It’s my turn to be shocked. I’ve always believed that there are two spirits in the magic divination mirror. I didn’t expect one of them to get along with me before. What happened to the spirit? Is it a fake? Is it a disguise? It’s mainly to deceive me and achieve some ulterior motive.
However, Qi Ling has always helped me. I don’t know how many times he has helped me through life and death. What is there in me that is worth making him pay such a big price to deceive me? Besides, if it is not a real Qi Ling, how could he appear from the magic divination mirror?
Everything is explained by law.
Is the spirit I knew before Shenyun was the real spirit?
This …
"Tell me, when did you tell me that there was a second spirit in the magic divination mirror?" Shenyun’s face is very ugly, and his tone is cold and scary, but I know it’s not for me, but for the second spirit.
I also want to find out whether the truth is true or not, which confuses me, but I still believe in Qi Ling in my heart. He has no reason and won’t lie to me. Otherwise, why did he save me again and again? I am not worth the effort.
After careful consideration, I talked about the first appearance of Qi Ling until it disappeared inexplicably not long ago. Shenyun has been listening attentively, but his face is getting harder and harder to see, and he is very angry and trembling at last.
"Bastard, how dare he pretend to be me? If I kill him."
Pretend to be?
I was very surprised. Although I guessed that Shenyun would say this before, I was still surprised when I suddenly heard this. How could the spirit be fake?
By the way, the spirit doesn’t seem to know the magic cloud, nor does the spirit. If they are all derived from the magic divination mirror, the spirit doesn’t know each other, so everything can be explained …
"God cloud elder maybe …"
I just mentioned that Shenyun was like a cat with its tail stepped on. I said angrily, "I’m telling you that there can’t be a second spirit in the magic divination mirror. The only thing is that I can’t listen to it. I’m very angry without your doubt. Do you understand? I’m angry now!"
I opened my mouth and tried to explain something, but I couldn’t remember what I should say at the moment. It’s understandable that I was angry, but today I still don’t believe that the imitation of consciousness was premeditated.
"It’s hidden in the magic mirror, so wait for me and I will find that damn fake or show you who is real."
Although I believe in Qi Ling in my heart, I also hope that two people can talk face to face. Maybe things are as I guess, and both of them are derived from the magic divination mirror.
While waiting, I observed the surrounding environment. To my surprise, it was very small, but it seemed to be very big. The most surprising thing was that I saw the margin in the line of sight, but it increased again in an instant. I seemed to be in a limited magnification, as if I were constantly changing my position, and I saw everything from a magnifying glass.
The magic divination mirror is amazing, isn’t it? I’m amazed at my understanding of the magic divination mirror. I’ve always stayed in an unknown stage, and I’m afraid I’ve seen the tip of the iceberg.
At this time, the cloud suddenly appeared in front of me, and he seemed to suppress his anger with a sullen face.
"You didn’t lie to me. I’ve looked for it again in the magic divination mirror, and I haven’t even seen half a ghost." I can feel the anger in the trance cloud. If I dare to say that I lied to him just now, the trance cloud will definitely shoot me.
I shook my head and said with a wry smile, "Why should I cheat you? You saved my life more than once. What can I gain by cheating you?"
Shen Yun’s sullen face finally eased a little at this time, but the tone was still cold and scary. He said coldly, "I hope you don’t lie to me. Besides, it is definitely not a good thing for that guy to appear. I suspect that he may have some conspiracy against you."
Otherwise, how could Qi Ling have any conspiracy in my heart? If he really isn’t the Qi Ling derived from the magic divination mirror, how can he know so many things? Even if Zhong Kui spells, he knows a lot. Except Zhong Kui people, maybe a real Qi Ling will know so much.
How can irrelevant people know so many secrets!
However, the cloud of God is now in a righteous mood. Of course, I won’t say anything irrelevant to touch this brow and say with a light smile, "If he appears again after I am white, I will definitely tell you to confront you face to face so that the truth can be white."
