At this time, a sound came from a distance, and the group of "earth otters" who ran before came back here from the entrance of the cave.

And there are more of them than before. Lynn found that there were … thirty.
But the most striking thing is one of them. This creature is also covered with gravel … but it is not an otter-shaped creature.
It is shaped like a half-stump, with a height of more than six meters and a diameter of three meters, which is much larger than that of other otters.
"This is the initiator of the war? Actually here? "
And it is also the bus language "how is that possible? It shouldn’t be here!" "
"What? It is the initiator of the war? " "Did it lead to that war?" "There should be no such thing!" "but was that war real?"
These creatures expressed their’ surprise’ in each other’s bus language as if they also knew about the war.
"Do you know them?" Lin er Shi min language asked Nuo
"They are not war creatures. It seems that they are not now," Noel said. "But there must be a connection."
"Really …" Actually, we can already know from this bus information that this stump belongs to the "absorber" just like the otter.
But other than that, I don’t know any other information
Lin guessed that they should belong to some kind of creature that used to be hostile to the bus.
"You must … get it."
Suddenly Lin found that something like a stump suddenly cracked a few crossings on the surface of her body.
At the same time, large pieces of … arrows flew out of the cracks.
These arrows are like machine guns, and they are shot from the’ stump’ crazily and continuously. LynVeronica and Noze quickly avoid them.
Soon the soft ground was full of such arrows.
It is said that the arrow is actually a kind of black spike … After avoiding for more than ten seconds, the stump seems to have no ammunition, so it stopped shooting.
Gollum …’
But it was full of’ ground’ and shook.
The soft ground rose rapidly and formed a huge black object.
The ball was full of arrows and jumped in Veronica and Nuo’s direction casually.
It seems that this kind of "arrow" has a wonderful effect, which can make the jelly-like bus nerve split into such a "creature" and attack it.
Although it doesn’t move very fast, Veronica and Noko can easily hide.
However, when she was hiding, Lin saw the stump firing arrows at other places, as if trying to make more such creatures.
Noel saw it, too
It jumped directly in situ, stepped on the black lump in front of it, jumped into the high school, turned around, slammed a hole on the top and went straight to the stump in the center of the otter.
At this time, the stump also shot several arrows at Nuo continuously … These black arrows didn’t pierce Nuo, but were bounced out when Nuo was beaten.
But Nuo also fell from it and fell into a group of’ earth otters’
"ahhh!" Then Lin found out … There were successive "screams" in this group of otters.
All the otters raised their claws and grabbed them at Noko, but Noko easily took their claws … and then it took a force to break them off directly with their arms.
Immediately after Nori hit the earth, the giant otter broke and collapsed into debris.
Although it looks big, it is actually very fragile.
No otter can stop them from forming a defense line as fragile as a sand wall.
When I kicked another otter’s head, I promised it to the stump.
The "war initiator" stump then spoke, "Even after so long, you still try to create fear."
"Even if the fear is gone … you still try to create a new fear," said the stump. "You must end it … or the fear will last forever."
"Why do you think I am the initiator of the war?" "Did you go through that war?" Nuo asked.
"No," said the stump, "but we know that we know the root of all this … you."
"You have polluted everything," said the stump. "You must get an end."
This time, Nuo didn’t answer. It hit the surface of the stump with a heavy blow.
The stump is much bigger than it, but after the blow, it made a dull noise and retreated a little.
The part where the stump was hit also exploded and scattered sand grains. It can be seen that there is also a rock-like structure inside, which is very similar to the otter