Mu Yan ran nodded and then confessed something else before the four of them sent off from Jinjiao Square City and arrived at Baigui Square City.

After arriving in Baiguifang City, she didn’t go deep into Fang City. She just stayed around for a wick, but she heard no less than Ling’s family talk.
This does not let Mu Yanran feel that "Ling clan people once thought that the family would have today’s situation."
She also found that there were a lot of people going to the meteorite waters. In the past, she had to wait for enough people to start the battle. It took less than an hour, but at this time, she only had one incense.
For every 100 people, a batch of 100 people will be delivered, and 100 people will jointly bear the stone needed for delivery.
If you are in a hurry, you can also pay more lingshi to start sending before the battle.
Mu Yan ran’s coming back this time is an early reluctance to spend more lingshi and wait a little longer.
After a while, the Baiyun Square City Hall has already appeared.
It’s different to send the hall today. There are many newcomers around Ling’s brother.
Ling’s brother’s feelings are pouring in, and someone is coming towards Mu Yan ran.
In the face of people’s admiration, I said, "No, I’m the four elders of Ling’s family."
She has been in Jinjiaofang City for some years, and she can be sent here to come to the friar Ling’s brother. It is only in recent years that she has set foot on the fairy road, and her strength is not high, so she doesn’t know Mu Yan ran.
But it doesn’t mean that these Lingshi brothers don’t know that the Four Elders longed for Yan Ran, so Mu Yan Ran heard Lingshi’s brother quickly hand in hand and respectfully said, "I’ll meet the Four Elders."
The sudden change of the temple attracted many people’s eyes, and those monks were all shocked.
They were shocked that the person in front of them turned out to be the four elders of the Ling family, but he can be the four elders of the Ling family. Then this person must also be a real person.
It’s a sin to ride with the then real person and still be so beautiful, but the then real person still doesn’t know.
Some people secretly rejoice that they have just not been fooled by beauty and done something out of line, otherwise they will die.
Mu Yan ran is a beautiful woman for many years, and she definitely belongs to that kind of woman with great charm.
And this kind of woman is the most attractive to men, which naturally attracts many men’s eyebrows.
The deacon in charge of Ling’s family rushed over immediately, and when he saw that the fruit was the four elders’ desire to start, he immediately smiled and filled his face with fart Dian fart to meet him.
"Ling Renbo visited the four elders and returned to Renbo. I don’t know if I could meet them personally, but I also asked the four elders to atone."
Mu Yan ran waved his hand and said, "How can I be a leisure person and let you be a busy person to meet me? Wouldn’t it be my sin to delay family affairs?"
She seems sincere. If someone with a bad tone says these things, she will definitely scare Ling Renbo to death.
"Four elders are serious."
"Well, if you are busy, I will meet the family first."
"send four elders"
Led by deacon LingRenBo, a group of LingShi brothers surrendered respectfully together.
And all this is stunned. The Ling family, a non-Ling brother, has returned. Then there is a real person and it is absolutely beautiful.
There is no doubt that the appearance of Mu Yan ran has added some hope to the Ling family.
Maybe she is deliberately revealing her identity in front of everyone, and the effect will never be bad.
第六百一十章 金丹真人纷沓来凌氏威大涨!
Immediately hand respectful way "seen a few elders"
Wen Yan Ling Youdao smiled and waved, "The fifteenth brother is here. Come and sit here."
Seeing what else he wanted to say, he quickly added that "private meetings between brothers of the same family are not so formal."
Hearing this, Ling Youzheng just sat next to several people.
"The second brother’s banquet is coming. This is the banquet process. The younger brother sent it to familiarize you with it. If there is a mistake, it will damage the family prestige."
Ling Youdao took the booklet he handed him and flipped through a few pages on the spot, nodding with satisfaction. "Well, the plan is very good."
Then give the booklet to Mu Yan ran. Several people are optimistic about the familiar process. Don’t make mistakes temporarily then.
After reading it, several people sent the booklet back to his hand.
"By the way, did those forces send someone?"
In the face of Ling Youdao’s problems, Ling Youzheng naturally knows that they are the forces such as the Voldemort Sect
"It’s still a family that sent people to the ceremony, but the people in Baiguifang returned the message. The monks in Baiguifang, such as Fumozong, are ready to come. It must be to attend our family’s banquet.
But in order to maintain their face, they are expected to come to their second brother some time before the feast, so don’t worry about it. "
Ling Youdao nodded his head and agreed with this statement.
Time passed in a hurry, and soon it was Lingshi Jiedan Banquet Day.
It’s the Riling family’s Dan banquet!
Ling Youdao’s six people went to Baiyun Mountain early in the morning, and all of them were sitting on the futon in the main hall.
On the left side of the temple, Ling Youdao longed for Yan Ran, while on the right side of the Golden Temple, Ling Renyin, Ling Renji and Ling Renyao sat on the futon at the head of the temple.
That’s the position of the patriarch Ling Yuansheng. Although others can’t get out, the position is not that any elder can sit.