In this way, we may encounter more icebergs, which are not very big on the surface, but the hidden water part is huge, which makes Lin wonder where the ice comes from.

The skeleton dragons were completely surprised. They quickly ran to the outer layer of the ark and looked at the scene of broken ice everywhere outside. They were curious to discuss it.
But they also noticed something wonderful that was not ice. The skeletal dragons gathered on the left side of the ark and pointed to the distant ocean and shouted.
See a huge island floating in the direction of the ark in the distance …
Chapter VII Struggle in Deep Sand
An’ island’ with a length of tens of meters and light snow appeared on the left side of the first ark. It was not slow and floated to the ark side …
It seems that the skeleton dragons are not surprised that this’ island’ will move. They are more worried that the other side will hit the ark and exclaim.
However, Lin knows that it is not an island, but a kind of creature called’ Swimmer’, which is composed of a large number of large arthropods.
Therefore, they also have eyes to know the direction. When they almost touched the ark, it suddenly stopped and slowly retreated. The skeleton dragons also breathed a sigh of relief and remembered this scene.
But this phenomenon seems to be more than that. Lin soon saw more swimmers appear around the sea. They crushed ice and all swam to the east.
The larger swimmers look like a giant island with a width of 100 meters, but these are smaller swimmers with a length of more than ten meters or dozens of meters. They all seem to be desperately rushing to another place, as if something happened behind them … Lin can feel their anxiety.
And that direction is exactly where Lin is going.
Now Lin can also feel that it is colder there, which may be due to the lack of food, not any other problems.
Lin won’t stop, after all, there is nowhere else to go, and Lin thinks the ark is not so easy to be in danger
Something happened on the other side when Lin swam against the group of swimmers.
….. This is the gray beach on the northern coast of the dinosaur continent, which has been covered with thick snow. A huge creature is crawling slowly, and it keeps turning over the thick snow as if looking for something …
This is a deep sand bus. Although it is not suitable for water, it is not afraid of cold and snow.
Shensha bus turned all the snow all the way, and finally it found the target it was looking for. A worm-like creature was solidified in a gel.
"Goo …" The Shensha bus looked at the gel for a few seconds and then swallowed it in one gulp. Then it left the beach and quickly ran to the jungle.
"Hey!" Feeling the shocking pace of the Sham Sha bus in search of food, Mao Yu people suddenly fled. The Sham Sha bus knocked down many trees withered by cold all the way. It crossed the jungle, climbed the bridge connecting the rift valley and ran to land …
For several days and nights, it didn’t stop. The Shensha bus seemed to have no end to its physical strength. When it was hungry, it ate withered plant debris. When it was thirsty, it ate some snow. It passed through the jungle wasteland, bypassed the mountains and rivers, and finally reached its destination.
Here, the earth is white, but this is not snow, but salt and other gravel. The actual salt land is also the only place without snow.
In the salt field, there are some arthropods that are not dinosaurs or Mao Yu-scorpions.
These scorpions are almost flying species. They used to be near Bailu Dragon Island, but now they almost flew over the mainland, but the salt ground stopped.
In addition to the scorpion, the salt land is the huge root of the creator. Now the scorpion is gathering around some thicker roots and digging as if to dig them out.
But now they have stopped moving, because the scorpion also noticed the appearance of a giant.
Shensha bus is watching these scorpions, but its goal is not to stand scorpions, but to shine on a mountain in the scorpion group.
The crystallization of the brain of the Yate ethnic group
Both sides looked at each other … The Shensha bus slowly made a charge posture, and suddenly it took all its legs at the same time and charged the scorpion! Deep sand bus is like rushing into Mao Yu, all the scorpions are scared by its charge and flying everywhere. Deep sand bus runs to the front of the main brain crystallization without any hindrance.
The Shensha bus opened its mouth, and it was about to swallow this crystal. At that moment, the ground next to it suddenly "boom" and saw a worm rush out of the salt field and hit the Shensha bus several meters away.
Although several meters is not far, it gives the scorpion a chance, and several scorpions are very cooperative, rushing from it and dragging the crystal to fly.
However, because the crystallization is too heavy, the flying of the scorpion does not happen soon. The deep sand bus immediately shrinks its spring-shaped tail to prepare for a’ jump’ to capture these scorpions …
But it didn’t expect to fly away with the crystal, and the scorpion suddenly loosened the crystal. As soon as the crystal fell to the ground, it was swallowed by the worm that came out before …
Deep sand bus turned to look at the worm. The worm is not small in size. The part protruding from the ground alone is more than six meters high. Its diameter is also about two meters. It is wearing purple armor as shiny as a scorpion. Its mouth is split into three pieces like petals, and each piece is covered with serrations. It has a circle of flashing red light on its mouth and its eyes are also looking at the deep sand bus.
Deep sand bus didn’t hesitate for a second, but it rushed away, and then the worm made a "goo"-it suddenly opened its mouth and sprayed a lot of gray liquid on the head of the deep sand bus. When these liquids poured on the face of the deep sand bus, it immediately made a "yi ……" sound, and even smoke came out when it was poured into the place.
And the Shensha bus didn’t stop! It suddenly bit the worm and pulled a large piece of crustacean wound, and blood gushed out like spring water …
"Hey!" The worm seems to be angry. Suddenly there is a vibration around the bus body. The whole body of the worm comes out of the ground and tightly wraps around the bus body …
"Ka ……" Worms wound and squeezed the shell of the deep sand bus, and the deep sand bus once again bit the worm wound, and its forelimbs kept digging the ground and went deep underground with the worms wrapped around it.
"…" The scorpions nervously watched the big hole drilled by the deep sand bus, and all kinds of noises kept coming from the inside. After dozens of seconds, they saw that the worm suddenly rushed out of the cave!
But in a moment, it fell down, and the blood slowly flowed out of its mouth …
Climbing out from behind the worm is a deep sand bus covered in bruises, which is biting the shiny crystal in its mouth
Chapter 1 Hungry and cold