Chapter six hundred Public praise for gold

The past tombs were broken, and the earth roared and trembled. Xia Qi and Gu Yue were horrified when they saw this scene
"go! Let’s go to the Central Tomb! "
Xia Qi pulled Gu Yue like a disease toward the tomb in the central plain.
He tried to stop so many zombie kings from breaking graves and releasing more zombie kings. The only way is to find a way to escape from this place and leave the corpse island.
Tens of thousands of years, the zombie king is about to break out of the ground, and the situation is critical. Xia Qi and Gu Yue have reached the fastest moment and then reached the towering tomb.
On the five sides of the tomb, the Sect of Justice League and the number of four families were revised. In desperation, the tomb was broken.
It is this dark tomb that is majestic and majestic, as hard as a mountain, and indestructible, as if the island of Yin is integrated, which makes a group of strong people helpless.
"Either broken tomb we still have a chance! Otherwise, we will all die! "
Xinghai bodhi old zu also anxious no longer indifferent color.
His deduction is really fierce, but the chance of deduction is in the tomb. If you enter it, even if you know there is a chance, you can fight for it.
A group of strong men all showed panic, and their means made a great impact. A torrent swept across the world and surged towards the tomb, and they went to great heights.
At this time, Xia Qi and Gu Yue also came here.
Without hesitation, both of them joined the attack, one armed with a bloody sword and one directly attacking the town platform. Shaqi rolled like a pair of devils and stormed.
"Those ten thousand zombie kings are breaking those complete tombs. We must break them here as soon as possible or no one will leave here alive!"
Xia Qi drinks and wakes all the monks.
Sure enough, when I heard Xia Qi’s words, many monks looked aghast, and many people turned pale with blood.
Since stepping on the corpse Yin Island, except for the outermost part, there are graves everywhere. If these tombs are really the zombie kings in ten thousand, I am afraid no one can resist them.
By this time, no one cares about hatred and wants to break the huge grave in front of him.
But at this time, Xinghai bodhi old zu’s eyes suddenly fell on Xia Qishen’s deep.
Xia Qi also felt the eyes of Xinghai bodhi old zu, but at the moment, the situation was critical and he didn’t care. He still concentrated on attacking the huge grave in Zhenbingtai.
"Xia Qi! You took the initiative to invite Tian Qiang to come here, but this place is a dead end. You should have planned all this long ago, right? "
Xinghai bodhi old zu suddenly drink aimed at Xia Qi.
Hear the words of the bodhi old zu Xinghai, almost all monks stare at Xia Qi with a slight eye lag.
"I don’t know what you say! If it’s a dead end, how can I be here like you? " Xia Qi eyebrows a wrinkly anger emerged in my heart, but it didn’t happen.
Time is pressing, and he also needs the help of many strong people to hope to break the grave. At this time, he doesn’t want to have conflicts with many strong people
"Hum! You are the only inheritor of Tiandao Sect, and the treasure of Tiandao Sect is you. I’m afraid it’s malicious to prepare you to invite me here! If you are here yourself, there is something wrong! I don’t want to break off everything. This will definitely not be a dead end. You must be in control of the way to get out of here! "
Xinghai bodhi old zu Yin measuring eyes staring at Xia Qi solemnity.
"That’s right! Heaven Sect can’t leave a treasure to kill the only inheritor! "
"Xia Qi has a mysterious strong support but is still willing to invite Tianqunxiong to explore the treasure of Tiandaozong. This is definitely a design trap!"
"This is to take us all in the world of cultivating immortals!"
"What a dirty trick!"
A monk’s eyes stared at Xia Qi’s murderous flicker and made no secret of it.
Everyone believes that this place is Xia Qi’s trap, that is, to catch all the strong people in the realm of cultivating immortals, and unify the realm of cultivating immortals like Tiandao Sect thousands of years ago.
Xia Qi has a hard time arguing.
He wanted to explain, but all the monks wouldn’t believe him.
As many monks have said, it is inevitable that he is not afraid of the pack, but invites the pack to explore the treasure of Tiandao Sect together.
The only explanation seems to be that Xia Qi harbors evil intentions.
How can Xia Qi explain it?
Tell the truth, just say that Qinglong Emperor is about to leave, and then he will try his best to keep the treasure of Tiandaozong?
Or did he have a hunch that the treasure of Tiandaozong was probably a trap and it might be aimed at him?
No one will believe such words when Xia Qi says them.
And especially at the moment, he is good at deduction. Xinghai bodhi old zu will aim at Xia Qi. In the eyes of all people, Xinghai bodhi old zu can’t go wrong, which makes him jump into the sea and wash away.
"Good means! It’s really a good means! I, I secretly unite with four families to deal a heavy blow here. It’s already unexpected to solve the justice league and the scattered cultivation of the strong. I didn’t expect Xia Qi’s means to be more subtle. I actually want to take over the strong in the cultivation of immortals in one fell swoop! "
Wang Qing elegance face slightly twisted gloomy looking at Xia Qi slowly mouth.
He calculated that everyone controlled life and death, but he didn’t expect that in the end, he even managed to control his own life and death in the hands of others.
And this person is the one he has always looked down upon!
This is simply a shame!
Wang Qing grim-faced heart pitfalls have been boiling like magma.
"A treasure of Tiandaozong is really something!"
Song also coldly looking at Xia Qi eyes is also a flank.
He also thought about leaving here to find a way to form an alliance with Xia Qi to jointly resist the five elements, but he didn’t expect that he would fall into Xia Qi’s calculation.
"If Xinghai’s predecessors were not proficient in deduction, I’m afraid that ten thousand of us would be trapped here by you today, right?" Four families the nangongshan family bodhi old zu the nangongshan name coldly said a words.
Hearing the name of the Nangong, all the monks couldn’t help shivering.
Like the sea, the murder enveloped Xia Qi in an instant.
"Tell me the way out of here!"
"Break the front grave and hand over all the treasures!"
"Kill him directly and search for the soul!"
"Kill him! Kill him! "
"Kill him directly and search his soul. I don’t trust him!"
"yes! Directly kill the search soul! "
Passion and excitement
Ten thousand monks roar with murderous look, gathering like a cloud, covering Xia Qi, and the sound waves flooded Xia Qi and Gu Yue.
Xia Qi’s face was bitter and he wanted to explain, but he couldn’t say anything with his mouth open.
At this time, no one believes that everyone is bent on killing Xia Qi, searching Xia Qi’s soul and finding a way out.
"It’s urgent to avoid Xia Qi’s lying and kill him!" Xinghai bodhi old zu low drink together.