Shen Yexian Jun! He is not the best of the six immortals, but he is definitely the most grumpy. He will start a fight with you if he has a slight disagreement. Because Shen Yeshen lives in the six immortals, few people dare to offend him, even if Stuart feels a little headache every time he sees him.

Shen Yexian Jun also suddenly received orders from the owners.
"Rowling, what the hell is going on?" Shen Ye slightly waved Yuan Ling rollin two people have appeared beside him.
"See Shen Yexian Jun!" Rowling hurriedly saluted and Yuan Ling followed suit.
"Cut the crap and tell me what’s going on. Look at you, bear-like, and make your sects look like this." Shen Yexian looked impatiently at the ruins in front of him. Shen Yexian was in a bad mood.
"About two months ago …" Rowling told Shen Yexian Jun what he had learned, and Rowling added it from time to time.
"Stuart, is this what you mean by the celestial world?" Hearing Yuan Ling’s narration, Shen Yexian immediately asked Situ Xianjun angrily, and at the same time, a combat knife appeared in his hand!
"Shen Yexian Jun, calm down." Seeing Shen Yexian Jun’s posture, Situ Xianjun quickly calmed him for fear that he would not say a word. "Yu Jing Yuan Ling, are they telling the truth?" Situ Xianjun turned and asked Yu Jing if this Yujingjie was fooling around privately.
"Situ Xianjun, I never let the road do that. I swear to God!" Yu Jing hurriedly heard that Situ Xianjun’s tone was very obvious. He doubted himself. Yu Jing knew how to punish the nonsense in the fairy world. "Xian Jun’s adult, these things are true, maybe it’s what he said." At this time, Yu Jing was already panicked and even betrayed Tao.
Shen Yexian Jun Situ Xianjun doesn’t know if he should believe what Yu Jing said. Although practitioners can’t swear casually, not everyone will believe his oath. After all, the universe is so big, there are always some heterogeneous people who will swear as a routine.
"Shen Yexian Jun, let’s go back to the celestial world and tell it to be solved by the face at this time." Stuart suggested that after all, it was too strange. Stuart didn’t believe that Tao would have the courage to do such a thing, but Tao was caught red-handed when he committed the crime. How can this be explained? So Stuart decided to let the noodles solve the problem and save himself from being upset.
Because Xuanzong Qingxu Sect can’t connect with the celestial world, the two of them can make another trip to the destroyed magic weapon, and then let the celestial gate be refined and brought to the fix true world.
"Hum, I’ll give you a face today." Shen Ye took his combating Dao into his body at this time.
"all three of you stay here and recuperate. If you dare to move again, I’ll be the first to let you go!" Shen Yexian shouted at Yuan Ling’s three immortals.
"Yes!" Three people hurriedly guarantee way
"Then let’s go back and wait for news." Situ Xianjun took the lead in moving and disappearing, and Shen Yexian Jun followed suit and disappeared.
Chapter 125 stirring
After Shen Yexian and Situ Xianjun left, all the practitioners realized that the battle between the three factions was coming to an end, because they could see everything clearly just now.
Real Shen Ye Stuart two fairy gentleman is deliberately let these fix true around know their identity, let them white three pie can send fairy world at any time! This is also a warning to those evil schools.
After all, over the years, the three big schools of the fix-the-true world will not offend him with some fix-the-true schools. At this time, all the elders of Xuanzong, the Qing Dynasty, are dead, so the two schools can’t even reach the first-class school level! The two factions have fallen into this situation. It is difficult for those sects who once had grievances to fix the truth to take the opportunity to attack the two factions, and many first-class sects have already coveted their status as super sects. At this time, the situation of Xuanzong, a pure Sect, is quite bad!
Fortunately, the identity of Yu Jing’s three immortals has been exposed, which makes those sects dare not make a move. Just now, the celestial world sent two immortals and they are also masters of the immortal level. Although the practitioners of the fix true don’t know how the immortal level is divided, it is not difficult to see from the humble attitude of Yu Jing’s three people that those two immortals are even more powerful masters than the immortals.
Rowling three people in the process of fighting everyone can see in their eyes that their attack power or energy transport are not scattered immortals, but they have no doubt that any fairy messenger can sweep the fix true world!
The most important thing is that people can dispatch the immortal world at will! All the schools of repairing the truth have given up the idea of provoking the three schools.
Seeing the two immortals leaving Xuanxing finally breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out that the two immortals had just come from the celestial realm instead of hiding the fix true realm, so they could ravage the three major factions at will. They might be afraid of the three immortals, but they were all seriously injured at this time, and there was no threat to themselves.
At this time, Yu Jing’s three people are also ready to leave here. Rowling is better. They are in a state of illness at the headquarters of Tianlingzong. He can go directly back to the headquarters to heal, but Yu Jing is a little miserable. Their two headquarters are in ruins. It seems that we have to find a branch to heal casually.
Rowling was seriously injured at this time, but he was quite worried. The era of the three schools of thought is over, and Xuanzong, the Qing Dynasty Sect, has died in name only. Although the two schools still have immortals in charge, the immortals have many constraints. It will take at least tens of thousands of years for them to regain their vitality!
This time, the headquarters of Xuanzong Sect of Qingxu Sect was destroyed, and all the scattered immortals and elders were killed. The celestial body will definitely punish Luo Lin Yujing. At least two people can’t continue to stay in the fix true world, and they will definitely be recruited by the celestial body and wait for severe punishment.