God cloud face softened nodded.
By the way, I almost forgot an important thing. My soul is in the mirror, so how is my body now? Will it be destroyed by someone?
"Can you feel the situation outside Shenyun’s predecessors?" I panicked and said that if my body was destroyed, wouldn’t I be a ghost? If I didn’t die, I lost my body. I’m afraid it’s even worse than a ghost.
"This …"
Shenyun hesitated for a moment and closed his eyes, as if suddenly he smiled obscenity. "Your body is experiencing what men dream of."
What his words really mean is confusing!
The meaning in Shenyun’s words is that if a normal man can be white, this sentence is regarded as a common language of men. A normal man, of course, I also understood the meaning for the first time, but if you think about it, it’s too outrageous, right?
Where is this dangerous paradise? It’s not a ballroom or a shampoo city. There will never be such an outrageous thing. Do you think that things that men dream of will suddenly appear like dreams? It’s absolutely impossible.
Suddenly, the smiling face disappeared, and the whole person seemed to have changed his face. He said faintly, "Is this a good thing for you? I will tell you so that things can be refreshed for a while, and you will die miserably in ten minutes."
Shenyun smiled again, but this time it was a sneer at his words, which suddenly made me break out in a cold sweat. What the hell is it that things really don’t look like what I understand? Listening to Shenyun’s tone doesn’t seem like that, but that sentence also has this way of understanding.
"I’m an idiot before Shenyun. I admit that I beg you. Can you make it clear and stop torturing me?" There’s no way to plead. It’s hard to tell what Shenyun, an old guy, means from the words.
"All right!" Surprisingly, God Yun didn’t take the opportunity to make fun of me this time, but said coldly with a dignified look, "Don’t talk nonsense. I don’t care if you live or die, but this time the owner of the magic divination mirror died. This way is definitely a great shame."
It’s always you who talk nonsense and have the face to say me!
Of course, this is a dissatisfied word in my heart, and now I hope that Shenyun will tell me what happened outside. If I say it, it will definitely anger Shenyun. If I want to know the truth outside, there is no hope at all, so I have to be soft at this moment.
"Before Paradise Lost, everyone yearned for the pure land, but now Paradise Lost has become a purgatory. No one dares to enter the middle school, and no one can come out alive, even the strongest in the practice world."
After a pause, he went on to say, "We are now in the core of Paradise Lost. As soon as we didn’t encounter anything that should have happened, I was terrible. Everything passed like this. Now it seems that I was naive. Did she still come?"
It again?
Obviously, this one is completely different from what Shenyun said at the moment, but if Shenyun doesn’t say it, the ghost will know it. After entering Paradise Lost, Shenyun said at most that it was what I realized, and this one was associated with that one.
"Senior, what do you mean by making it clear that I am not white?"
"When you enter Paradise Lost, you are experiencing extreme happiness. When you reach the extreme, you suddenly fall from the peak of happiness and die quickly. You don’t even feel the feeling of death, but you still stay happy. In fact, the whole person is dead."
Beyond extreme happiness?
Although Shen Yun actually called me a fool, I am not a real fool. The enemy said that I was too clever more than once, and I quickly remembered what Shen Yun had just said. I have thought about everything and surpassed extreme happiness. There is such a thing.
Happy to death, maybe this is the real peak of happiness. Subconsciously, I really want to experience what it feels like. It’s an adventurous nature in my bones. Of course, I’m calm at this moment. There is a big problem before me. If the cloud is telling the truth, how can I get rid of the desperate situation of death?
Consciousness is still in the magic mirror, so I can temporarily return to the body, even though I see that something bad has happened outside, but I have no way to control the body because I am in the magic mirror
"It’s up to you. In addition, I advise you to look carefully before you start work. Don’t do anything that you regret for life."
Shen Yun dropped a vague sentence and disappeared directly. I frowned with a puzzled face and tried my best to figure out what it meant.