[Luna, I’m not good at fighting, but I can’t beat him with a small Kun. Can I say that I’m barely fighting?]

【 Wang Mu so much? 】
[Luna can’t flame Dexing Palace is in charge of the gods. Although there are few fairy officials in the flame, their fighting power is very strong. Even if there is a fairyland, even if we don’t make a fire, we can’t deal with it.]
[Wang Mu, you have no means of luna? 】
Luna, I can fight for a temporary injury and join hands with Xiao Kun to seal him for a short time, but also for a while and also to seal him. If you want to move his ability, especially the karma fire, we can’t stop it from being more terrible to me but to you.
[How horrible is Wang Mu? 】
[When the Moon God’s karma burns, your karma will be burned out directly. You may be lucky that your karma is not heavy and you will probably lose some Shou Yuan, but for you, you can live that long without worrying about someone locking your life.]
[Wang Mu is sealed, so he will not be a threat to me soon? 】
[How is Luna possible? You won’t live long if you burn for a while and someone helps you die. 】
[Wang Mu, did the karma burn directly? 】
[Luna is not karma, but directly inhaling your karma, and karma is extremely powerful. The heavier the karma is, the longer you stay, the more serious your damage will be. The principle is probably like this … the details are more complicated]
[The fire of the moon gods is generally to punish some immortals who are contaminated with the karma of the world. This immortal is still a part of the celestial beings, and his punishment duties are naturally very strong]
Wang Mu nodded slightly.
【 Wang Mu will he seal can take a drop of his fairy blood? 】
[Luna seal] Both Xiao Kun and I will be injured, and we will be stained with his blood. If you don’t have a trick, I’m afraid it’s not so good. Hey, what are you going to do with his blood? Although his realm is suppressed, it is immortal blood in the immortal body, which is beneficial to your monks. Don’t practice at will! 】
[Wang Mu didn’t trust to wait, but the one pretending to be an oriental shepherd came]
[Luna, can he handle this fairy officer? 】
[Wang Mu naturally can’t … is it …]
Real design this step Wang Mu is to want to use the fairy officer hand will ethereal flocculant to kill.
I can’t help it. It’s too much trouble.
Wang Mu has been thinking about this way since he heard the ethereal flocculant under the guise of his identity
The oriental shepherd in the game is himself, but he is not the oriental shepherd in the game. He is still a young man who has experienced the influence of modern society.
Just think about it and get what you want.
He doesn’t have the stubborn idea that the oriental shepherd must die in his own hands.
He thinks it’s all right to kill the misty flocculant.
Now, at this time, I want to deal with a lot of strong people under the guise of my own identity to protect the ethereal flocculant Xianyun Kun. Although I have some strength to do it, I have to kill those strong people around her first.
This is what Wang Mufa endured.
Another way is to use another powerful immortal to cultivate immortals in Jiuzhou. Now Wang Mu knows this immortal official.
Of course, it may not be possible to directly kill the ethereal flocculant.
This is the best result.
The worst result is naturally that the ethereal flocculant has not been killed, but he has infiltrated her and secretly looked for opportunities to get rid of her.
The plan is this plan.
Can you do it …
Wang Mu Gu Yuqing looked aside.
She looked at the clouds with a cold face.
Later on, a figure was blown out of the void.
Her pupils shrank. That’s Brother Wang!
Wang Mu has a look. Boy, the strength of Luna is not very good.
But it’s just right
If you don’t see this, Gu Yuqing is very shaken.
She does have a way to contact dimly discernible flocculant.
Since the birth of that wisp of consciousness in the ancient wood of knowing the sea, she can communicate with her in a soul realm with the help of this wisp of consciousness.
This mysterious way of communication is true and somewhat shocked her mind.
Because it is obviously not a normal monk communication.
It is impossible for a normal monk to build this special soul boundary and communicate over a long distance.
"You see, your confidante is dying, and the spirit beast is left."
Wang Mu said, "Let the sage come here quickly. This is the only chance to save him."
Gu Yuqing was silent and she closed her eyes.
Somewhere in Ganzhou
"Gu Yuqing gave me a message …"
"It seems that it is time …"
Wang Mu waited quietly.
As the moon god was blown away, the huge figure of little Kun was smashed out of the void, splashing waves in the weak pool, such as the lotus, which almost shattered the whole weak pool monk.
The immortal level battle is really a little weak, and I don’t even have the qualification to taste the aftermath of the battle.
"Little Kun strength than fairy officer or slightly less" Wang Mu heart way.
In the virtual space, the figure slowly fell into the hemp fiber and the hat disappeared, replaced by a slightly old fairy robe with long hair and handsome face, and her brow was full of rage.
His whole body seemed to be gloomy and sealed.
Of course, according to Luna, it is temporary.