attaches great importance to the two wings. He must never expose the two wings to Sui Jun’s hands.
Soldiers in the two wings kept coming to the information that they had built defense facilities. Yu Culture listened to the news and smiled with satisfaction. He felt that he would not lose to Sui Jun in this battle if there were no flaws in the two wings.
Yu Wenhua walked gently to the front of the flattery. Yu Wenzhi, Meng Bing and others followed him to patrol the former army. The former army has also been ready. The knife shield soldiers and crossbowmen have already taken their positions. They will wait until Sui Jun arrives at Yu Culture to make a power blow.
However, at this time, Yang You was playing Weiqi with the Du Ruhui army.
"Positions must have this time yu culture has spent the Yangtze river station troops zhangjiazhai area" Du Ruhui said a black fall.
Yang You stared at the chessboard and a black fell. The whole situation was quite favorable to Yang You. He touched Ba Hehe and smiled. "Recently, the weather is particularly sultry. I think I will kill him if it rains?"
Du Ruhui sighed, "Yu culture wants World War I and must not be sure to be furious."
"Is he angry and capable?" Yang You smile when he did the same to Li Xiuning, even if he agreed? It’s sweltering, Jiangdu Army won’t last long, and they will be tired after noon at most.
Once everyone is tired, the spirit of Jiangdu Army will weaken and then lose morale. When Jiangdu Army loses its spirit, Sui Jun will attack again, and the odds will be great.
At this time, the Dugu Martial Master hurried in to salute and said, "The Jiangdu Army has arrived at Zhangjiazhai and formed a formation in Fiona Fang Wuli!"
"Try again after hard work!" Yang You said a pair of fruit or expression.
Duguwu Shi took a retreat. Du Ruhui smiled and said, "Yu culture really stationed troops in Zhangjiazhai."
"The flat terrain of Zhangjiazhai is the best place for the big army to fight, and he will definitely be there." Yang You said, looking up and looking at the rising sun, the sun is cruel, but it makes people feel very hot at all times.
Du Ruhui dropped a white one and took a sip of tea. Suddenly, he repeatedly shook his head and made a mistake. Yang You, a black drop killed him. The whole piece of chess has fallen into the hands of Yang You, and the whole chessboard war situation is set.
Yang You picked up the chess and said, "Du Aiqing, another game?"
"It’s really frustrating to think hard about chess!" Du Ruhui said.
"In this case, accompany me to swim around!" Yang You said, getting up, Xiaogui followed him.
Du Ruhui should walk slowly in the camp of one or two people, talking about the situation not only in Jingxiang, but also in Hebei, Bingzhou and Longxi, and they had some new understandings.
At this moment, thirty miles away, Yu culture finally could not hold back, and it was almost the third time. Sui Jun could not see a ghost. Isn’t this a joke? He sent an emissary to Yang You for an explanation.
A soldier was ordered to go, and he rushed to Sui Jun Camp for half an hour. The soldiers in Sui Jun Camp were waiting to see someone coming and raised their bows and arrows.
"I’m the envoy of Prime Minister Yuwen, and I’m here to see the Sui Emperor!" Angel camp outside the high said
"Wait a minute there, I’ll tell you!" A captain jumped out of the tower and told Yang You.
Yang You was not surprised to get the news. He immediately ordered "bring him to the main account!"
A captain should hurry out of Yang You and quickly walk to the soft bed, remove the ice from the bucket and put on thick clothes.
"Small laurel ignition!" Yang You commanded.
Small laurel should light the bonfire, and the fire will rise rapidly in the big tent, and roast small laurel sweating like a pig.
Jiangdu military emissary couldn’t help feeling ashamed when he came in. Sui Jun, what is this? It’s summer, not winter. What’s the fire? He wiped his sweat and saw the heat. Xiaogui Xiaogui was already wet with sweat. I’m afraid that if you take off your clothes, you can wring out two pounds of water.
Xiao Gui wiped her sweat and said, "Haven’t you seen you yet?" Aside Hou Jun eyes a stare a bunch of sweat dripping along the eyelashes, he wiped the sweat is obviously not hot.
The messenger’s eyes are straight. Are these people crazy?
"Shut up!" Yu Wenhua drank low for a while. How could he not know that he had been tricked by Sui Jun? But wouldn’t it be a laughing stock for him to retreat easily? Moreover, Yu Wenhua has his own ideas. Now it is a rare opportunity for him to cross the Yangtze River again with 50 thousand troops and lay out his formation along the Zhangjiazhai line.
Because he knows that it is not easy for Jiangdu Navy to cross the Yangtze River without Yang You Navy, it is unwilling for him to retreat easily.
Yuwenzhi was scolded by his eldest brother, but he was very dissatisfied, but he dared not speak again, so he wiped his sweat and hid aside.
"Prime Minister, drink some water!" Niu Fangyu ingratiated himself with Yu Wenji’s death. He was responsible for some things, but Yu Culture didn’t blame them. Niu Fangyu and Xu Hong Ren were very flattering to Yu Culture.
Yu Wenhua stuffy hum a took the open plug and took a few gulps of cold spring water and suddenly felt comfortable. At this moment, a string of dust raised in front of him and a fast horse sprinted. He crossed Jiangdu Army’s layered defense and arrived at Yuwen incarnation. Before he jumped into the platform, he hurriedly ran to the high platform and saw a scene in Sui Jun camp.
Yu Wenhua is one leng. Is Yang You sick? And look at this, it seems very sick!
Yu Wenzhi was very excited and said, "Eldest brother Yang You, since children are already ill, what are you waiting for to kill them in one fell swoop!"
Chen Zhilve and Zhang Tonger glanced at each other and showed a weak smile on their faces.
Yu Wenhua got up and paced on the high platform. Yang You pretended to be dead. This time, Yang You pretended to be sick. There must be some conspiracy to wipe the sweat. Looking at the high platform, Jiangdu Junyu culture seems to be white.
Nowadays, the hot weather is not conducive to the use of troops, because soldiers are easily exhausted. He knows that Yang You once cheated Li Xiuning. Why is it strange that a woman can cheat a man?
Now that we have understood Yang You’s idea, what should we do next? Yu Wenhua pondered for a long time and finally made a decision.
When Sui Jun Daying applied for the bid, Yang You got the news that Yu Culture had retreated for half an hour and the front part returned to the south bank of the Yangtze River.
Yang You ha ha a smile looked at Du Ruhui way "Du Aiqing but you lost this time"
Du Ruhui shook his head and said, "I have lost my red eye, and I will attack with my troops. I can’t believe that he abandoned the face."
"Noodles are sometimes worthless." Yang You, otherwise Yu Culture has been so forbearing, is not a good face. Now he has been laid out by himself. Obviously, he will never storm Sui Jun Camp with a hot brain.
However, this also proves that Yu Culture’s severe points make Yang You more vigilant.
Jiangxia ten miles east of the city, after several days of running around Xiao, and Yang Xian, Guang Shen and Tang Fengyi guards are not far from Jiangxia.
Yang Xian, the prince of Yan, has just become a weak crown and is very similar to Yang Guang. At this time, he is in the carriage with a depressed face. After Xiao, he looks at Sun lovingly.
"Xianer is not worried about hearing that Dong ‘er has been rescued. Xianer must have a way." Xiao Hou said that she was in her fifties. Xiao Hou looked like she was in her forties. She was in excellent maintenance, but with the destruction of her family, she had a lot of white hair on her temples and wrinkles in her eyes.
Yang Ying looked very nervous. "Grandma, I’m afraid it’s up to no good to let us come to Jiangxia this time."
"Xianer, are you afraid?" Xiao Hou asked