"whoosh!" At this moment, another phantom of the opera passed over the left side of Blue Falcon 1.

"hey!" The left wing of the Blue Falcon 1 fighter plane was directly cut into one piece.
The more sophisticated the weapon, the less likely it is to make a mistake. Although the left wing defect is not big, the flight attitude of the fighter plane is still unbalanced and wobbles off the formation to fall!
"What happened to Blue Falcon 1?" Wingman exclaim one
"My left wing was attacked by a flying machine! I control the balance! " Blue falcon 1 pilot shouted in horror.
Just when they were shocked, "whoosh!" Not far away, suddenly, a fiery red streamer flashed out and accurately hit the center position of the right wing of Blue Falcon 2 "Cha!" There is a big hole in the ground.
When the pilot reacts, he can see that from time to time something is carried away by the strong wind from the crevasse, and the whole right wing suddenly looks precarious and the fuselage shakes violently!
The blue falcon 2 pilot died when he saw such a strange attack.
"I am blue falcon 2 also hit hard by not attacking the right wing! Visually, Faan returned to the base to request a forced landing! "
The two pilots were full of panic, and every word of the communication was heard by the AWACS command center.
Everyone turned pale, the radar didn’t respond at all, and even their bodies were all through their hearts. When they heard the ghost sea, they immediately rushed to their hearts.
"Difficult … is it really a ghost?" The commander was completely confused.
However, he soon realized that it was not the time to consider this issue, picked up the communicator and shouted, "You are allowed to choose to land when you are sure to save, and you can take the initiative to eject and escape if necessary!"
So all the crew members, including the florist frigate, watched the two neon fighters come in a hurry on deck, and then it didn’t take long for them to land on the sea in a hurry and stagger, causing splash and debris all over the sky!
At the same time, two umbrellas appeared in the sky, and two confused pilots were looking around nervously for fear that the phantom of the opera would continue to attack them.
Fortunately, Yinsuo has no interest in them! Their fear didn’t happen.
Some people saw the attacking fighter again, but no one saw the attacker!
Ghost captain! Everyone has a name in mind at the same time!
Seeing this, the captain of Arizona simply ordered all the crew to board the lifeboat and abandon the ship and run away.
Look at the weird situation around you. If this isn’t ghost captain’s handwriting, what else can it be?
Look at the ghost ship Changfeng and even the warships and fighters. What else are they afraid to do?
Even the suspected "guardian" is the only unlucky person who has been noted by ghost captain. Why can he be lucky?
With your own tonnage? Don’t be ridiculous! That will make you more eye-catching
So when the two brothers sneaked into Arizona, it was already upstairs! Let them also very stunned, but how can they abandon the target for nothing?
It was very easy for the two of them to hit the boat manually. The large-scale sea-crossing valve boat flooded a lot and soon sank slowly.
Seeing the strange sinking of the Arizona, its captain immediately rejoiced at his decision!
"Your sister this work is too high-risk! This time, God will jump ship and never stay in the sun again! " In shock, captain Arizona made up his mind!
An hour later, several stealth-transformed sea wolves picked up two brothers, and then dragged three battleships and two fighter wrecks into the deep sea quietly …
Chapter 10 Information
What happened in the ghost sea quickly spread all over East Asia and then spread to the world, which was unbelievable to everyone.
It turned out to be a survey in paranormal. Neon and South American warships fought and sank. Neon also built two fighter planes!