Both Yu Jing and Yuan Ling know this, and all they can do now is to wait for news from the celestial world while recovering.
Yuan Lingmao cried and comforted Rowling, and then he was ready to go back. Yu Yujing Rowling was too lazy to pay attention to him, and they were still skeptical about him at this time.
As soon as the three of them were ready to leave, three shadows suddenly appeared in front of Rowling.
"Ha, ha, ha ….. three long time no see" See three men in black standing Rowling three people in front of a burly man grinning to say hello to three people.
"Are you? Have you come to see our jokes? " Yuan Ling grumpily asked when he saw the bearer.
"How is that possible?" The man hurriedly shook his head. "We haven’t seen each other for some days. I didn’t expect this to happen today." The man shook his head with a face of regret. "I’m sorry for your loss. By the way, I believe everything will be fine in the future."
"Rongli, we don’t need you to worry about things. Don’t worry that our two factions will soon return to prosperity." Yuan Ling was annoyed and tunnel.
It turns out that these three people are none other than the three messengers from the underworld. The one who just spoke is Rong Li, and the two beside him are named Pei Zhen Huozheng respectively.
Seeing the fierce fighting between the three factions can make the three magic envoys happy. All three of them are from the underworld, and the scene of fighting can be seen everywhere in the underworld, and the three of them also like fighting. However, due to the agreement between the fairy and the magic, they are not allowed to participate in the dispute of repairing the real world. These years, they have been able to suppress the three people.
However, the struggle between the three factions has aroused their interest. I really can’t participate in the dispute of cultivating the true world, but I can create some disputes for these cultivators!
"Ah … Brother Luo and Brother Yu, it’s true. You feel sad. There is no scattered fairy in your door. In the future, there are many sects in the field of the fix-true, but there are many sects who want to take your place. The future is worrying." Rong Li continued to look sad. "Why don’t I leave my scattered demons to you, brother?"
"RongLi enough! At this time, Yu Jing can’t stand Rong Li’s words. Is it that the super sect on the side of cracking down on its own cultivators invites some scattered demons to keep up the show? This is a joke. Isn’t this the laughing stock of the fix-true world?
"Yu Xiong words can’t say that." This is a side HuoZheng also chimed in to see him with a serious expression to Yu Jing. "You don’t want to forget your identity. You are a fairy messenger, but you are also subject to many constraints. For example, someone killed an ordinary brother of your sect or killed an elder of Du Jie period. Can you kill each other on this small matter? If your brothers are constantly being killed, when will you be able to regain your elegance? "
"Huo Wei!" Yujing Rowling at the same time the earth reprimanded angrily to HuoZheng.
This Huo Zheng is so hateful that he revealed his secret in front of so many practitioners. This is not the most hateful thing, but he also hinted that those practitioners should deal with their own sects!
"Huo Zheng, Rong Li, Pei Zhen, if you are all right, don’t talk nonsense, or that sentence, we don’t have to worry about you!" At this moment, Rowling was also a little angry. Although there are seven scattered fairy elders in his spiritual Sect, no one can shake his position in the realm of fixing the true, but if all the people who fix the true do what Huo Zhenggang just said, his spiritual Sect will decline sooner or later.
"Hum! We are still trying to help you with good intentions. I didn’t expect you to be ungrateful at all. It’s just two brothers. Let’s go home. What a pity … "Pei Zhen, who has never spoken, patted Huo Zheng Rongli on the shoulder with a full face of regret. Finally, the three of them walked side by side into the distance, shaking their heads and sighing, which was very depressing.
Looking at the three people walking away, Rowling wants to rush to kill them! But the three of them can’t shoot at them, and they and others still hurt themselves. Although Rowling is angry, they can’t do anything about it!
Yuan Ling bid farewell to Rowling again, and moved to the celestial Sect. Yuan Ling was in a hurry to go back, not to heal the wounds, but to tell all the recent events to the celestial sect. Such a major event happened in the fix-up world, and he had to get the news to the celestial world as soon as possible.
Finally, Rowling and Yujing also left here successively.
Just now, what Huo Zheng said was clear to the people who fix the truth. At this time, they all understood that the three major schools of immortals could not casually deal with the people who fix the truth. The three major schools of disciples originally wanted themselves not to touch the bottom line of the three schools, so they would not be attacked by the immortals … Suddenly, all these schools of fix the truth found that there was a glimmer of light ahead …
Chapter 126 Real identity
The three immortals have many constraints in the field of repairing the truth, and Xuanxing is not very clear about it, but the three magic envoys have made it very clear that the three immortals can’t make moves unless it is too much.
At this time, although Xuanzong, the Qing Dynasty Sect, has a fairy ambassador in charge, there is not a scattered fairy elder in both factions, and any first-class sect can trample them intentionally. Of course, don’t touch the bottom line before.
"There are only days left" Xuanxing heart way to oneself also ready to continue to deal with Xuanzong Qing Xu Zong? But after hearing what the three magic messengers said, Xuanxing suddenly realized that he had no need to deal with the two factions, and the fix true people around him were all beaming at this time. It is not difficult to see that Xuanzong Qing Xu Zong was in trouble in the future, and it was unexpected for Xuanxing to develop things to this point.
There are still seven scattered fairy elders in the existing Celestial Sect who want to kill the seven scattered immortals themselves, which is even a decline, even if they have fairy envoys for tens of thousands of years, they will definitely not recover their vitality.