However, Li was proportional, and Jiang Feng was much better then!

"Do you know Jiang Feng! ?”
"No … don’t know! I was wrong! Give me a break! " Li Zheng is really frightened by this monster. How can a small person offend himself?
"Small! I asked you whether you know Jiang Feng or not! ?” Cloud and tiger sink a drink
Li Zheng was so scared that he shivered and didn’t dare to continue lying. "Know … know!" "
Yunhu stared at Li Zheng’s eyes and looked at him like a liar and nodded. "No matter you really know! Still a fake acquaintance! Come with me to meet an elder in the hall! "
Yunhu doesn’t care if he is really pulling Li Zhengling directly towards Yan Xuzong!
Li Zheng was given up by Yunhu like a chicken.
He wants to cry! I wonder what terrible disaster that Wang Dushi has caused and even take him to see the elders!
If I had known! I wouldn’t have come if I had known I was old!
The elders of the main hall of Yan Xuzong are discussing something important, and suddenly a notice comes outside the hall!
"Child.when the patriarch! There’s a man outside the mountain gate who says he’s the chief brother’s servant! "
Patriarch is wrinkly to knit the brows waved and said "troublemaker again! ? Just drive away! "
"But … but Yunhu said that by looking at each other, he seemed to really know the Chief Senior Brother and arrested him!" Brother continued
Patriarch eyes flashed a trace of doubt to do a few elders glances.
"Then bring him in! By the way, inform a chief! Let him come and see if he knows! "
Brother smell speech hurriedly fuels a walked towards the hall outside!
Chapter 236 Familiar with slap
Yanxuzong hall
Li Zheng was trembling with fear, and the cold sweat behind him soaked his clothes!
This is the first time for Li Zheng to think that he is finished in front of so many big people!
It won’t be long before so many elders are here and don’t know what kind of disaster their master has provoked before even the patriarch can be dispatched!
"Do you know Jiang Feng! ?” Patriarch looked at him and asked
"Hey!" Lee swallowed a mouthful of mind around "little … little people really know Jiang Feng! But Jiang Feng is just a little bit! And he has a deep hatred! ?”
Patriarch zheng immediately to the fun.
"You are not called Jiang Feng servant! ? Why does he have a deep hatred! !”
Li Zhengxiao’s eyes were full of tears and dirty sleeves wiped and cried, "Don’t deceive you adults! I, Li Zheng, grew up in a poor family. When my mother was ill, I went to borrow money from Jiang Feng! Who thought he saw the little sister and said that if he wanted money, he had to marry him! ?”
"Little people naturally don’t want to but the old mother dog in the home or give his little sister to him! If you cure your mother, you will pay her back and redeem your little sister when she has money in the future! But after he got my little sister, he not only refused to pay money, but also sent someone to kill my old mother, and even took me as his servant! ?”
"finally! The poor sister of the villain also cried every day and died of excessive sadness in Jiangfu! The villain is not afraid of death, but he is powerful and I can’t kill him, so I lurked around him to find a chance to kill the enemy! My family takes revenge! "
Li Zheng’s acting skills burst into tears for a while and he shouted, "Please forgive me! Little man, that thief didn’t last long! I want to eat his meat and drink his blood every day! "
Patriarch and all the people did not expect Jiang Feng to have this black history!
Think of Jiang Feng’s weird personality. Maybe he did it!
Just when the patriarch wanted to say something, suddenly a person came in outside the hall. When he saw this scene, people couldn’t help shivering!
"Eat my meat! Drink my blood! ? I want to see who is so bold! " An explosion sounded outside the main hall and scared Li Zhengyi to tremble!
Li Zheng turned his head to see a cold face. Jiang Feng turned green!
"You … you … you ghost!"
Li Zhenglian rolled and crawled back, but was blocked by Yunhu.
"The … the ye you didn’t die? !” Li Zheng looked indecisive. Didn’t I get killed by Zongmen? Why are you still alive! ?
"The ye you didn’t die! That’s great! "
Li Zheng wept with joy and rolled and crawled towards Jiang Feng.
"pa!" Before Li Zheng approached, he hit a loud slap in the face.
Li Zhengshen hall turned a circle before stopping.
That familiar smell! Familiar sound! Familiar with pain! It really is the world’s suspicion!
He covered his swollen cheeks and pronounced some unclear words. "I … I! Master Shi, you don’t know me! ?”
Jiang Feng startled to stare at this bruised and dirty man frowned.
"Are you Li Zheng …?"
Zheng-wen li nodding but before he showed up Jiang Feng directly mouth snapped, "just now you said eat my meat and drink my blood! ?”
Jiang Feng glared at the anger!
"This …"
Li Zheng’s speechless face has changed. If I knew that Shi Ye was not dead, I wouldn’t say so if I killed him just now!
"Jiang Feng! You know him? So he is really suspicious of your servant! " Patriarch’s mouth at this time.
"Don’t bother me to teach people a lesson!" Jiang Feng directly rebuked!
"PSST …"
Li Zheng gasped, and everyone was a little silly!
Master Shi told a patriarch to shut up! That’s not to die! ? He felt that his heart was about to stop at this moment!