Time and as if this moment suddenly stopped!

But only a few seconds later, after recovering from the strong light, hundreds of double snakes taught the gas refiners to scream and scream again, which was even more horrible. The raging waves were like a storm and raging sea, and they recklessly slammed into the golden light ship.
"poof!" Brother Chen was full of expectation and became full of blood. "What the hell did you do, asshole?"
"An accident is an accident." Xu Zhihu was ashamed and turned to look at the front screen. "Uh, I just found out that Xiaoqian seems to have uninstalled the printing software …"
You go! Labor and capital don’t know you!
Brother Chen once again spouted blood and simply didn’t say anything. He just roared and drew his sword to meet the roaring waves of fire.
Rise of the Legend’s sword light is like a sea of raging flames, and it burns his temples!
But at this moment, Brother Chen remembered that when he was walking in rivers and lakes, he was strong and pregnant, and he was away from the fire. Master Jianfeng earnestly taught him that year, and he was generous and ambitious, and it was a shame for Sister Hua …
Crisp click, suddenly, from then on, the printer that successfully installed the software finally flashed silver and printed quickly, and then … poof!
In an instant, a virtual shadow flew out of the printer outlet like a sharp arrow!
"What?" Brother Chen consciously reached out and grabbed it. When he saw the virtual shadow in his hand, he was suddenly taken aback. "Er, is this … a talisman?"
That’s right! Is the charm! And it’s a fire snake symbol that has just been printed and hasn’t even dried the vermilion ink!
"Wait a minute. Why will a charm come out of that printer?" Brother Chen was confused, but after a few seconds, he realized that this salamander character was actually burning automatically, and suddenly his hair stood on end-
Burn … Throw!
So at this moment, everyone was amazed that the flaming fire snake character in the line of sight just crossed a curved arc and fell into the gas refining team of the Double Snake Sect, and then …
Chapter 99 My precious charm doesn’t cost money
Generally speaking, an offensive charm, fire snake charm, has three advantages-first, it can kill many people; Second, it can kill many people; Third, it can kill many people …
Well, say the important thing three times!
At this moment, it roared into the sword array of the Double Snake Sect, and the fire snake symbol exploded suddenly, setting off a raging sea frenzy and spreading like hot fire waves in all directions!
In the middle of the moment, the double-snake teaching method was destroyed on the spot, and even the slag was not left. Next to it, dozens of gas refiners were even more angry and burned, and flew out in the original dense double-snake teaching sword array. At this moment, a large piece of white actually appeared.
But this is just a!
A moment before they recovered from the violent blow Xu Zhihu side has raised the printer serious gently cough a few-
Da da da! Da da da! Dadada dadada dadada dadada!
Bao Wang w w w b a s h u 2
Continuous printing, fast printing by the silver-white printer, just a few seconds later, the paper outlet is flashing with silver light, and a few salamanders whistle and shoot out, and then bump into the stunned double snake sword array again!
Boom A pillar of fire! Two pillars of fire! Three pillars of fire!
In the eyes of the public, more than a dozen violent pillars roared and boomed at the same time, causing hundreds of double snakes to teach gas refiners to be overwhelmed. The sword light was directly overturned by the horror of air billow and flew out like a broken kite.
Stunned! Next to Brother Chen, they have been completely stunned. "Later, Brother Ning, can you still … make symbols?"
"Never!" Xu Zhihu answered honestly, "But my Xiaoqian seems to be able to print the talisman directly in 3D after connecting with the printer … Do you know in 3D?"
I don’t know anything. A group of Shushan brothers have a dull face, and their outlook on life, values and world outlook are about to collapse.
In fact, although Shushan is the first method to imperial ships, it never denies the importance of the talisman. You should know that an equal talisman can not only attack powerful enemies, but also play a variety of unique auxiliary effects such as defense, healing and escaping, especially in this large-scale group war.
But the problem is that refining the talisman is not a simple matter. The talisman needs to concentrate carefully and then draw the rune with cinnabar spirit ink and white paper. Every stroke should be combined with heaven and earth and be careful not to make mistakes even if there is the slightest deviation …
The question is coming!
When his talisman bathes and changes clothes, it’s hard to bury his head in drawing a Zhang Ling symbol, which will be scrapped when it is painted. Teacher Ning’s side is actually going to print the talisman directly, and the accuracy rate is as high as 100%, and the speed is amazing …
Damn it, it’s not scientific!
"On the contrary, this is very scientific." Xu Zhihu didn’t forget to explain it back to them while holding the printer. "You see, my family’s Xiaoqian scanned a lot of pictures to be typed by the talisman, and then you can print them directly with enough white paper and cinnabar ink …"
I haven’t finished his scientific and rigorous explanation yet. On the other side, the cult of Double Snake, which suffered heavy losses, finally reacted from fright. Suddenly, it was shocked and scared. Before the printer printed it out smoothly, it was fierce and rushed again.
Hum-hum pattern Tucson breaks my printer, but it’s a laser, okay?
In a flash, Xiaoqian hit a Zhang Ling symbol picture again. With a bang, the printer’s silver light soared again. In a flash, five or six condensed stone symbols were sprayed again like sharp arrows at the dense crowd!
Click a blunt front dozens of double snakes teach gas refining and qi qi immediately recruited petrochemical on the spot even maintained a roaring sword posture so strange dull in situ.
Good chance, Brother Chen, they finally reacted and directly spurred the flying sword multiplier to kill like a storm, and then cut these dozens of unlucky guys into pieces.