"Of course I want to, but …" Xiao Tian was interrupted by Xuanxing before he finished. "If you want me, I can make you cultivate into a great fairy. I am a practitioner. I can teach you the cultivation method. Would you like to be my brother?" Xuanxing directly said his eyes out.

"Are you … Daxian?" Xiao Tian is not stupid. He heard the general meaning from Xuanxing’s words just now. The immortal is the one who fixes the truth.
"Well" XuanXing nodded, and the hip flask in front of XuanXing suddenly floated by itself, filling XuanXing’s glass in front of him, making him believe that he had shown a casual one.
"Do you believe what I said?" Xuanxing asked
Xiao Tian wooden nodded because the scene just now made Xiao Tian completely stunned, and his heart already believed what XuanXing said.
"Then would you like to be my brother?" Xuanxing asked, Xiao Tian is a good practitioner of Miao Xuanxing, but I don’t want to miss this opportunity.
"Yes, I will," said Xiao Tian, nodding and nodding, and saluting Xuanxing by kneeling and kowtowing.
"Don’t worry, there are many people here." Xuanxing hurriedly pulled him up, but the restaurant is always bad if it is seen.
Xuanxing asked Xiao Tian to say hello to the restaurant owner and said that he couldn’t be a junior here. He asked him to follow what he wanted to practice. It was obvious that he couldn’t stay here any longer, while Xuanxing wiped out the tables and tables quickly and neatly.
Xuanxing went to the backyard of the restaurant in Xiao Tian and asked for two rooms, Xiao Tian Zhu Ji.
Xuanxing’s innate foundation method is the same as skyshatter’s, which can give whistling sky a foundation. After that, nearly a quarter of the energy of those Lingshi has not been absorbed.
"Congenital spirit is …" XuanXing suddenly found that skyshatter that constitution is too dominant.
One day later, Xiao Tian woke up and asked Xuanxing what sect he belonged to. Xuanxing gave him an answer, which was as "Xuanlin School" as skyshatter.
Chapter 9 Unexpected Meeting
I came to Xuanxing to prepare for the fix-true world to find Luo Suo and others, but I didn’t expect that I had received Xiao Tian on the way. It’s not a good idea to keep walking around the planets in the fix-true world and always take Xiao Tian with me. So Xuanxing is going to find a place to settle Xiao Tian first.
I am now the planet reiki is too thin. Obviously, it is not suitable for practicing Xuanxing for whistling days. After thinking for a long time, I finally decided to send Xiaoxing to the fog star Han Jiashi. Xuanxing can send Xiaoxing to the demon area, but Xuanxing didn’t do this. Xuanxing suddenly found himself worried that the horse would go to Du Jie every day, and his own situation was quite bad. Xuanxing wondered if he had forgiven the day. However, Xuanxing immediately denied in his heart how much harm the sky had done to himself. He was very clear about it, but what he knew could Du Jie succeed?
"Master, where are we now?" Whistling day question will interrupt XuanXing thoughts.
"The teacher will take you to Ganwu Star, which is the hometown of the teacher." Xuanxing decided to follow his own feelings
Xuanxing teleported to the array with a roaring day. When Xuanxing was ready to start the array, Xuanxing suddenly frowned, and a bead with white light appeared in his hand, followed by a smile on Xuanxing’s face.
"What happened to Master?" Xiao Tian doesn’t know why Bai Xuanxing suddenly stops moving, but that giggle is because Xiao Tian just learned from his teacher and didn’t know some common sense soon, so he didn’t know the information bead in Xuanxing’s hand.
"We won’t leave here first. You will come later. It’s you, Luo Suo. I told you." Xuanxing smiled at Xiao Tian Dao.
Just now XuanXing suddenly received Luo Suo-originally Luo Suo and others are now coming here in this star field.
After about an hour, Luo Suo, Qing Song, Lei Yan, Liu Yue and Feng Xuan appeared in the array.
"Did XuanXing haha miss me?" Luo Suo saw XuanXing coming out as soon as he came out, and XuanXing came to a bear hug.
"Brother Luo, I finally found you." XuanXing is also a little excited. He and others have been separated for more than 300 years, and now they are finally together again.
Xuanxing said hello to Qingsong and others one by one. "Brother Feng didn’t expect you all to be together." Xuanxing was a little surprised by the wind and Luo Suo and others.
"Ha ha, I didn’t find them until a few decades ago." Feng Xuan was also very happy to see Xuanxing.
A few people in Qingsong frowned when they heard Xuanxing calling Feng Xuan eldest brother. They all called Feng Xuan predecessors, and Xuanxing Luosuo brothers were commensurate and Feng Xuan was also brothers. This was a complete mess.
However, Xuanxing never felt that there was anything wrong with this. Many people in the field of fixing the true have to pay attention to each other or confuse their predecessors.
"Xuanxing, why are you still your eldest brother in Yuan’s infancy? I’m not enough. Now I’m distracted. Look at the genius in your mouth …" Luo Suo suddenly found that Xuanxing’s present practice was no different from that of three hundred years ago, so he shouted loudly and said that it seemed that Xuanxing was disappointed in the end.
At this time, Qingsong and others also noticed this. In their eyes, Xuanxing’s qualification is not worse than Luo Suo’s. They don’t know what is going on.
"Xuanxing, what’s wrong with your training surface?" Qingsong asked carefully, and the wind whirled aside and listened carefully to Xuanxing’s answer. The scene of the wind whirled three hundred years ago is still fresh in his mind. He didn’t believe what was wrong with Xuanxing’s practice.
"Hehe, I didn’t encounter any problems. As far as I’m concerned, there is a reason why I practice the law." Xuanxing told them about it.
Hear XuanXing answer a few people will no longer ask more questions, but Feng Xuan is very curious about what XuanXing has achieved now. At the beginning, the master of the celestial spirit clan was killed by XuanXing. Imagine what he is doing now.
Xuanxing then introduced the roaring day to Luo Suo, who was interested in it as soon as he saw it. "Xuanxing didn’t expect you to accept another brother. When will I accept one for fun?" Luo Suo said with a smile and walked to the front of the roaring day. "After the roaring day …"
"Brother Luo, we finally get together. Let’s go to the restaurant to celebrate." Xuanxing hurriedly interrupted Luo Suo’s words. At the beginning, skyshatter was brought down by Luo Suo. I don’t want Xiao Tian to be brought down by him.
"Yeah, this is what you said." Luo Suo’s eyes glistened when he heard the word restaurant.