The sense of crisis is filled with the quiet running water around, and a piece of bluestone is crushed by one foot … crashing fist and fist, and occasionally blood splashes on the ground …

It is a desperate move. This judgment can be made almost without thinking-it is a life-and-death fight in the depths of the fog.
Finally …
Metal objects fall to the ground and make a ringing sound almost within reach … Xu Xuan’s heart is also at a loss for a moment-when are some things actually close at hand?
Someone fell heavily, dull and painful. Xu Xuan immediately held her breath and kept still. Of course, if it is really discovered, it is meaningless to move like this … At this time, it is almost conscious.
Come to this step … I regret it in my heart. Curiosity will not only kill the cat.
Mental distraction is a moment. There are some things that he didn’t experience in his previous life. At the beginning of his early career, he personally fought with a knife and had several near-death experiences. It’s not without the fact that the current situation has caused him a huge impact. At most, some cognitive subversion then threw away this level of regret and forced himself to calm down.
The outcome is two to one. Now, more than one party wins, and then the clothes are torn. With these two rhythms, the breath of severe panting seems to come out from the deepest part of the lung, and there is a noise in the ear with a little rotten machine. You can feel that the score is almost extremely difficult-obviously, the previous violent fighting scene did not show as simple as that. It didn’t take long for a gasp to calm down, and then it took a while for another gasp to calm down.
Someone then spoke.
"Ahem …" A little weak and hoarse voice can tell it’s a man. "Hey, are you okay?"
There was a silence for a while, and then another sound sounded, "Did you find it?" Sound some cold indifference did not answer the man asked, but directly asked Xu Xuan slightly dazed was a woman.
It should be that a strong woman has a judgment in her heart, and some things can be grasped without much information.
The two men seem to be looking for something.
"No …" The man replied after a busy time and then asked, "Do you want to take these …?"
The woman didn’t reply. Xu Xuan thought that the other party would probably look at the man coldly. Because of the man’s subsequent voice, he became somewhat embarrassed. "No … don’t do it!"
"MuYunHuai … ah"
The female audio-visual is a sigh, and it took a moment for the footsteps to ring again-unexpectedly, it was ten feet away from Xu Xuan, and then it went further away in the fog, and when China and France saw each other, they would be so wrong …
Hanging on your heart will bring cold sweat, slowly dripping on your cheeks like crawling worms, feeling a little uncomfortable, and the trouble is that your body has remained stiff for a long time now.
But there are also such things, and it is not good to have extra movement at this time. After all, it is too close.
But fortunately, some things are about to pass … Think like this.
Walking lightly, the female voice suddenly stopped, and when she came over with some doubts, she also smashed Xu Xuan’s readiness with some relief.
"What’s the matter?"
The man then asked strangely that the woman did not answer and remained transfixed.
More cold sweat slipped slowly against the cheek, and the eyes became a little sour with a little sweat stains, and then tears overflowed … But it doesn’t matter. Xu Xuan seems to feel a pair of sharp eyes behind the white fog.
Then the footsteps sounded soft again. At this time, it was somewhat urgent. It was different from the previous ones … Listening to people’s ears, I felt that the footsteps had gone in the direction of Xu Xuan’s coming …
"Fortunately, I have changed my position, otherwise …" There are some rejoicing in my heart, and then the cold sound in the fog will come over.
"Wrong …" The sound with a kind of thick fog can’t cover the cold "someone has been here …" At this time, the sound doesn’t sound loud, but when it comes through the fog … it’s like wearing a sharp arrow.
A bit disconsolate mood then Xu Xuan heart filled up …
Where …
What’s wrong?
Chapter 21 Miserable Fog (3)
Although some people don’t understand the situation, Xu Xuan didn’t become more flustered. Anyway, some emotions have reached their peak at this time, and then the reaction is to bend down quietly …
"Can you be sure?" The male voice sounds a little confused, but if you ask it this way, it may not be without some words in the letter, "I didn’t notice anyone coming later. Will it be wrong?"
"There are footprints in blood …" The female indifferent voice didn’t recognize any emotion.
When Xu Xuanwen was surprised and bowed his head slightly, he really saw a deep red at the toe of his shoe.
When do you step on it? Actually have not found … I have been very careful.
"Although it is a little rubbing, it is enough to say the problem …" The woman said that Xu Xuan felt that her eyes should also be explored at this time.
