"You don’t lie to me?"

"Do you think I am cheating you?"
Los Changfeng shook his head.
It’s unbreakable. Continue to say, "Ask them if you don’t believe me."
Luo Changfeng looked at peony peony again.
Where do the two girls dare to refute the best practice and nod their heads?
Out of the Yan Lou, you can’t break it. Call a luxury carriage.
The carriage drove Luo Changfeng all the way to Wanshoumen Bailian Family.
Chapter 50 Double Order
As usual, Li Xiuyuan practiced sword at Shiqiao.
According to my own understanding, the last five styles of eleven swords have unexpected and terrible power. These five styles are not only extremely fast and bizarre, but also will be covered with milky white swords when dancing, which is a rare coup.
It’s a pity that the Zen girl of Chu has never seen it.
In the sunset, Li Xiuyuan closed his sword and immediately watched him from the top of the building. The sword-practicing person is no longer the girl who has been worried about Zen recently, but night is still young’s stranger.
Although Li Xiuyuan is half a swordsman, he is still used to holding a birthday ceremony for everyone.
The stranger looked at Li Xiuyuan with relief and smiled. "It’s hard to imagine that night is still young was a scholar who realized the last five types of the eleven swords."
Li Xiuyuan said shamefully, "I also stumbled upon a sudden whim. The mystery of the eleven swords is that it is difficult to understand the mystery in March."
Mo Ming said, "You have exceeded my expectations."
Li Xiuyuan is no longer polite.
Smile with a little shyness.
Mo Ming, the commander in chief, sat on the top of the building outside the building and watched the sunset. "There is something you need to do."
Li Xiuyuan also thought it was night is still young’s assessment period?
Although he had doubts, he didn’t continue to ask.
It is his unshakable will to assess how to join night is still young Chengzhong.
After a moment of silence, Li Xiuyuan said, "But as commanded."
Commander Mo Ming nodded. "Do you know what’s fifty miles outside this city?"
I remember that the other day, the girl of Chu Zen Heart talked and learned that the wars in the southern part of Dayan Empire were frequent and increasingly fierce, and the western part of Nanzhan was never tired of the city, which was a battleground for Dayan Empire to enter.
Not long ago, 50,000 Dayan fighters led by White-robed Snow Dragon Riders have been stationed 50 miles away, which may be violated at any time.
Li Xiuyuan said, "Dayan fighters."
The commander-in-chief of Mo Ming continued to ask, "Then do you know who are the three soldiers in the commander-in-chief of Dayan Iron Ride?"
Li Xiuyuan said "Yan Tian"
Mo Ming was slightly surprised. "It seems that Zen has been very white with you."
Li Xiuyuan couldn’t help smiling when he remembered Chu Zen. "But I still don’t know what you need me to do."
Mo Ming said, "Yan Tianling has the most terrible defense in the same realm, and Dayan Empire is also among the top ten masters. This human resource is poor, and I dare not assert victory when I meet him in a narrow way."
Mo Ming paused.
Then he said, "But this person is not flawed. As far as I know, the eleven swords are a kind of restraint to his skill."
Li Xiuyuan realized everything.
After all, a scholar has passed the exam, and his brain is always brighter than others.
He said, "Do you want me to assassinate Yan Tian?"
The commander of Mo Ming said, "The spy came to report that Yantian will be restless on the tenth day, but more than 5,000 people will be stationed in the city. Although night is still young is secretly stationed to take over, according to the strength of Dayan White-robed Snow Dragon Riding, I think this matter can’t be concealed from Yantian Eyeliner. If there are 100,000 people in this city after ten days of war, it will be difficult to destroy it!"
Li Xiuyuan was silent.
He finally white night is still young organization members everyone to scientific name eleven swords to assassinate Yantian plan seems from the moment when night is still young was founded devoted to the name at the head has been determined.
You can see how much effort has been devoted to leading the adults.
But the only difference is that Li Xiuyuan is unexpectedly beyond ordinary people’s understanding, and everyone can understand the famous eleven swords and hidden swords with him
Since the establishment of the organization, he has planned an assassination, which naturally falls on his shoulders.
Seeing Li Xiuyuan’s silence, the commander-in-chief asked, "You don’t want to?"
Li Xiuyuan shook his head.
Since childhood, I have been destroyed by Dayan’s beaten army, and my family has been ruined. I have studied in Qingshui for more than ten years. Isn’t it a sage to serve the country and resist the enemy?
He shouldn’t think much.
But I still can’t help but ask, "How sure am I?"
In the face of the strange name commander, I asked myself how many successful assassinations I could grasp if I lost to Yan Tian Li Xiuyuan.
He doesn’t know
Because he didn’t know Yan Tian.
He can take this, but he can’t die in a muddle. After all, knowing the end of death is not the end that wise people should choose.
The stranger’s name commander said, "Now ten people die."
Li xiuyuan looked at the leader with incomprehension.
The commander-in-chief went on to say, "You still have nine days to prepare to understand Yan Tian from every aspect, from daily life and diet to acting style. All the information of this person is in the hands of Zen. If you can learn the information by heart, you may have different results."
Li Xiuyuan asked again, "How sure are you?"
Mo Ming looked him in the eye and said "narrow escape"
Li Xiuyuan smiled bitterly.
There’s still a chance of survival after a narrow escape, isn’t there?