Alvina, the angel of your high heaven, was a kind-hearted God-chosen person before her death, and a holy body that led western literature into the cradle. However, due to constant conquest and erosion of the abyss, the original sin hidden in her skin was finally released

It can be said that because of this arrogance in her heart, Alvina unconsciously degenerated. When she personally recruited thirteen apostles from her to read the trial, she didn’t realize that she had already deviated from the original path.
When the trial comes to Paradise Island …
When destruction is as great as a tsunami …
In Xia Sonia Christine’s eyes, the flaming angel she believed in all her life had long forgotten what she was guarding, and her mission was to completely fall into the great devil enslaved by the abyss and original sin.
After all, the trial pike will pierce the paradise island, and the fire from the Heavenly Palace will also vent the earth along the pike, and the thunder will continue to roar and flash, and the woodland will continue to flash.
For Alvina, she witnessed the fall of Paradise Island with her eyes full of arrogance, and watched Sonia Christine turn into fly ash in front of her.
However, the trial did not end, but ushered in a more exaggerated madness.
The source of this madness is the church of Infahisis, which was established by Alvina herself, but the initial difference is that at this time, the church of Infahisis has already become another kind of pagan in the eyes of some apostles.
Except for a few extreme supporters, most of the apostles announced their withdrawal from the church as soon as Paradise Island was destroyed. Even the secret organization such as the Hidden Mountain Society gradually moved away from the Hefaxis Church. Because of the high-level recognition of the Hidden Mountain Society, the blazing angel Alvina, who represents love and hope, has long since died, and now she represents arrogance and tragic war.
And completely eroded by arrogance, Alvina’s ultimate goal is actually very simple, because her goal is simply destruction.
Arrogance, arrogance, bravado, bravado, everything.
Including nature …
Including jurisprudence …
Including order!
It seems to Alvina that all the civilized countries built by order must be destroyed. Those who dare to stop her from moving forward are all souls with sins, and all things are equal before sins. In the end, they will be judged by skyfire.
Gradually, that arrogance hidden in Alvina’s heart changed.
Obsession …
When arrogance has filled Alvina’s paranoia about justice, then such original sin will breed in her heart one after another.
The appearance of obsession is not a good sign, because the power of obsession is much greater than that of arrogance, and Alvina has gained unprecedented power as a result.
Of course, for a fallen god-chosen person like her, this power of obsession has further accelerated the pace of Alvina’s destruction of Wen
It can be said that because of the obsession with justice in her heart and the arrogance of beauty in her heart, she should enjoy love and wisdom. Elvina became obsessed with war and enjoyed the pleasure of killing.
In particular, it can be said that such a pleasure is more exciting for her than to fight against the sky. She can destroy her everywhere without scruple. She can destroy her everywhere without scruple. It can be said that the order in her heart was the creed that she was truly believed in at that time.
However, reading this, it would be a big mistake to regard Alvina as a crazy beast and a simple-minded crazy.
You know, Alvina has always enjoyed the reputation of love and wisdom in the high-altitude group before she fell, but now she has fallen, but although people have fallen, this mind still retains wisdom, that is to say, although she is crazy because of arrogance and obsession, she knows all about it.
So what kind of concept is this?
Knowing that what I did was a mistake, but instead of stopping, I further made my madness worse and worse, and the whole person was completely crazy …
Imagine being so crazy that you can know how deep Alvina is!
It’s no wonder that Elvina, the arrogant king in the word of mouth of the Seven Demons, is the other six Demons who don’t want to provoke the Demons.
Especially the ancient war (a war between gods and demons broke out in the territory of Longhuan in Archaean, and both sides participated in the battle with the same god, Xuan Yue Gong Yan Temple, which had a great influence on the eastern continent for thousands of years). From her whispering to barbarian king, we can see that Alvina’s tactics and fraud ability are really incomparable.
You know, in Alvina’s heart, unless the Xuanyue Palace and the Yan Temple are dead, she will not give up eating the Oriental language. This is because when she has not fallen, the Eastern gods chose not to attack the abyss with her, but chose to watch her and her Hefaxis church defeat.
This shows how frightening this God-chosen man who was defeated by arrogance in his heart really is.
It can also be said that it is precisely because of her arrogance and obsession that Alvina’s name is known to everyone. Even the high sky (the western high sky in the Ps Oriental background is the Oriental Nine Heavenly Palace) has known what she has done, as well as the repeated crimes she has committed. At the end of the Taikoo War, the gods of the whole eastern territory put aside their differences and worked together to seal the bottom of Yulin Mountain. Only then did she have to suspend her madness.
However, no one can predict the day when the seal and the boundary of Alvina will dissipate and the arrogant king will choose to reappear.
Chapter six hundred and forty-two Seven Lord (3)
Marada, the king of fear!
This fear king is described in the Holy Scripture of Hefaxis.
Fear is actually a state of psychological activity deeply hidden in the heart, which can be seen as an emotion or a sense.
In most cases, fear is derived from courage, that is to say, courage will also be derived quietly when people are faced with a certain dangerous situation
Take more efficient actions through more ways, so that you can try to get rid of being scared instead of constantly suppressing your emotions in cowardice.
If a more straightforward form of fear can correspond to each other, it is’ fear’
If we go deeper, we will think that when the world outlook constructed by a person is questioned, when the heart that this person desperately protects is spurned, and the three views understood in this person’s heart are proved to be effective or no longer valuable, the fear in my heart will arise at the historic moment.
When fear arises, the person involved is usually accompanied by a series of physiological changes.
Or your heart beats faster.
Or arrhythmia …
Or shortness of breath …
Or high blood pressure …
Or trembling lips …
Or in a cold sweat …
Or limb strength and so on.
It can be said that these physiological changes, which are reflected in limb disorders, often lead to more unnecessary physical diseases because of this fear in my heart.
On the other hand, when people are already in a fearful environment, their five senses, memory and thinking will be deviated to varying degrees, and these souls will lose their ability to analyze things in a very short time, and they will lose their ability to judge and think and coordinate their body movements.
Just as people often have different degrees of alternative behavior in panic.