"Could it be that you and I accidentally …" The man casually asked again.
Silent for a moment, the female voice sounded again "the key here …"
"here?" The man then stepped forward and asked, "What’s the matter?"
"The severed finger has been moved … I used to make some efforts to create what kind of consequences … wrong here."
Xu Xuan did move his severed finger, and then he returned to the original state according to his memory. As far as he is concerned, it is impossible to make a hasty recovery, but there are still 10% left after 90% assurance. At that time, naturally, I felt that the problem should not be serious … Who has the mind to pay attention to these? Therefore, at this time, the question-and-answer tone came over to Xu Xuan, and I also felt a little embarrassed about this woman … It’s really thoughtful and insightful. I don’t want to do research, but it’s a bit overqualified to be a killer here …
"What should I do?" The man asked
"Oh, it’s foggy." The woman didn’t answer with a sigh, which was a bit strange and difficult.
Then only a few minutes lightly tunnel "what else? Look for it. "
"If you don’t go far, killing is …"
Casual attitude is like buying a hen in the city. At this time, the water is also burned. Just say kill it at will, which is frightening and indifferent.
"The fog is going to disperse … hurry up."
"Well …"
When things come to this, there are accidents, but on the other hand, I am involved in dangerous things, and it is not necessary to finish without expectation.
Even though I was nervous, Xu Xuan responded at the first time when the situation changed. Of course, it is possible to calculate that this kind of thing can play a key role at certain times, but now it is also very powerful if you really care about it.
In the past, Xu Xuan, a businessman, was always resourceful and scheming if he didn’t get to the last step … He wouldn’t do dangerous things easily. After all, there are some things that will be passive without a retreat, which is why it is also the most headache.
I naturally don’t want to die, although some things are already very bloody, but I am still alive after all … I haven’t participated in business in scientific research, and I haven’t been idle yet, although there are some, but at least I have helped others …
An accident?
Nowadays, there is nothing he can do to reduce the situation. What he can do is to do his best. He … resigned himself and held a broken bluestone in his hand when he bent down.
The woman then looked farther away, and when the man’s footsteps came from the fog, a little murmur could also be heard, "People don’t take white when they are dead …" Then it sounded finely, and it seemed that the dead man was doing something.
For Xu Xuan, doing it all the time at this time is waiting for the opportunity, but what kind of situation is the opportunity, but I can’t do it in my heart. I thought about it, and then I made some decisions, holding the rubble and tightening my hands …
To tell the truth, there are some things that the man in the fog is not very relieved. At this time, he thinks that MuYunHuai is dead … That woman is so powerful that there is nothing to worry about. Isn’t it just to prevent others from disturbing … The bureau is that person’s cloth, and naturally there will be no problem … Just thinking like this …
The sound of gravel beats a little farther. At this time, the bluestone pavement has gone, and the eyes of the god man have died.
There is no answer in the fog.
Then the sound of the long knife drawn out of the sheath came from the fog, and the man then got up and went to the distant sound place.
When the man looked around, the fog seemed to be much lighter than before, but he still couldn’t see anything … He walked a little further and then heard a moving sound behind him. Although it was very slight, it can be seen that it was very careful to do this moving, but it was natural to hide it from his ears at this level.
Some things later came in vain. Previously, the rubble was thrown over there, and I was so intent on remembering Mu Yunhuai’s relics that I didn’t even notice it …
Dark scold a word in my heart, and then immediately came to the sound place. That woman has arrived early at this time …
"What’s the matter with you?" After all, the female voice has some cold scenes, and you can know it with a little thinking. At this time, the man is still smiling.
"People don’t go far nearby …"
After a quiet night, the river flows eastward with a little precipitation and happiness. Occasionally, waves turn up, and occasionally, when waterfowl flap their wings in the morning fog, they can hear the morning song.
Time goes by …
"How … gone?"
Male doubt sound yourself and she are both here. It’s impossible not to find someone leaving … The only explanation is that the other party is a master, but it’s not right … Did you deliberately play with yourself?
It’s a little hard to understand …
Then there was a lot of noise coming from far away. People in Linhe have been getting up one after another, and the morning chickens have also pulled their voices to crow occasionally … Later, some farmers will also have more vegetable farmers coming from the four rural areas to catch up with the dawn … At this time of the day, they can already see the clues.
"Hey, how can I get there?" The male voice remembered.
There is no answer. Light footsteps are fading away.